Eurovision 2024: Dress Rehearsal of the Second Semi-Final! – Live Commentary! (UPDATED)

Just last night, the First Semi-Final of Eurovision 2024 transpired and the rehearsals for the Second Semi-Final, which is set for tomorrow, Tuesday 9th of May, are already commencing. Today the Dress Rehearsal of the Second Semi-Final is taking place, which means that we will get to witness the 16 competing countries of this particular Semi-Final, plus France, Spain and Italy! 

EurovisionFun is watching the rehearsals from both the on-site and the online press center and provide you with live commentary! 

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The Show 

A video of our hostesses is being shown, with them singing Tattoo in solarium beds.

The competing countries – LIVE COMMENTARY 

01. Malta: Sarah Bonnici – Loop

A fun and energised opener! Sarah Bonnici, in a sparkly silver bodysuit, definitely has some moves! Alongside her 4 dancers, she is dancing non-stop, while being vocally stable, as the lights go from green to red. There’s also pyro in the end

02. Albania: BESA – TITAN

Another outfit change from Besa, as she is wearing a light blue dress. She is accompanied by three dancers and the visuals behind her show different people dancing to the rhythm of Titan. During the end, the backing vocalists join her on stage.

03. Greece: Marina Satti – ZARI 

The beginning is like a live video, with hearts appearing from the bottom as if people press ‘like”. Marina is playing with the camera as her dancers join her. During the bridge of the song, it is like they are laying down on city’s buildings. A performance full of colour and dance!

04. Switzerland: Nemo – The Code 

An outfit change for Nemo as well. They climb up their platform in the beginning of the song. During the rap part they get up and down the platform. Minimal lighting and visuals and vocally, they are great I must say, despite their song being challenging.

05. Czechia: Aiko – Pedestal 

A red-based performance by Aiko and her dancers, who represent the 5 stages of grief in a breakup. Lots of pyro during the whole performance and before the bridge, we see on the screen behind her a video of couple fighting before we get to the last part of the song.


France: Slimane – Mon amour (not competing)

A classy performance with very strong vocals. In the beginning he is laying down as the camera is doing a closeup. The lights are light blue and after the bridge they turn white with lots of smoke on stage. Slimane is having his signature vocal moment far away from the microphone

06. Austria: Kaleen – We Will Rave 

Due to technical issues, we could not watch Austria’s rehearsal.

07. Denmark: SABA – SAND 

Saba is standing on a platform and she is spreading sand, There’s smoke on stage and during the second chorus, we see on the LED sand being spread and a figure the same as Saba. During the bridge the light is aiming at her heart and it is pulsing according to the rhythm.

08. Armenia: LADANIVA – Jako

In the beginning the singer is whistling and then we see her going to a staircase-like structure which is placed in the middle of the stage and where the orchestra is standing. During the song she is going up and down.


09. Latvia: Dons – Hollow 

Due to technical issues, we could not watch Latvia’s rehearsal.

Spain: Nebulossa – ZORRA (not competing)

Not much has changed staging-wise compared to the national final. At some point the dancers take off their clothes and there’s pyro. In the end, the singer stands at the top of the prop.

10. San Marino: MEGARA – 11:11 

With one word: Pink! A very energetic performance by Megara. At some point there’s an outfit change, smoke and -of course- pyro. Visuals show various designs in pink and black.

11. Georgia: Nutsa Buzaladze – Firefighter 

The performance starts with a closeup to Nutsa. Much smoke since the beginning and behind her, there’s a red circle which “catches fire” as the first chorus commences and times, her face also appears. During the dance break, there is of course much fire. At the end, she is standing on an elevating platform. Vocally, Nutsa is powerful, as usual.

12. Belgium: Mustii – Before The Party’s Over 

Golden hues prevail. The concept of multiple microphones remains, as Mustii goes towards them and stands in the center. After the first chorus there is smoke on stage and many closeups. During the bridge, the light turns white and after that, he reveals his chest which is covered in golden glitter. Vocally, there are a few weaknesses.

13. Estonia: 5MIINUST x Puuluup – (nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi 

In the beginning one of the singers is standing with the audience. A minimal performance when it comes to light changes, but with lots of dance and energy. On the LED screen we see figures of the singers.

Italy: Angelina Mango – La Noia 

In the beginning, behind Angelina we see a plant-like visual. During the chorus, she is dancing alongside 5 female dancers and there is a “La Noia” visual written with rose petals. As the bridge is sung, Angelina is sitting on a throne and at the acapella part, the lights go slightly down. At the end there is pyro rain behind her.

14. Israel: Eden Golan – Hurricane 

In the beginning, Eden is bending in the middle of the ring prop. There is smoke behind her and as the first chorus commences, the dancers are on the prop. Blue hurricane-like visuals on the screen and on the floor appear and at the bridge of the song the light turns yellow.

15. Norway: Gåte – Ulveham

Aurora-like lighting prevails. The singer is standing in the middle of the stage on a rock platform with branches and behind her there are water visuals. At some point there is lots of smoke on stage. A very mystical performance and vocally great.

16. Netherlands: Joost Klein – Europapa 

 Joost is standing on stage with 2 dancers and his friends, one of whom is dressed as a blue bird. On the LED screen we see visuals like a 2000s videogame and European foods. In the end, he is sending his moving message to his parents.

Interval acts 

The first recap of the competing countries.

The biggest sing-along in the world! People from across Europe are on the screen as Helena Paparizou takes the stage to sing her iconic “My Number One”. Next is Charlotte Perelli who is singing “Take Me To Your Heaven”, followed by Sertab Erener and “Everyway That I Can”.

The second and last recap of the songs.

Now we are seeing an ABBA tribute, considering this year it marks 50 years since their victory.

Petra is doing an act, where she is singing about Sweden and Eurovision. Charlotte Perelli joins her.

We could not watch the rest of the interval acts due to technical issues.

After today’s performances, I will attempt to predict the qualifiers. 

Certain qualifiers 







The Netherlands











San Marino


The results 

Of course, these results are neither valid nor real, but they come about in order to serve the rehearsal’s purposes. 

Due to technical issues, we were not able to see the virtual results.


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