Cyprus: The viewership of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024!

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 turned out to be very popular in Cyprus. In detail, 64.8% at average, tuned in to RIK1 on Saturday night, watching the final of this year’s Contest.

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Eurovision 2024: Cyprus’ First Rehearsal!

The moment all eurofans have been waiting for is finally here! The first rehearsals of Eurovision 2024 have started! The first artist to set foot on the Eurovision stage of Malmö Arena is Silia Kapsis from Cyprus, with her energetic bop Liar!

Who is Silia Kapsis?

Despite only being 17 years old, Silia Kapsis is already a succesful artist in Australia where she resides, as she has her own TV show in Nickelodeon Australia!

She sings and dances amazingly, and as she revealed to Eurovisionfun her big childhood dream was to perform on the Eurovision stage.

Silia is a singer of Cypriot and Greek descent, born in Sydney, Australia, on December 5, 2006 to the Cypriot singer Giorgos Kapsis and the Greek lawyer and former dancer Despina Saivanidis. She has been performing since the age of 4 and has had extensive training with elite artists at the top of their respective fields.

She has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Bobby McCloughan Creative Arts Award (130 Anniversary Award) at Claremont College, the St Vincent’s College Madame Christian Scholarship for Singing and most recently, she was the recipient of the Village Nation Performing Arts College Scholarship for All – Round Triple Threat Performer.

She composed her first single “Who Am I?” at the age of 12, but it was released later, only in 2022. Since then she has released three more singles – “No Boys Allowed”, in March 2023, “Disco Dancer”, in May 2023, and “Night Out”, in November 2023.

The Rehearsal

Silia is only 17, but she’s owning this stage like performing in a huge arena is a walk in the park. The gold lamé costume from the official video has been replaced with trousers and a crop top in sparkly white, with four male backing dancers in cargo pants and baggy white t-shirts. No stage props, but lots of swirly green and red graphics on the LED backdrop and floor. The LED graphics look like watery swirls and sine waves and they’re all choreographed to the beat of the music.

Fans of Silia’s dancing will be happy to hear that this performance has a high energy routine and a huge dance break before the bridge into the final chorus – just the kind of upbeat number we need to get the party started on May 7th. Also should mention that the dancers pull their shirts off in the final chorus.

Silia Kapsis from Cyprus - Eurovision 2024 first rehearsal

Silia Kapsis from Cyprus – Eurovision 2024 first rehearsal

The second rehearsal of Cyprus will take place on Wednesday May 1st, when we will have a better picture of what we will see from Silia Kapsis on the Eurovision stage, as we will have the official TV snippet.

Below you can watch a small clip from Cyprus’ first rehearsal from TikTok:

@eurovision She’s got us &lt&ltfeeling like ooh-la-la>>– Cyprus’ Silia Kapsis if officially the first, first rehearsal! #Eurovision2024 @SILIA ♬ original sound – Eurovision

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Cyprus: Embassy’s Response to the Article by “Nea” Newspaper

Giannis Poulopoulos of the show “Super Katerina” reached out with a relevant question to the spokesperson of the Cypriot embassy in Athens, inquiring about the veracity of the discussion between the Cypriot Ambassador and the President of ERT, as reported by “Nea” newspaper.

The Cypriot Embassy neither denied nor confirmed the article, offering a brief yet meaningful comment:

“No comment.”

As discussed on the show, the fact that the Embassy neither refutes nor confirms anything speaks volumes. Additionally, attention was drawn to the fact that ERT‘s response came through a personal statement from its President rather than from the company itself, which also carries significant symbolism.

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Silia Kapsis: “I Don’t Know What Happened Between ERT and CyBC (RIK), I’m Here for the Music”

Upon her return from Amsterdam, television channels awaited Silia Kapsis at the airport to gauge her reaction to the recent revelations surrounding Konstantinos Zoulas’s statements to the Cypriot ambassador, as reported by the media.

Silia Kapsis admitted she was not well-versed on the matter, revealing that both her mother and the people at RIK had shielded her from reading articles regarding the issue.

“I don’t know what happened between ERT and RIK. I’m here to sing and dance. I’m here for the music,” she stated.

Pressed by journalists, Silia Kapsis acknowledged that if such allegations were true, it saddened her as she wished for Greece and Cyprus to remain united.

“I’m half Greek and half Cypriot. I’m from Thessaloniki and Larnaca. All of this saddens me. Greece and Cyprus should be united. I will sing for both countries,” she declared.

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Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (RIK): “It is a violation of the regulations what the media reports” | “It is known to the EBU!”

In a recent segment on RIK1, the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (RIK) addressed the allegations raised by the media and clarified its stance on the matter. Andreas Anastasiou, the head of press for the Cypriot delegation, asserted that the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is now aware of the situation and emphasized that any such claims constitute a violation of the competition’s regulations.

Anastasiou elaborated on the voting process of the jury committee and addressed concerns regarding statements attributed to the President of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT). He stressed that if the reports are accurate, they represent a breach of the rules governing the Eurovision Song Contest.

Highlighting the longstanding relationship between ERT and CyBC, Anastasiou underscored that these allegations may necessitate changes in their dynamic. He reiterated that the EBU has been informed of the situation.

The relations between ERT and CyBC are long-standing and not personalised. If the reports are true, you can understand that some things will change. They are known to the EBU.

Concluding his remarks, Anastasiou extended well wishes to Marina Satti and Greece, making it clear that he was speaking on behalf of CyBC (RIK).

