Italy: The full results of Sanremo 2019

The 69th Festival of Sanremo came to an end last night, as Mahmood reached the first place. The 27-year-old singer will represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

It’s a victory that few people saw coming. Mahmood was never among the top favorites to win. The announcement of the final result was combined with booing from the audience of Teatro Ariston.

The full results of Sanremo 2019

RAI published earlier today the full results of Sanremo for all the shows.

During the first, second and third show the voting was 40% televoting, 30% demoscopic jury and 30% press jury. During the final night televoting has a power of 50%, while the press jury has a power of 30% and the expert jury a power of 20%.

Ultimo came first, Il Volo came second and Mahmood was third in the final ranking.

Ultimo won the televoting, Il Volo were second, Loredana Berte came third, Arisa fourth and Simone Cristicchi came 5th. Mahmood reached only the 7th place.

The press jury gave maximum points to Loredana Berte, while Mahmood came second and Daniele Silvestri came third. Ultimo finished 6th and Il Volo 13th.

The expert jury gave maximum points to Mahmood, while Daniele Silvestri finished second and Arisa third. Ultimo was 6th in their ranking and Il Volo 21st!

After the last voting among the three top scorers, Ultimo won the televoting, Il Volo came second and Mahmood third. The expert jury and the press jury gave the victory to Mahmood ranking him first.

Here you can see the full results in more detail.

Ultimo’s reaction during the press conference

Ultimo criticized the journalists during the press conference. When Mahmood entered the hall he didn’t clap and stated that he never took part in the festival just to win, since his victory is the love of the audience. He then congratulated the winner (not calling him by his name) and said that he feels bitter with himself.

Il Volo congratulated both the winner and the runner-up.

Do you like the winning song? Would you have prefered Ultimo or Il Volo’s song instead?

Italy: First impressions of the Sanremo 2019 songs

Italian reporters were given the opportunity to listen to the 24 songs that will take part in the Sanremo Song Festival 2019. Claudio Baglioni stated that he hopes the panel that has chosen the songs did a good job. He also said that he will not sing his classics.

The songs of Sanremo 2019

It seems that most of the reporters liked the song Argentovivo by Daniele Silvestri and Rancore, a song that talks about life in prison through the eyes of a sixteen-year-old. Manuel Angeli is going to accompany them during the night of the duets. The song Rolls Royce by Achille Lauro mentions Elvis, Jimi Hendrix and  Amy Winehouse and is a powerful rock track. Mahmood ‘s song has strong lyrics and mentions the muslim religion.

The songs by Arisa, Anna Tatangelo, Enrico Nigiotti, Ex-Otago, Motta, Negrita and Ultimo are all very original, whereas Francesco Renga, Irama and Nek have powerful strongs. Nek’s song in particular promises to make every viewer get up and dance. Lat but not least, Nino D’Angelo and Livio Core will sing in the neapolitan language.

In contrast, the songs by Simone Cristicchi, Patty Pravo and Briga, Paola Turci, Loredana Berte, Il Volo, Ghemon, Federica Carta and Shade and Einar failed to impress the reporters. Οι Booombadash and Zen Circus received mixed reviews.

The duets of Sanremo 2019

Baglioni has also revelaed some of the duets that we are going to enjoy on February 8 on the stage of Ariston. Nek with Neri Marcorè, Ultimo with Fabrizio Moro, Zen Circus with Brunori Sars, Simone Cristicchi with Ermal Meta, Francesco Renga with Bungaro and the ballet of Eleonora Abbagnato, Daniele Silvestri and Rancore with Manuel Agnelli, BoomDaBash with Rocco Hunt, Anna Tatangelo with Syria, Mahmood with Guè Pequeno, Paola Turci with Beppe Fiorello, Loredana Bertè with Irene Grandi, Enrico Nigiotti with Paolo Jannacci.

The Saremo Song Festival 2019 is going to take place from 5 to 9 February.

Stay tuned in eurovisionfun, because noone knows Sanremo the way we do!

Greece: Nikos Ganos and the meeting with ERT

The soap opera of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 seems to have no end, as yet another has been added to the list of the contenders to represent Greece. More precisely, according to peoplegreece, Nikos Ganos has had a meeting with ERT. Nothing has been confirmed by ERT yet, but it seems that the broadcaster wants to try something different for 2019.

Who Nikos Ganos is

Nikos Ganos (or Nicko) first appeared in 2004 in the tv show Super Idol, where he placed 3rd.

In August 2010 his single Last Summer was a major hit in Greece.

Another known song is Break Me

In 2013 he took part in the tv show Your Face Sounds Familiar.

He has sung both dance songs in english and pop songs on greek. His latest single is a cover of an old Nikos Karvelas‘ hit called To Krevati (The Bed).

Would you like to see Nikos Ganos in the Eurovision Song Contest?