Russia: Dima Bilan recalls his Eurovision past | Is he preparing for his third participation?

He is one of the most popular artists in his country and the only winner of Eurovision for Russia (2008 with Believe). We are talking, of course, about Dima Bilan, who at the age of 39 seems to have a strong desire to be on the stage of the contest for the third time.

With Dima Bilan, Russia in Eurovision 2022?

Earlier, through a video he posted on his social networks, Dima Bilan recalls his first entry in the competition in 2006 in Athens, where with Never Let You Go, he took second place. Commenting, Duma Bilan states:

Do you remember how Eurovision brings people together? What a strong spirit of support and integration? Wasn’t it nice? Should we repeat it…?


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The video has garnered over 50,000 likes in four hours, and the responses to comments on Dima Bilan’s possible return to the Eurovision Song Contest are more than encouraging.

Russia at Eurovision 2022

As usual, Russia surprises us with its decisions for its respective participations in the competition, since little information sees the light of day, before the official announcements.

Responsible for Russia’s entry in Eurovision in 2022 is the Russia 1, with which Philipp Kirkorov has been collaborating with the Dream Team in recent years. Apart from the shocking unexpected, the Russia channel will trust the same team again this year, which has also brought them significant successes. This year’s ninth place of Manizha and Russian Woman, a song that was especially loved by fans, but found itself in relatively low positions for Russia, especially in the public voting, proved that no country alone has a guaranteed place in the top 5…

Although it is still early and the first processes have started in Russia, it is no coincidence that in the summer Dimitris Kontopoulos and Elias Kokotos were in Moscow, where they also had meetings with various artists. The fact is that we are far from any decisions, but the interest of Dima Bilan is also a given.

After this year’s mediocre position for the data of Russia, but also the low numbers in the television viewing, the channel Russia will want a popular artist, who will raise the numbers and the interest, hoping of course to win a very good position. In this equation, Dima Bilan can be the solution…

Below is the first entry of Dima Bilan in the competition:

Would you like to see Dima Bilan again at the Eurovision Song Contest?

Why did Bilan withdraw?


Some days ago it was announced that the winner of Eurovision 2008, Dima Bilan, withdrew from HET GROTE SONGFESTIVALFEEST 2019 which will take place on December 15th. Event organizers explained to  the reason why Dima Bilan came up with this decision:

“Hi, unfortunately, we must inform you that Dima Bilan has broken the contract and will not attend the concert for two reasons: First, he because he wasn’t the only Russian artist in the show and second because his name was not sufficiently big in the poster.”


After all the drama caused by this announcement, Dima Bilan explained himself his version of the story in his Instagram account. Here’s what he said:

“In the first person I want to write about some slight agitations, about my refusal to go to Holland for a big, popular concert with Eurovision stars! A concert that may not be related to the official concerts of Eurovision itself! The organizer of this event came to me with a list of Eurovision winners and I agreed, having on mind my frequent performances, for example, in London with Graham Norton, an excellent show that was broadcast on British channels. Then, I realized that it’s about a mass concert and it doesn’t have the “all Eurovision winners” stamp in it. The atmosphere and status of the concert itself changed, and we, to put it mildly, stayed in the delusion of the previous list. Being organized and in advance, on November 15, I proposed to the organizers, in civilized manner, to discuss the termination of the contract with the agreement of the parties. Moreover, even then, on the scales was a charity evening on December 15th, in favor of which I took this decision.

I don’t understand the reason why, to cheat with posters. The organizers sent me a specific one, but in social media they shared a different one. I don’t care about it, I don’t suffer from underestimation syndrome, this for kids’ amusement. But there are unspoken rules, if you see the least swindle in organization, then the trust immediately disappears! I have been working for a long time with international companies and I know how it has to be done. And the affair with the posters became one more reason for my insistent request to discuss the termination of the contract. It’s absolutely wrong, that organizers decided to inform people now, they might have bought tickets for me too! Why now this hype, 3 days before the concert?

The hype that rises in this moment makes me think, that someone, with this supposed scandal, wants to raise the sales of the tickets. It seems like for someone this isn’t a strange thing to do. It’s strange to put my words and my desires under any doubt, as long as I am absolutely an adherent of Eurovision, and I simply cannot be ungrateful to the contest! And of course there is definitely no antagonism in the fact that artists from Russia participate there, and especially about Sergey Lazarev, with whom we often meet at various venues. But I can’t take part to the concert, because due to my proposal to discuss about this situation, organizers just handed over tickets and requested compensation.

