Cyprus: Eurovisionfun Reacts to Eurovision 2024 Entry “Liar”!

A few hours ago the premiere took place through the official Eurovision YouTube channel for this year’s participation of Cyprus in Eurovision 2024 by Silia Kapsis and “Liar“.

The Eurovisionfun team once again watched and reacted to the official video clip of the country’s entry for the upcoming Eurovision contest! Enjoy Apostolis, Apostolos, Paschalis and Stella in a Reaction video with detailed commentary on Cypriot participation in Eurovision 2024!

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Cyprus: Where and at what time is “Liar” going to be released on 29/02! | EXCLUSIVE!

The video clip of Liar, as it has become known through the teaser released a few days ago, is going to be released on Thursday, February 29. But what we didn’t know until now, and it was something you asked us many times, was at what time, but also when we will be able to watch the video clip. Eurovisionfun is able to answer all these questions, as once again we have all the exclusive information.

For the first time this year, CyBC decided not to make its maiden broadcast of the video clip of its participation in the Eurovision contest through the news bulletin or from one of its entertainment shows. The song for 1 hour will be available exclusively through the CyBC website: Specifically from 17.00 to 18.00 cet you will be able to watch the video clip only through the CyBC website. Immediately at 18.00 cet the video clip will be uploaded on the Eurovision channel on YouTube and then on all digital music platforms.

We remind you that the video clip of this year’s Cypriot participation was filmed after several years in Cyprus, specifically at the Limassol marina and at the City of Dreams hotel. The director of the video clip is Kostas Karydas.

Silia Kapsis and Liar continue their upward trajectory in the betting odds, after the release of the teaser which has literally halved its winning odds. The Cypriot team is keeping a low profile and preparing every detail for Silia’s appearance on the competition stage, believing that they will be able to surpass last year’s performance of Andrew Lambrou and the twelfth place of Break A Broken Heart.

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Cyprus: Silia Kapsis performs Whitney Houston Live! (video)

Silia Kapsis appeared on the most popular show on Cypriot television and sang live, Whitney Houston‘s “I Have Nothing”.

Some days ago, Silia Kapsis was a guest on Louis Patsalidis‘ show, “Louis Night Show”, where she talked about her preparation for Eurovision 2024, the filming she did in Limassol for the “Liar” video clip, her professional plans, etc. a.

Of course she gave a live performance, that left everyone speechless. This evening, despite the fact that Silia was suffering from a cold, she delivered a live performance, proving that her strong point is not only her dancing, but also her voice.

Enjoy Silia on her performance of “I Have Nothing”:

Did you like Silia’s rendition of the Whitney’s classic song?

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Cyprus: Listen to the alternate acoustic version of “Break a Broken Heart” by Andrew Lambrou!

Last season, the official Eurovision YouTube channel, hosted a series named “Eurovision A Little Bit More”, where this year’s contestants had the chance to sing their songs, different versions of their songs, or even perfrom covers of other songs.

Andrew Lambrou, the representative of Cyprus in 2023, performed an acoustic version of his song “Break a Broken Heart” from the National Theatre of Cyprus, as well as a coover of his favourite Eurovision song, “Molitva” by Marija Šerifović:

As it seems, Andrew recorded one more, alternate acoustic version of “Break a Broken Heart”, which was until now hidden in the archives of the contest, and was never released.

So today, we will have the chance to listen to Andrew Lambrou perfrorm the song that gave Cyprus its best result since Eleni Foureira, once again, through the official Eurovision YouTube channel (the video premieres in 20:00 CET):

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Cyprus: RIK and artistic team are in feverish preparations!

Τhe Cypriot team is doing some major preparations, as they want to have everything prepared ahead of time for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, wanting to present the most competitive and professional entry possible, once more.

The Song is Reaching Its Final Form

The song with which Silia Kapsis wil represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2024 is almost ready to shine, as its just some steps before the Final Mixing. The previous weeks, Dimitris Kontopoulos finalised the production of the song, in a famous studio abroad, along his colleagues. The song has become even more dynamic, in order to make the most out of Silia’s dancing and vocal skills, and make the greatest impression on stage.

Kelly Sweeney and Guy Groove started making the Choreography

The famous choreographers that RIK selected to be on Silia’s side in the contest, have already received the song and are now in a creative phase. According to our information, they were excited by the song, and by having already worked with Silia in the past, they know what she is capable of, so they’re making a choreography of great demands, in order to make the track shine on stage.

Right after Christmas, Silia is going to Los Angeles, where she is going to stay for about a week, for the first rehearsals with her choreographers.

Impressive LEDs for Silia’s performance

Except for the choreography, the artistic team is preparing the LEDs that will accompany Silia’s performance in our screens. The concept is already in the making, and in the coming days, the Ukrainian company that also made the LEDs of Stefania and Amanda in the past, will be in charge of developing everything.

