Croatia: Record breaking number of songs submitted to Dora 2023!

The submission process for the Croatian national final, Dora, ended just three days ago and a record number of entries, for Croatian standards, has already been made public.

HRT, the Croatian public broadcaster, received a total of 196 entries! From these, the Dora committee will decide in the coming weeks which artists will be given the green light to compete at Dora 2023, which will take place within next February.

As we have already informed you in a previous article, the Croatian broadcaster wants to further involve fans of the contest in the selection process, hoping that this will avoid malicious comments made in the past while increasing the credibility of the selection.

Is there any artist you would like to see representing Croatia in the future? What do you think of the new song selection system? Let us know in the comments below!


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Greece: ERT is ready for Eurovision 2023!

It’s ERT’s time and Eurovisionfun is in the thick of it all! Learn everything about ERT’s plans for Eurovision 2023, and more… What is this year’s selection procedure? When shall we expect an official announcement? Who have expressed an interest in participating?

As August approaches, the Greek National Broadcaster is ready for the Eurovision 2023 project. Shortly before the summer holidays, the ERT’s executives, involved in the past years’ selection procedure and preparation, have finalised their planning, with the selection procedure scheduled to commence, as last year, at the beginning of September.

The team leaders

Eurovision project’s supervisor, for the third consecutive year, will be none other than Dora Chiraki, while Sofia Dranidou will also return to her position for the third consecutive year as Greece’s head of delegation. You don’t change a winning team, especially when this team has now the necessary expertise and knowledge to go one step further. Indeed, this stability, after several years, in people surcharged with the Eurovision project, is a goal that all participating broadcasters seeking good results in the Contest aim to achieve. 

The procedure for selecting country’s representative

Although we do not know the exact procedure for the selection of Greece’s participation in Eurovision 2023, ERT is expected to remain faithful to the formula it has been following in recent years. That is, to give the opportunity to record labels and production companies to submit their proposals, and to come up, through an internal selection by a committee designated by ERT for this purpose, to the proposal that will bring the best results for Greece in May.

Moreover, it is now widely accepted that ERT’s committee has correctly chosen the songs and artists for the last three years, thus marking a triumphant return of Greece to the elite of Eurovision countries. People in the field, albeit at first being skeptical about the committee’s objectivity and judgement, now agree that the selection method carried out by ERT gives everyone the opportunity to take part in the procedure, keeping away unnecessary drama and negative publicity. At the same time, it has also managed to arouse the interest of artists, who in previous years would not have participated in Eurovision.

ERT expects to capitalise on all of the above to an even greater degree this year, since more and more artists are coming forward and expressing their interest in participating in ERT’s internal selection, estimating a way bigger turnout than the 43 proposals submitted last year. 

The dates

Moving to the practical aspect of the matter, it is expected that the official announcement for the submission of proposals will be issued just after the presentation of the ERT’s program, which will take place on September the 6th. Of course, it remains to be seen if ERT will insist on the internal selection or if it will try to engage the public in some way, although as we noted above, the former is more likely.

The goal for Eurovision 2023 is clear; a place, for the third year in a row, in the top-ten. A goal which is not as easy as it seems. Besides, at the moment only three countries managed to have two consecutive places in the top-10, one of them being Greece. Of course, after this year’s eighth place, the bar is particularly high, but the Greek team is optimistic that it will do credit to all Greek fans.

The artists who have expressed interest so far

The artists who, in one way or another, have expressed their interest to represent Greece in the next ESC (which will take place in the United Kingdom) are the following :

  • Vasilis Kourtis
  • Melissa Mantzouki
  • Antonia Kaouri
  • Leon of Athens
  • Katerina Stikoudi
  • Kalomira
  • Klavdia
  • Aggelos Archaniotakis
  • Tania Breazou
  • Evangelia
  • Joanne et al.

Eurovisionfun will be again this year on the forefront, supporting the Greek entry, ERT and our team with all our strength and vigour, because as we have previously said, they are making a worthwhile effort!

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Croatia: Dora 2022 to be held without audience!

A while ago, the Croatian public broadcaster, HRT, announced that there will be no audience attending Dora 2022!

The official account of Dora on Facebook, published a post that they explained the situation that sadly will not allow an audience to be present at Dora, for a second year in a row:

Following your numerous messages regarding the tickets sold for Dora 2022, we regret to announce, that due to the unforeseen restrictions that are in place at the moment, due to the pandemic, the entire contest will take place without an audience. However, we are still looking into how the situation develops and if there is any change or if any restriction is lifted, we will inform you accordingly.

