Czech Republic: Listen to the final version of “Kemama”

Finally, the negative criticism of the new version of “Kemama” made him make some changes and today announce the final version of the song, as it will compete at Eurovision 2020.

Benny Cristo via social media had stated that he was taking the comments he received very seriously and that he and his team were examining what went wrong.

You can listen to the final version of Kemama below:

The Czech Republic: Benny Cristo is thinking of competing with the original version of Kemama and not with the revamp

Just yesterday (10/3) Benny Cristo, this year’s Czech representative at the contest, released the version he was going to compete in at Eurovision 2020. But the negative comments he received seemed to cast doubt on whether he should really compete with the revamp or keep the original version.

“I have to find out if it is really wrong or if the negative comments come from the adjustment an ear has to go through, which is used to the old version. to see if something went wrong”.

(Benny Cristo for the revamp of Kemam)

Listen to the older version:

Czech Republic: Listen to the final version of “Kemama” for Eurovision 2020

The final version of “Kemama”, the song by which Benny Cristo will represent the Czech Republic at the 65th Eurovision Song Contest, was released recently.

Immediately following his victory in the country’s national final for Eurovision 2020, Benny Cristo had revealed he would revamp his participation. You can listen to it below:

Czech Republic: Former Head of delegation,Jan Bors reveals the reasons of his resignation

The Czech Republic was one of the countries which were much discussed in the previous days. Initially the resignation of former Head of delegation Jan Bors and the replacement of the new one, Cyril Hirsch. Then, of course, the most important was the cancellation of the television national final they had announced and planned, by restoring the well-known online process that had taken place in the last two years. These events appear to be related to each otherr, as revealed in a Q&A on his Instagram profile by Jan Bors.

The cancellation of the national television finale, the reason for the resignation of Jan Frost Bors

One of the questions Jan Bors received was whether the cancellation of the national television final by the Czech public television was also the reason for his resignation from the post of Head of delegation in the competition.

Jan Bors responded that this was essentially the drop that overflowed the glass, implying that there were other friction points between the two sides, but essentially canceling a project that he had struggled with was also the reason he took the decision to resign.

Is budget cut the reason to cancel the national television final?

In another question, whether the reduced budget was the reason for the cancellation of the national television final, Jan Bors replied that this was not the reason. A number of other problems, which he did not name, were the reason because Czech Public Television preferred to reintroduce the well-known online procedure  for the third consecutive year in this way.

Will Jan Bors take over as executive supervisor?

What is widely rumored among fans is that Jan Bors resigned from the post of Head of delegation  to claim the position of Executive Supervisor at the EBU. Obviously he could not be asked in the light of the above, if his next business plans include the Eurovision Contest in general. Jan Bors does not exclude anything, leaving everything open, preserving the rumors they want him as one of Jon Ola Sand’s potential successors.


Czech Republic: National Final Canceled- Online competition for its next representative in Eurovision 2020

While what we knew so far that the Czech Republic would stage a national tv final on January 25, with eight songs competing for representation in Rotterdam, insurmountable obstacles seem to have forced the public broadcaster (ČT)  to cancel it and opt in for ESC 2020 online.

Through a Facebook announcement, ČT states:

“The national final will not be televised. Yes, so … after a few weeks and after a very difficult decision, the return to the national television final is postponed to next years (next, next year?) Due to many, many difficulties. We want to do something really different, and this year we thought it wouldn’t work the way we dreamed it would. We are returning to the online form of the competition as the previous two years. BUT … But don’t worry, we are doing our best to make the upcoming national finals online, so check out our online platforms for more information”

The dates for the ČT online national final for the Eurovision Song are:

-06.01.2020 Press conference and announcement of the eight finalists.
-13.01.2020 Release of songs and start voting.
-26.01.2020 End of voting and announcement of winner within a week.

In Tel Aviv the Czech Republic was represented by Lake Malawi with the song “A Friend Of A Friend”, which took the eleventh position with 157 points. It was the second best place in the Czech Republic after Mikolas Josef’s sixth place in 2018.

Czech Republic: Cyril Hirsch is the new Head of Delegation

Just two days after announcing that Jan Frost Bors is leaving his position as the Chief of Delegation, Czech public broadcaster immediately reflected back by announcing his successor.

Cyril Hirsch was chosen as the new leader. Hirsch is a production manager on public television in this Central European country and has been working on the tenth season of “StarDance” (the Czech version of “Dancing With The Stars”) for the time being. Hirsch has been directly linked to Czech participation in Eurovision in recent years, being the country’s deputy head of delegation.

The burden the new boss is carrying is clearly heavy, as his predecessor,Jan Frost Bors has been the leader of the Czech delegation for the past four years, leading the Czech Republic to the Grand Final three times, culminating of course in 2018 when with Mikolas Josef and “Lie To Me”, took the sixth place!

The Czech Republic will choose its representative for the Eurovision 2020 song contest on 25 January in Prague. Eight songs will duel for the ticket that will take them to Rotterdam’s Ahoy Arena in May. This will be the first time since 2008 that the country of Central Europe will elect its representative through a television final.

Will Cyril Hirsch continue to keep the Czechs in the way of successes as his predecessor? We will see…