Cyprus: Silia Kapsis will sing “Liar” at Eurovision 2024!

As announced by the Cypriot broadcaster RIK-CyBc, the title of the song, with which Silia Kapsis will represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2024, is “Liar“. The song is composed by Dimitris Kontopoulos and the lyrics are written by ELKE, a well-known Dutch artist.

The production of the song was completed a few days ago in a recording studio abroad. The creative team is completely satisfied with the final result, while the excellent response the song has received from all parties involved has filled the Cypriot mission with enthusiasm.

Liar is a very contemporary pop dance track, with instrumentation and production that perfectly suits the explosive stage presence of Silia Kapsis.

Silia Kapsis is leaving for Los Angeles in the next few days to meet Kelly Sweeney and Guy Groove, the choreographers who will be in charge of her choreography, which will be seen on stage in May. Immediately afterwards she will return to Cyprus to shoot the official music video of the Cypriot entry.


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After the shooting of the music video, Silia Kapsis will travel to Greece, where she will make appearances in local media. The song is expected to be released in late February/early March, of course through RIK. Silia will remain in Athens until May, carrying out her final rehearsals for the competition.

The Cypriot delegation continues with a well-organized plan, its preparations for Eurovision 2024, always keeping a low profile, but hoping that it will manage to impress and be even higher on the scoreboard than Andrew Lambrou, who placed 12th, having an excellent performance last year.

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Dimitris Kontopoulos sets a record at Eurovision!

With the announcement that Silia Kapsis will represent Cyprus with a song by Dimitris Kontopoulos, the successful Greek composer is making history in the Eurovision Song Contest. Cyprus is the eighth country to be represented by his composition. No other composer has this record of having participated in the contest with so many different countries!

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Cyprus: Silia Kapsis will represent the country at Eurovision 2024 with a song by Dimitris Kontopoulos!

What has been the common secret for days has now become official. RIK some minutes ago during the presentation of its new programme, announced that Silia Kapsis will represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2024 with a song by Dimitris Kontopoulos! This will be the eighth different country that the distinguished Greek artist will represent in the contest and the first time we will see him in Cypriot colours!

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Russia: Three artists for the final selection | Dream Team’s participation is in doubt | EXCLUSIVE

This year’s entry of Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest will literally be announced in the last minute. The country’s public television, even at the time of writing, has not yet reached the song, nor the artist, who will represent Russia in Turin, with three names remaining on the table.

Three artists are still in the crisis of the Russian public television, Russia 1, for the representation of the country in Eurovision 2022. Although we are in the last ten days of February, Russia 1 has not made its final decisions.

Today 22/2, the Dream Team had another meeting for this purpose, with the management of the Russian public television, to discuss these three names. Two of them are women and one is a male artist.

According to our exclusive information, the Dream Team would undertake the difficult task of this year’s Russian representation in the competition (judging by the general political developments), in case one of the two artists they have proposed to Russia 1 for several months was selected. However, if the third artist on this list is finally selected, then the possibility that Dream Team will not represent Russia this year is the most probable.

The final decision as mentioned above has not been made, although it is expected to be finalized in the next 24 hours. Of course, due to time pressure, the song will be released at the end of the deadline, ie on the weekend of March 12-13.

We are waiting with interest for the final decisions of the Russian public television, on which, of course, the decisions of the Dream Team will depend. The only thing that is certain is that Russia will normally take part in Eurovision 2022, regardless of political developments.

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Greece: The final master of Amanda’s song in Moscow!

We are now in the final stretch, as we are counting the days for the announcement of the song with which Amanda will represent Greece at Eurovision 2022.

As we can see through the social media of both Dimitris Kontopoulos and Elias Kokotos, at the moment in the leading recording studio in Moscow, with the assistance of one of the most important mechanical sounds in the country of Andrew Konoplev, the final master of the Greek entry is taking place.

Just as it happened with the final production of Last Dance, the Greek participation in this year’s competition will receive its final touches in Moscow, in the recording studio of Andrew Konoplev. Andrew Konoplev has edited Russia’s greatest successes in recent years.

