Denmark: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix will take place on 17 February | Changes in format!

The Eurovision season has officially started. Countries have already submitted their participation applications and within a month we will have the official list of participating countries.

Preparations have already started in Denmark, too. As usual, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix format will be used in order to select the next Danish act. It is now confirmed that Dansk Melodi Grand Prix will include a final with 8 competing acts and will take place on 17 February 2024 in DR Koncerthuset in Copenhagen.

Changes in DMGP format

Danish officials will put a lot of effort in order to select a strong entry, which can cope with the competition and modern Eurovision standards. An initiative to overturn the tables for the country is much needed, as Denmark currently holds a negative record of 3 consecutive non-qualifying attempts.

The DMGP’s Program Manager, Erik Struve Hansen, mentions:

It requires a strong song, a strong vocalist and a very strong performance. It is a kind of trinity. It is important that all three things play a role.

The enforcement of the international jury

More importance is expected to be given to the role of the international jurors in DMGP 2024. Although there has already been an international jury in past editions, in 2024 the international jury, consisting music and Eurovision experts, will probably have more members and more weight on the total outcome. The international jury will be used to reflect the Eurovision spirit and the trends of the international music scene into the chosen act.

Despite not being the public’s favorite, Reiley won the ticket to Liverpool in 2023. He performed his song “Breaking My Heart” in the second semi-final, failing to qualify and scoring only 6 points, all from Iceland.


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Denmark: Submission window for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2024 are now open

DR, the public broadcaster of Denmark, has already started preparing the country’s greatest music show for 2024, namely the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, the national final for Eurovision 2024. With the submission window opening today, the country is ready to select their new representative.

The submission window will be open until Friday October 27, and those interested can read the rules and apply their proposals, in the specified website.

“The winning song, with its high quality, must have the potential to represent Danish music and Danish culture in the most distinguished way at the Eurovision Song Contest.”

For yet another year, the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, will take place directly with the Grand Final and with eight songs competing. What is more, some of the rules stat that:

  • Either the artist, lyricist or composer, have to be Danish citizens, or have an equally strong relation to Denmark
  • Citizens of Greenland and the Faroe Islands can also take part
  • The competing song must be up to three minutes in duration and must not be reproduce anywhere publicly without DR’s consent
  • Composers and lyricists can tae part with multiple songs
  • The songs can be performed in any language
  • The winning song, must be performed, both in DMG and Eurovision, live and with 100% live vocals

The previous winner of DMGP and Denmark’s representative in Eurovision 2023, was Reiley with his song “Breaking my Heart”, who didn’t manage to qualify for the final, leaving his country out for the third year in a row:

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Denmark: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix will remain Danish national final for 2024!

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix will remain the Danish national selection for Eurovision one more year.

Unfortunately, Denmark has not succeed to qualify for a third year in a row.  However, there are reasons to keep DMGP as the national selection although there will be some improvements for the 2024 edition of this national selection.

According to the Head of Melodi Grand Prix to DR, Erik Struve Hansen, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix remains popular in the nordic country becoming a tradition:

“No, I can’t imagine that. There are so many traditions around Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, and it is one of the most watched programs of its kind in Denmark over the course of an entire year.

It has been a tradition that we have gathered around for decades, and I think it can do a lot of things in its own right as a large, unifying event around which we meet and have opinions about. It would be a shame to tinker”

Following the most recent results, public broadcaster DR is planning to improve their national selection for the future.  Mr Struve Hansen commented about their strategy:

We are already in the process of looking at what strategy we will have for next year’s Grand Prix musically. That work already started before Eurovision, and we will continue with it.


Source: DR

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