I was little surprised at this kind of request, so I agreed with a great fund to take part in a charity concert in 15th of December, they’re doing great things in sphere of charity.

I appeal to my favorite fans, that I’m ready to be and live on the stage even with broken legs for them: If you want to meet me and see my show, next year I’ll go on tour to Germany!

I’ll be happy to see you!”

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От первого лица хочу написать про легкие волнения,по поводу моего отказа ехать в Голландию на кассовый концерт звёзд Евровидения ! Концерт, который, возможно, не имеет отношения к официальным концертам самого евровидения @eurovision ! На меня вышел организатор этого мероприятия со списком участников- победителей Евровидения и я согласился ,проведя параллель с моими нередкими выступлениями, например, в Лондоне с грэммом Нортон @thegrahamnortonshowofficial – отличным шоу, которое транслировалось на британских каналах. В этом же случае, я понял, что концерт, все-таки, абсолютно сборный и в нем нет грифа «все победители Евровидения», некая атмосфера и статус самого концерта поменялся, а нас, мягко говоря, ввели в заблуждение первичным списком. Я в организованном порядке , заблаговременно, 15 ноября цивилизованно предложил организаторам ,обсудить вопрос расторжения договора по согласию сторон. Тем более уже тогда на чаше весов был благотворительный вечер 15 го декабря, в пользу которого в конечном итоге пал мой выбор. ПРОДОЛЖЕНИЕ ТЕКСТА В ПУБЛИКАЦИИ! ЛИСТАЙТЕ! #билан #димабилан #биланперезагрузка !

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Russia: Return of Dima Bilan to the Eurovision stage?

Eurovision 2008 winner Dima Bilan has stated in a interview to Russian media that he wants to return to the contest for the third time after finishing 2nd in 2006 in Athens and his victory two years later in Belgrade.

Talking to a Russian television show, Bilan referred to the issue and argued that if Russian public broadcaster would organize a national final, he would be fully interested in representing his country once again. In contrast to the current system of internal selection, the Russian artist was openly in favor of conducting a national final with the public choosing the song and artist to represent the country at the institution.

The Russian state-run Channel One is expected to follow once again this year the tactics of the last years by internally selecting the artist to represent the country through direct assignment. The last time Russia held a national final was in 2012. Dima Bilan had also claimed his third appearance at the Eurovision competition, along with singer t.A.T.u. Julia Volkova. The duo, however, came in second place and Buranovskiye Babushki represented Russia in Baku.

Last year in Tel Aviv, Sergey Lazarev represented Russia with “Scream” for the second time, where he finished 3rd with 360 points, 6th ahead of 4th Switzerland.


News from Russia: 4 new hits!

Summer is already here and 4 of the most known and beloved Russian stars have already released their new songs! We are talking about Sergey Lazarev, Dima Bilan, Elena Temnikova and Philipp Kirkorov.

Sergey Lazarev – “Lovi” (Catch)  

After his 3rd place at Eurovision, Sergey’s back in Russian charts with a song that is completely different from his previous ones! Giving us some 90s romantic summer vibes, Sergey tell us about a passionate, unconditional love. It’s about a slow tempo song which brings to mind a sense of a “light night breeze”, as song says.


Dima Bilan – “Belye Rozi” (White Roses)

This time Dima decided to share his nostalgia with his fans by releasing a new song which is actually a collection of some old songs taken from 80s and 90s. This song really reminds of old soviet romantic movies and the artist himself motivates his fans to go back to old classic songs of this era. Plus, a new music video for “Belye Rozi” is coming soon.


Elena Temnikova – “Zhara” (Heat)

Right after Lazarev’s Lovi, Elena Temnikova released her new summer hit “Zhara”. This song follows a slow rhythm, speaks about a crazy love and shows Elena’s unique voice. Let’s see how high in charts it can go!


Philipp Kirkorov – “Stesnienie propalo” (Restraint is gone)

This year Kirkorov reminded everyone why he holds the title of the king of Russian pop music as he released 3 top hits, helped Sergey Lazarev in his Eurovision journey and toured all over Russia with his “Ya” show at the same time! This month he released one more hit “Stesnienie propalo”, which questions the meaning of morality nowadays. No matter how interesting this description may seem, the music video is once again the most interesting of all. The views speak themselves!


And what do you think? Which one of these songs do you like the most?

Russia: Dima Bilan believes in Sergey Lazarev

The one and only so far Russia’s winner, Dima Bilan, breaks his silence and speaks openly against those who compare him to Sergey Lazarev and perpetuate an enmity between the two super stars. Read more