The Greek delegation maintains its optimism, shortly before the official release of the video clip and while the bets bring Greece to the top5.

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Russia: Dream Team is in Moscow in view of the final choice for the country’s representation!

The Dream Team (Dimitris Kontopoulos and Ilias Kokotos) is in Moscow, as we see through their social network accounts. This trip to the Russian capital is the most important one, in relation to the representation of the country in Eurovision 2022.

It is no secret that every second year, when channel Russia 1 undertakes the participation of Russia in the competition, the channel cooperates with the Dream Team, which in fact has brought them a lot of good results so far. It is also no secret that one of the names with which the Dream Team would like to collaborate for Eurovision 2022 is the superstar Klava Koka. In fact, Klava Koka was in Athens a few months ago, recording in the studio of Dimitris Kontopoulos, probably a potential song for the competition.

Of course, nothing should be taken for granted, since if the artist who Russia 1 has chosen does not satisfy the Dream Team as a choice, then it is not at all unlikely that they will eventually not be chosen for this year’s Russian participation.

It remains to be seen what the decisions of both the Russian public television and the Dream Team will be. The time for the final decision in Russia has arrived!

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Greece: With the boost of the 2nd place of the bets, the shooting of the video clip in Symi begins!

The Greek delegation arrived in Symi, for the shooting of the video clip of the Greek entry in Eurovision 2022. The second place in which the bets bring Greece to victory in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, fills the team with optimism and confidence, but also with a greater anxiety, since everyone’s lights are now falling on Amanda and her song.

The 19-member Greek delegation has been in Symi for a few minutes now! In fact, the official Eurovision ERT account made sure to inform us in the most beautiful way about this:


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Along with the Greek delegation are the corporate communications director of ERT, Dora Chiraki, the head of delegation Sofia Dranidou, the project manager  Elias Kokotos, the composer Dimitris Kontopoulos, the director Kostas Karydas and the journalist Agis Menoutis.

The shooting is expected to last until Wednesday, February 9, with Amanda returning to Athens for some TV appearances.

For continuous developments from the shooting in Symi, join the Greek Eurovision Support Group! Already through the Greek Eurovision Group we publish new updates at regular intervals and we will do the same in the coming days, as long as Symi will be the focus of interest for all Greek eurofans.

So all that remains is to join the Greek Eurovision Group, for all the latest!

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Armenia: Dream Team did not finally submit a song for Eurovision 2022!

Yesterday (31/1), the deadline for submitting entries to the public television of Armenia, by the artists who participated in the closed selection for Eurovision 2022, ended. Despite what was rumored in the previous period, the Dream Team did not submit a song.

The winner of last year’s New Wave Festival, Saro Gevorgyan, had traveled to Moscow the previous days to meet Dimitris Kontopoulos and Philipp Kirkorov. Naturally, everyone assumed that the song that Saro would submit to the internal process of Armenia, would be with the signature of Dream Team. However, according to our exclusive information, Dream Team’s decision was not to submit a song, which means that the song submitted by Saro has another composer.

We remind you that the three artists claiming to represent Armenia at Eurovision 2022, apart from the shocking unexpected, are Saro Gevorgyan, Kamil and Athena Manukyan.

The decision on the name of the artist who will represent the country in Turin is expected quite soon, maybe before February 10.

Armenia participates in the Second Half of the First Semifinal of Eurovision 2022, hoping to be in the final for the first time after 2017!

Which artist would you like to see represent Armenia in Eurovision 2022?

Exclusive: Dream Team arrives in Moscow for the final preparations before Eurovision 2022

Dimitris Kontopoulos is in Moscow today, together with Elias Kokotos. There they will of course meet Philipp Kirkorov, while they will spend a lot of time in the studio, completing or preparing the projects that they will present at Eurovision 2022.


It is no secret, Philipp Kirkorov has said on various occasions, that the Dream Team will represent Russia in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, except for a shocking surprise. So, at a time when Russian public television is still silent about its intentions in relation to the contest, this trip could not be unrelated to the country’s representation in Turin.