With the matter now brought to the attention of the EBU and considering Anastasiou’s statements, it appears that RIK awaits further developments from the organizing authority. This incident underscores the need for resolution between ERT and RIK, a matter that the EBU will likely need to address once again.

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Greece: The repsonse of the President of ERT to the “Nea” article!

The President of ERT, Constantinos Zoulas, in his reply sent to us a few minutes ago, responds to what the Ambassador of Cyprus in Athens allegedly attributed to him during their meeting, in fact attributing a different content to their discussion, from the one in which is revealed in the “Nea” newspaper.

The Management of ERT did not and apparently is not allowed to have the slightest involvement in the evaluations of the independent jury proposed every year by the Communication Department of ERT for the Eurovision Song Contest. Therefore, it had no involvement both in the first place that Cyprus got from the independent jury of ERT in 2021, and in last year’s evaluation of the Cypriot participation as the 7th best among 26 countries. This is what I explained to the ambassador of Cyprus at our pre-quarterly meeting, – of course on the sidelines of the much more serious issues we discussed – by telling him that those involved in ERT with Eurovision were surprised by CyBC’s decision to represent Cyprus this year with one of the songs that ERT rejected last year. And in this context, I wished that the judgment of this year’s independent jury appointed by ERT would not be the same as the one that rejected the song in question, without anyone – let alone me personally – being able to influence its judgment. Having expressed my great surprise at the fact that the Eurovision Song Contest was the subject of diplomatic information, and indeed at a time when ERT and CyBC have excellent cooperation, I wish great success both to Cyprus and Greece.

With the actual denial of the publication on the part of Constantinos Zoulas, and of the Cypriot Ambassador, you now realize that the continuation of this story is expected to be even more interesting.

We remind you that tomorrow morning the response of CyBC through the head of the country’s delegation to the competition, Ms. Evi Papamichael, is expected.

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Cyprus: Silia Kapsis rehearses with the LEDS | Meeting with Marinella!

Yesterday, the representative of CyprusSilia Kapsis alongside her dancers, aand the artistic team of Marvin Dietman and Dan Shipton, were at NOX Athens, where at this time Antonis Remos and Marinella are rehearsing for their joint appearances at the nightclub. Read more

Cyprus: The message behind Silia’s “Liar”!

Only one day left before the official video clip of the Cypriot entry in Eurovision 2024 will be released. The official music video of ‘Liar’ has been filmed entirely in Cyprus, namely at the City of Dreams Mediterranean resort and the Limassol Marina. It has been ages since a Cypriot Eurovision music video has been filmed on the island, as most of the music videos have been filmed in Greece. The music video has been directed by none other than Kostas Karydas. CYBC has sent a press release about the message behind Silia’s song for Eurovision.

This is exactly the interpretation depicted in the music video of the entry directed by Kostas Karydas that is to be released on all platforms on February 29th 2024. In the said video, which was filmed after many years in Cyprus and more specifically at the City Of Dreams Mediterranean – the new landmark casino resort of the island and at the Limassol Marina, we see through the eyes of the representative of Cyprus Silia Kapsis a series of oppressive situations that a fake world and the negative side of social media often impose.

In the second part of the music video, we see Silia Kapsis reacting to these situations, rocking the boat and daring to live her truth while at the same time inspiring others to follow her in a celebration of liberating oneself from such lies. In the music video one can also see an extremely small part of the dynamic choreography by the distinguished L.A. choreographers Guy Groove and Kelly Sweeney with which “Liar” will be presented on stage in Malmo.

As you read exclusively in Eurovisionfun the video clip will be released tomorrow at 17:00 CET on CyBC’s official website and at 18:00 CET on the Official Eurovision Song Contest Youtube channel.

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Cyprus: “Liar” video clip teaser released!

A little while ago, CYBC released a small teaser of Liar, the Cypriot entry for Eurovision 2024. In the teaser we see an excerpt from the video clip, which as you remember was filmed at the City of Dreams in Limassol. Once again Silia Kapsis proves how strong she is in dance, giving us just a small sample of what she prepares for the stage.

Liar, with which Silia Kapsis will represent Cyprus in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, is signed by Dimitris Kontopoulos and Elke Tiel. The video clip was directed by Kostas Karydas and will be released in exactly one week, on February 29.

What did you think of the Liar teaser? Tell us in the comments below!

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Cyprus: On February 29 the release of Liar | It’s official!

First, through Eurovisionfun, you read that Liar’s video clip will be released on February 29. A little while ago, CYBC confirmed this information with its official announcement, announcing that the song will be released on the last day of February!

The filming of the video clip of this year’s Cypriot entry took place after years in Cyprus. Specifically in Limassol, on the first weekend of February, Silia Kapsis with her team and under the directorial supervision of Kostas Karydas, filmed the video clip. So the time when we will hear it complete and in its final form is approaching, since on 29/2 the unveiling will take place through the CYBC frequency.

We remind you that the song is composed by Dimitris Kontopoulos and lyrics by Elke Tiel. Silia Kapsis is in Athens and very soon she will begin the final phase of her rehearsals for the demanding choreography she will present to us in Malmö. The well-known Cypriot choreographer Charis Savva has undertaken all her preparation, in a choreography that bears the signature of Guy Groove and Kelly Sweeney. Silia also continues her vocal lessons with Victoria Chalkitis, who will accompany her on the stage of the contest.

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