Norway: HoD says Eurovision jury system should be re-evaluated!

After the Eurovision Final on Saturday, Stig Karlsen, Head of the Norwegian Delegation, said the current jury voting system should be re-evaluated.

Following the storm of reactions after the announcement of this year’s results, driven mainly by the difference in the vote of the televote (Finland) and the juries (Sweden), Mr Karlsen explained to Dagbladet that:

“The jury system in Eurovision definitely needs to be evaluated and the debate is very welcome. There has been a difference between the jury and the public vote in the past as well, but this year it became extremely distinctive. The people obviously had a different winner. The fact that a jury of 185 people should have as much power as millions of TV viewers is questionable”

Norway was represented by Alessandra with the song “Queen of kings”. Alessandra finished 17th in the jury voting, scoring 52 points, while getting the third highest score from the televote, taking the fifth place overall with a total of 268 points.

Source: Dagbladet

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