Greece: The ERT committee will start its meetings next week!

We are now entering the final stretch for the selection of the artist and the song that will represent Greece in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest. After the completion of the submission of proposals for the claim of the Greek representation in Eurovision 2022, the competent committee of ERT, which will have the final say, is ready to start work and thoroughly examine all the songs submitted, as well as the other details, from each proposal.

Larger than in previous years, it is expected to be the competent artistic committee of ERT, which will make the final decision for Stefania’s successor in the Eurovision stage. With renowned people of music and led for another year by Dimitris Papadimitriou, the committee will be invited to choose the song and the proposal that will bring the country as high as possible in the Eurovision 2022 standings. The atmosphere at ERT is something more than positive, something that was reflected not only in our articles, but also in the entire electronic and print press, where the increase of interest was commented extensively, after the successful presence in this year’s competition.

According to our information, ERT is oriented to complete the selection in two phases:

  • Select a small number of songs (3-4) that will distinguish the committee from the approximately 40 submitted.
  • To meet with the artists of these songs, to discuss with them the rest of the details of their proposal.
  • To make the final decision taking into account all the above.

In contrast to what happened in previous years, ERT wishes to have reached both the artist and the song before the end of the year. This will give extra time to better prepare, but also to promote its entry. The goal as we wrote in our previous articles is clear, a better placement from this year’s tenth place, something completely possible as the members of the Greek delegation believe.

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Greece: 25 proposals with more than 40 songs were submitted to ERT! EXCLUSIVE

The deadline given by ERT to those who wished to apply for the representation of Greece in Eurovision 2022 ended at midnight on Sunday, October 10. At the moment, according to our exclusive information, 25 proposals of artists have been submitted in ERT’s headquarters, with more than 40 songs!

How many artists participated?

The terms of ERT’s announcement were clear. They wanted complete proposals, from artists who belong to a record company or through a production company. This was intended not to submit a huge number of songs, but only serious proposals, which treat the project with due care.

The bet was crowned with great success, since almost all the record companies in the country, but also several from abroad, sent their proposals. Among the candidates, as you read in the previous period in Eurovisionfun, there are several remarkable and successful artists, who of course honor ERT with their participation.

Despite what has been said since morning in various shows about the number of proposals and songs that were finally submitted to ERT, the truth is completely different and the number is much higher.

More specifically, the Greek representation in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest is claimed by 25 artists. In total, more than 40 songs have been submitted to the jury that will make the final decision!

The candidates in detail

Some of the most well-known artists who have applied are:

Amanda Georgiadi: The expatriate artist from Norway, with an experienced and strong team, enters the internal selection with a classy, ​​inner ballad. – more HERE.

Nikos Ganos: The 38-year-old artist participates with a song, in pop, uptempo rhythm, something that he knows how to serve well. – more HERE.

Elias Kozas: Three songs have been submitted by the Greek representative at Eurovision 2013. Completely different from Alcohol Is Free and in an insurgent rhythm, as he told us. – more HERE.

Artemis Matafia: The songwriter has submitted two songs. Artemis became famous through her participation in The Voice of Greece and J2US.

Konstantinos Christoforou: Perhaps the most experienced of the candidates, will claim his fourth participation in the competition with a dynamic pop ballad. – more HERE.

Evangelia: Evangelia’s proposal includes three songs, in her familiar style. – more HERE.

Good Job Nicky: Nikolas Varthakouris participates in the internal selection with a cinematic song. He also has a strong team behind him, with Fokas Evangelinos standing out. – more HERE.

Jimmy Sion: We met him from his participation in SKAI’s House of Fame. He submitted two songs to ERT, quite different from each other. One is quite upbeat, while the other is an interpretive ballad.

Joanne: The latest winner of The Voice of Greece takes part in the process with a song, by well-known and successful creators. It is in pop and dance rhythms. – more HERE.

Kianna: A disco / techno track from her album that will be released in the coming months includes her proposal.

Marseaux: One of the most alternative proposals. An English, indie pop song, with clear references to the #metoo movement.

Other candidates: More than ten more proposals were submitted by more unrecognizable artists, some of them even from abroad. – more HERE.

The competent committee of ERT now has a speech, headed by the well-known composer and member of the company’s Board of Directors, Dimitris Papadimitriou, who will make the final decisions about the artist and the song that will represent Greece in Turin. Although it is still early, the information tells us that there are some very good songs, which brings great optimism for a very good placement in the final of Eurovision 2022!

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