How things will work in case of any COVID-19 case

HRT has already established a protocol, that will be followed in case any of the artists tests positive for COVID-19. If one or two of the artists withdraw until the 4th of February, their place will be covered by the first, second, third or even the fourth backup artist. In case of five or more artists withdrawing before the 1st of February, their song will also be withdrawn and their allocated televoting phone number will get deactivated.

If any of the artists develops symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19 after the rehearsal of the 16th, 18th or even the 19th of February, then one of their recorded performances will be shown, during the live final show.

Dora 2022, the Croatian national selection process of the Croatian representative for this year’s Eurovision song Contest, will take place on February 19 at Marino Cvetković Sports in Opatija!

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SourceDORA HRT / Eurovoix

Croatia: No final decision yet regarding the language of Tick Tock

After the national final of Dora through which Croatia chose its representative for the upcoming contest in Rotterdam, the winner Albina and her team made their first statements regarding their next steps.

One of those statements  had to do with the language of Tick Tock. In particular, it was mentioned that a final decision has yet to been made; whether Albina will perform in English or in Croatian. During the national final performance Albina sang a bilingual version of her entry.

Croatia is about to perform in the 2nd half of the 1st Semi Final, for a ticket that  leads to the Grand Final of May 22nd.

Source: Eurovoix 


Malta: Croatia rejected “All Of My Love” Before Destiny

The singer and songwriter, Bernarda Brunovic, made a breakthrough for “All Of My Love”, the song that marks Malta’s participation in Eurovision 2020. revealed that “All Of My Love” had also been submitted to Dora, the Croatian national final for the competition, but was rejected.

Bernarda as a permanent resident of Switzerland was initially involved in the Swiss national selection. Together with Boris Milanov they wrote a song, with an interpreter, but it was not selected. At the same time in Vienna they wrote a new song, “All Of My Love”, which they decided to deposit in Croatia, again with Bernarda performing. The song was not even selected there.

At the end of February, Malta’s public television contacted Boris Milanov, asking for his song about Destiny, as they had not yet found anyone. The song proposed by Boris Milanov was “All Of My Love”, which Malta public television accepted, after making some necessary changes to fit Destiny’s voice better.

“We have agreed to retain my rights as a composer and to join Eurovision in vocals, but I will have my time in the song where I will be performing solo, but this is a surprise. The song has become very good and with a few changes to the instrumentation”

(Bernarda Brunovic)

In addition to Boris Milanov and Bernarda Brunovic, the composer team of “All Of My Love” includes Sebastian Arman, Dag Lundberg, Joacim Persson and Austria’s Eurovision 2018 representative, Cesar Sampson.

Croatia: Dora 2020 on February 29th | Through Dora at Eurovision 2021 as well

The head of production company Opatija 21, which was responsible for organizing this year’s Dora as well as the Dora 2020, revealed that the selection of Croatian participation for Eurovision 2020 will take place in the city of Opatija on February 29th.

The deadline for submitting applications for Dora 2020 has already begun, and it appears that Croatian public broadcaster has already signed an agreement with Opatija 21 to co-operate in organizing Dora in Opatija in 2021.

The same company helped the municipality of Opatija to bring Dora to their town.

“We have reached the end of negotiations to sign a private agreement for a two-year partnership with HRT Public Television for the coming years”

(Igor Stok on behalf of Opatija 21 for Dora 2020-2021)

In his interview, Igos Stok revealed that the agreement states that the Dora 2020 will take place on February 29 in Opatija. So far there has been no official confirmation by Croatian public television.

In Tel Aviv, Croatia was represented by Roko Blažević with the song “The Dream”, composed by Jacques Houdek, who represented Croatia at Eurovision 2017. Unfortunately, he was ranked 14th in the second semifinal and so did not qualify for the final.

Croatia: Through “Dora” the selection of participation |Submissions to start on November 5th

Croatian Public Television (HRT) announced recently that the country’s participation in Eurovision 2020 will be selected through “Dora” next year.

Interested creators can submit their entries online from November 5 until December 15. A panel of HRT will select the 16 best songs to compete at Dora 2020, which will bring the Croatian representative to Rotterdam.

In Tel Aviv, Croatia was represented by Roko Blažević with the song “The Dream”, composed by Jacques Houdek, who represented Croatia at Eurovision 2017. Unfortunately, he was ranked 14th in the second semifinal and thus did not qualify for the final.

Source: HRT