Various names are already rumored, with Klava Koka and Alexander Panayotov at the top of the discussion and scripts. Eurovisionfun is able to know that Dream Team has submitted more than one song to Russia 1 channel and is now in the waiting phase of decisions.

In Russia, which is Christmas today, they like last minute announcements. We remind you that last year it was literally announced that a national final will be held in the last minute, without the participation of the Little Big, something that you first read through Eurovisionfun.

So what is expected is the final recording of these songs submitted by Dream Team on Russia 1 channel, so that everything is ready to move on, as soon as the official announcement is made.


Also not a secret is Philipp Kirkorov’s support for Saro Gevorgyan, winner of the last New Wave Festival. Saro, who is at the peak of his career, is considered one of the favorites to represent Armenia at Eurovision 2022.


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Armenian public television, after its recent victory in Junior Eurovision, has not yet announced that it will choose its representative in the competition, although most information states that it will make an internal selection, according to the standards followed by ERT.

According to the information on our website, Saro is expected to meet in Moscow with Philipp Kirkorov, Dimitris Kontopoulos and Elias Kokotos, in order to work on the song with which the young artist will claim the representation of Armenia in Turin.


Finally, it is now a habit for Dimitris Kontopoulos to do the final mixing of the Eurovision songs in which he participates in any way, in one of the best recording studios in Moscow, VI Sound Studios, always with the assistance of Andrey Konoplev, a top sound engineer in Russia.

Given the fact that Amanda will soon be coming to Greece for the shooting of the video clip of the Greek participation and that it should have been completed, you understand that the possibility, the final mix of the Greek entry to take place at VI Sound Studios, is something more than likely.

With a lot of work ahead of them, in view of Eurovision 2022, the Dream Team is preparing for another Eurovision Song Contest.

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Дрим Тим: Все о подготовке команды к конкурсу в Турине!

Димитрис Контопулос сегодня уже в Москве вместе с Илиасом Кокотосом. Там они, конечно же, встретятся с Филиппом Киркоровым и проведут много времени в студии, доделывая или готовя заявки, которые будут представлены на Евровидении в этом году.


Как уже неоднократно заявлял Филипп Киркоров, Dream Team будет представлять Россию на предстоящем конкурсе. Общественное российское телевидение пока хранит молчание о своих намерениях, однако эта поездка не может не иметь отношения к подготовке страны к Евровидению.

Уже ходят слухи о различных именах, среди которых присутствуют такие артисты, как Клава Кока и Александр Панайотов. Eurovisionfun стало известно, что Dream Team отправила более одной песни каналу “Россия 1” и сейчас ожидает ответа от них.

В России, где сегодня празднуется Рождество, любят объявлять все в последнюю минуту. Напоминаем, что в прошлом году буквально в пять часов было объявлено о проведении национального финала, без участия Little Big, о чем вы впервые прочитали на Eurovisionfun.

Пока ожидается окончательная запись этих песен. Все начнет двигаться вперед, как только будет сделано официальное объявление.


Саро Геворкян, который находится на пике своей карьеры, является одним из фаворитов, чтобы представить Армению на масштабном песенном конкурсе. Недавно он стал победителем “Новой волны”, где удивил членов жюри вокальными способностями.


Δείτε αυτή τη δημοσίευση στο Instagram.


Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Saro (@sarogevorgyan)

Общественное телевидение Армении после недавней победы на Детском Евровидении еще ничего не объявило, однако по слухам из Еревана, страна проведет внутренний отбор, аналогичный тому, что было у ERT.

Согласно информации на нашем сайте, ожидается встреча Саро в Москве с Филиппом Киркоровым, Димитрисом Контопулосом и Элиасом Кокотосом для работы над песней, с которой молодой артист будет претендовать на то, чтобы представить Армению в Турине.


Димитрис Контопулос любит делать окончательное сведение(микширование) песен в одной из лучших студий звукозаписи в Москве, VI Sound Studios, при содействии Андрея Коноплева.

Учитывая тот факт, что Аманда скоро поедет в Грецию для съемок видеоклипа, можно утверждать, что окончательный микс песни Греции возможно состоится именно в VI Sound Studios.

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