What we can say, as of now, is that the LEDs will be a major part in Silia’s performance and we are sure that even the most skeptical viewer will be mesmerised by the result.

What’s Coming next?

Immediately after her trip to Los Angeles, Silia Kapsis will return to Cyprus for some interviews, but also to shoot the music vdeo, which thiswill take place exclusively on the island this time. After the end of the filming of the music video, she is coming for a permanent stay in Greece, where she will make some more appearences in the media of our country. The song is expected to be released at the end of February/beginning of March, of course through RIK.

Silia will stay in Athens until the beginning of May, for the latest rehearsals until the contest.

The Cypriot delegation continues with a well-organized plan, their preparations for Eurovision 2024, always keeping a low profile, but hoping that it will manage to impress and find themselves even higher in the ranking table, higher than the 12th place, of the impressive Andrew Lambrou last year.

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Cyprus: RIK replied to EBU regarding Fame Story! | Full confirmation for Eurovisionfun!

Our exclusive article on Cyprus is now fully confirmed by Grigoris Melas’ article on Newsit. According to his article, RIK (CyBC) following the teleconference with ERT and the EBU moved on by sending a reply letter in which they revealed that they are going to choose their next representative for the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest through an internal selection process, while official announcement are scheduled for the very near future, information that posted first by Eurovisionfun.

RIK’s reply to EBU

Since the latest developments are a deterrent to the realization of the Fame Story together with the Cypriot representation as a prize, RIK proceeded with a reply letter to the EBU in which, according to the information of Grigoris Melas, it is clarified that it is immediately proceeding with an internal selection process, with the announcements coming very soon, so that there is no misunderstanding with ERT that the artist that will be selected will be someone from Fame Story.

Fame Story follows a separate course

Despite the disconnection of the Fame Story show with the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, its preparations are going on as per schedule. The auditions will start in due time.

The new trailer of the show is already aired and it has no reference to the Cypriot representation as a prize neither on TV nor on the Star Channel and the Fame Story official sites.

The upcoming talent show is not even going to be aired by CyBC but instead by the private Cypriot channel OMEGA, the channel which Star Channel collaborates with in Cyprus.

Artist announcement soon

As you have already read first on Eurovisionfun, RIK lost no time and found the artist who is going to represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2024.

We will officially get to know their identity and the first insight on the Cypriot participation in Malmö in due time. People of the Cypriot delegation are optimistic that next year Cyprus will achieve a better result than this year’s 12th place in the grand final with Andrew Lambrou.

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Sources: Eurovisionfun, Newsit

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EXCLUSIVE: Teleconference between ERT, RIK and EBU for the conflict solution!

The updates are rapid on the issue regarding the conflict between ERT and RIK because of the hosting of the Fame Story reality show by the latter, in collaboration with PANIK Records, STAR Channel and Barking Well Media. The gap remains open and for this reason, according to our exclusive information, a teleconference is about to be held by the EBU the coming days, in order the situation to be discussed by the two sides and a solution to be found.

The story

The conflict between the two public broadcasters emerged after RIK decided to collaborate with Barking Well Media company of Nikos Koklonis, the Star Channel (private broadcaster) and the PANIK RECORDS for the organisation of the reality show named Fame Story, which will be broadcast simultaneously in Greece by Star Channel and in Cyprus by RIK.

The relevant trailer of the aforementioned show, in which despite that Eurovision is not mentioned as the award but Europe’s biggest music contest, was the last straw for ERT, which considers that their exclusive rights on the competition in Greece are violated.

The EBU after the request of the current ERT’s administration by Mr Constantinos Zoulias proceed with an update of the regulations regarding the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest which were sent to all members.

Fame Story’s complicity?

The new regulations enacted by the EBU, after ERT’s intervention, impede the realization of the talent show, at least as far as the representation of Cyprus at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest as the award, just as it is implied by the relevant trailer still broadcast by the Star Channel.

EBU’s intervention

After the publication of the relevant trailer, the EBU, in a letter, asked RIK to clarify the details regarding Fame Story and whether the realization of this show in Greece, by a private television station, violates the above mentioned regulations of the upcoming music competition .

Of course, this intervention was not accidental at all, just like the revision of the competition regulations, but it came after the protests of ERT, whose exclusivity in the television and commercial exploitation of Eurovision in Greece is being violated, an exclusivity for which it spends approximately 360,000 Euro per year.

RIK “announces” national selection in Nicosia

As you first read from Eurovision Fun (here), RIK sent a reply letter to the EBU in which it claims that Fame Story is not a national final, but a talent show, which it will integrate into its entertainment program.

It is also reported that for Eurovision 2024 RIK will choose its representative through internal selection, as it has been doing in recent years. The artist selection will be done through new talent that will emerge from both Fame Story and other young and talented artists.

