Eurovision 2022: Watch the Live-on-Tape videos of Denmark, Austria and Iceland!

The live-on-tape of the countries that participated in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest in May in Turin will be shown this year through the official Eurovision channel on YouTube.

From June 14 to 23, Eurofans will have the opportunity to watch the live-on-tape appearances of about thirty of the forty countries that took part in this year’s contest.

Today, it is the turn of three other countries of the first semi-final. Since the EBU decided to show the live-on-tapes based on the running order of the first semifinal, this means that today it is the turn of Denmark, Austria and Iceland.

🇩🇰 Watch the Live-on-Tape performance of “The Show” by REDDI:

🇦🇹 Watch the Live-on-Tape performance of “Halo” by LUM!X and Pia Maria:

🇮🇸 Watch the Live-on-Tape performance of “Með Hækkandi Sòl” by Systur:

What do you think about the first Live-on-Tape videos of Eurovision 2022? Do you like them or do you prefer the live performances?

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Eurovision 2022: The Dress Rehearsal of the First Semi Final! (Live)

Today is the first day of the Eurovision week! We can already hear the “Sound of Music” echoing from Pala Olimpico in Turin and it’s just a few days before we finally know who is actually going to win the 66th Eurovision Song Contest!

The dress rehearsal of the Eurovision 2022 First Semi Final has just started. EurovisionFun will be watching all the shows live at both the on-site press centre in Turin and at the online press centre and we will be covering this rehearsal, commenting on all the performances and describing in detail what is happening during the show.

You will be able to to follow the entire process and get the feeling that you are right at the heart of the contest! This article gets updated in nearly real-time, all you need to do is hit the refresh button on your browser and all the rest is on us!

We will keep you up to date with all the latest details about this dress rehearsal for the First Semi Final show, allowing you to get a glimpse of what you will get to see tomorrow May 10th, at 21:00 CEST when the actual semi-final show takes place.

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Eurovision 2022: Denmark’s Second Rehearsal!

Next up is Denmark. The band REDDI, a Danish/Swedish pop-rock band made up of Siggy on vocals, Ida on bass, Agnes on guitar, and Ihan on drums, brought some retro styling during their first rehearsal. Their staging also features block neon colours on the graphic backdrop, a bonus key change and on-stage fireworks. REDDI is ready to to come on stage once again, in order to rehearse for second time.

The Second Rehearsal

REDDI’s rehearsal hasn’t got much differences from the national selection’s one. The rehearsal starts with the lead singer playing the piano. At first, the face of the singer is inverted as we see the reflection of the lead singer on the surface of the piano. The camera stays near to the face of the singer without changing. It is worth mentioning that the first two shots are more than 20 seconds long! As the tempo of the song hits, the lead singer stands up and goes in the center of the stage, where she finds the rest members of the group. In the floor LED screen it is written the band’s name and the colour of the floor changes to many different colours. During the song, the singer leans on towards other group members and interacts with them. In the bridge, the camera angles are on the members of the group playing the intruments they are holding. The performance is full of colours and good vibes. The performance ends with a distant shoot and a burst of light in the stage.

Fireworks were added during the third run.

Below you can watch an exclusive preview clip of REDDI’s second rehearsal:



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Denmark: The detailed results of the DMGP 2020

For another year, Denmark has chosen to participate in the Eurovision contest through the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix (DMGP).

Compared to the previous year, this year radio semifinals were held, which also defined half of the finalists. Another difference is that in the super final the public exclusively decided the big winner of the institution and the representative of the country in the ESC. But the most significant change over the years was that the music at the DMGP 2020 final was accompanied by a live orchestra, namely Antonelli Orchestra, Denmark’s most famous live orchestra! It also needs to be mentioned the fact that spectators were not arriving at the Royal Arena where the night of the coronation was held.

The big winners of the DMGP 2020 were Ben & Tan with the song “Yes”. In fact, in the second round of voting, in the super final, the duo garnered more than 60%! Surprisingly, the other big favorite of the night is Jasmin Rose ft. Roxorloops limited to 8th place!

In the first phase of the vote the result was judged by 50% by a committee and by 50% by the television audience.

FINAL – 7 MARCH 2020
1 Isam B “Bølger” Babak Vakili, Isam Bachiri, Morten Woods 9 Eliminated
2 Ben & Tan “Yes” Emil Lei, Jimmy Jansson, Linnea Deb 1 Superfinalist
3 Maja & De Sarte Sjæle “Den eneste goth i Vejle” Timo Mastrup-Andersen 4 Eliminated
4 Benjamin Kissi “Faith” Benjamin Kissi, Frederik Tao Nordsøe Schjoldan, Gisli Gislason 7 Eliminated
5 Emil “Ville ønske jeg havde kendt dig” Esben Svane, Emil Vestergaard Klausen, Gavyn Bailey, Tim Schou 2 Superfinalist
6 Sys Bjerre “Honestly” Lasse Lyngbo, Sys Bjerre 6 Eliminated
7 Jamie Talbot “Bye Bye Heaven” Tom Oehler, Hampus Eurenius, Aron Blom 10 Eliminated
8 Sander Sanchez “Screens” Jonas Thander, Liam Craig, Christopher Wortley 3 Superfinalist
9 Kenny Duerlund “Forget It All” Henrik Tala, Mila Falls, Patrick Jean, Kenny Duerlund 5 Eliminated
10 Jasmin Rose feat. RoxorLoops “Human” Erik Smaaland, Gavin Jones, Grace Risch, Lise Cabble 8 Eliminated

All three super finalists had been added to this year’s DMGP line-up through the radio semifinals, which makes us believe that these semifinals will be almost certain over time.

In the second round of voting only the public could vote.

1 Ben & Tan “Yes” 61% 1
2 Emil “Ville ønske jeg havde kendt dig” 19% 3
3 Sander Sanchez “Screens” 20% 2

Denmark: With BEN & TAN and “Yes” at Eurovision 2020

For the first time without the audience due to crowning, the DMGP 2020  was completed shortly. The big winners are Ben & Tan with the song “Yes”, and will therefore represent Denmark at Eurovision 2020 in May in Rotterdam.

Hella Joof and Rasmus Bjerg were the presenters at the DMGP 2020, which was being held at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen.

The most significant change, however, compared to previous years is that the music for the songs at the DMGP 2020 final was accompanied by a live orchestra, namely Antonelli Orchestra, perhaps the most famous live orchestra in Denmark! The last time a live band was used in a Danish national final was in the distant 1999.

Tonight’s guests were Denmark’s Emmelie de Forest, winner at Eurovision 2013 and last year’s Danish representative in the competition, Leonora.

The contestants:

  1. Isam B – Bølger 
  2. BEN & TAN  Yes
  3. Maja og de sarte sjæle – Den eneste goth i Vejle
  4. Benjamin Kissi – Faith
  5. Emil – Ville Ønske Jeg Havde Kendt Dig
  6. Sys Bjerre – Honestly 
  7. Jamie Talbot – Bye Bye Heaven
  8. Sander Sanchez – SCREENS   
  9. Kenny Duerlund – Forget it All 
  10. Jasmin Rose feat. RoxorLoops   – Human


The DMGP 2020 winner emerged after two rounds of duels. In the first round out of 10 candidates only 3 won the ticket to the Super Final. The vote was conducted via sms and application. In the application, each song can be voted on only once in both rounds of voting.

The three qualifiers in the Super Final were:

-Emil – Ville sknske jeg havde kendt dig
-Ben & Tan – Yes
-Sander Sanchez – Screens

After the second round of voting a big winner of DMGP 2020 was announced Ben & Tan Jasmin with the song “Yes”