Finally, it is emphasized in this letter, that the final selection of the song will take place in January 2024 through a televised show, which will take place in Nicosia. All of this, of course, as you understand, contradicts what Nikos Koklonis revealed on air, in his various interviews, and is also included in the Fame Story promo trailer.

In this way, the RIK considers that it can overcome the legal issue that has arisen after the update of the Eurovision 2024 regulations, and now they are awaiting the EBU’s response.

Teleconference for a solution

All the same there is still hope for a possible solution. Representatives of ERT and RIK will meet in a teleconference organized by the EBU in order to discuss the essence of the dispute and to seek some point of contact.

The above means that at least by the time of writing of this very article, both sides are sticking to their positions. The possible representation of Cyprus by the winner or an artist from Fame Story and the refusal of ERT to accept the television and commercial exploitation of the competition by a private television station in Greece.

The aforementioned teleconference is expected within the next days.

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Cyprus: A 62% viewing rate for the Eurovision 2023 Grand Final!

The final of the 67th Eurovision Song Contest in Cyprus scored significant viewing figures. 61,63% on average tuned in to RIK1 to watch Andrew Lambrou‘s effort in Liverpool.

In contrast to ERT, which this year recorded the second lowest ratings in its history since 2001, RIK’s ratings reached the top of the scale. 61.63% on average, while at the time of the results it even climbed to an impressive 82.3%! It is one of the highest ratings for the competition in Cyprus right after of course 2018, the year of Eleni Foureira.

The commentary of Melina Karageorgiou and Alexandros Taramountas, gathered only positive comments from the viewers, while there were many Greeks who preferred to watch the competition through the RIK frequency, giving a vote of confidence to the Cypriot public television duo, who for the second consecutive year undertake the commentary.

RIK has already started planning for next year’s Eurovision and in the next few days we will probably have the official announcements. You can read more about this in our exclusive article.

Cyprus this year was represented by Andrew Lambrou with the song “Break A Broken Heart”, taking the 12th place in the Grand Final with a total of 126 points.

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Cyprus: All the details about the selection method for Eurovision 2024! | EXCLUSIVE

The talent show that will be used as a selection method for Cyprus in Eurovision 2024 will be Fame Story, which will be broadcast from September by the Cypriot National Broadcaster CyBC/RIK and by the Greek Chanel STAR. EurovisionFun spoke to the people of RIK and they bring you all the exclusive coverage with the first details of what we will see very soon. Until that, you can also read our previous article with the General Director of RIK announcing that there will be a selection process for Eurovision 2024.

“Fame Story” will be broadcast via RIK and STAR

Finally, the plans for the national selection are on going, with RIK, PANIK Records and Barking Well Media to cooperate for the “Fame Story” show. The show will return after many years in the Greek/Cypriot spotlight but quite different from the last one. This news was reported earlier this mornning from Super Katerina Morning Show

Some of the first details are that, during this summer, castings for the talent show will take place in various cities of Greece, Cyprus and foreign countries. The plan is that the show will to stast broadcasting from September with the final taking place during the Christmas holidays, so there will be plenty of time to find the right song and for the artist to get prepaired in order to represnt Cyprus to the 68th Eurovision Song Contest.

An episode will be broadcast daily in the afternoon, with scenes from the academy. The program will be marked as suitable for all. So don’t expect to see much of their daily life, like a regular reality show. Everythimg we will see will focus on the development and progress of the academy students, so we will see their lessons, rehearsals and in general their preperation for the weekly live.

Sixteen artists will be chosen for the music academy, with one of the artists leaving each week in the live show. Discussions have already began with famous artists to be a member of the jury. One of them is Anna Vissi, the Greek Representative when Greece hosted the contest back in 2006.

At the end of this month, people of the national broadcaster will be in Athens to formalize the concept. Afterwards, there will be a relevant trailer calling for artists who would like to participate on the talent show and represent Cyprus in the song contest.

This year, Cyprus managed to achieve their second best result after Eleni Foureira in 2018. Andrew Lambrou finished 12th in the Grand Final with the song Break A Broken Heart.

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General Director of RIK: In 2024 our representative will be selected through a competitive process!

The Ceneral Director of the Cypriot National Broadcaster, Thanasis Tzokos was invited on the first show of the Cypriot Public Television, commenting the aftermath of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Mr. Tzokos revealed that in the next few days there will be an agreement with the “PANIK Records” record label, for the talent competition that will be presented on 2024 to find out the next representative for Cyprus in the contest.

The Director also mentioned that it will be a very demanding competition, which will last for a long time and only the best will be able to cope.

We already knew, that the broadcaster wanted since last year to host a talent competition but plans didn’t go ahead. Finally, the plans are on going with RIK and PANIK Records making an agreement.

You can find the interview in Greek down bellow:

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