MEDINA with ”In i dimman” won OGAE Second Chance 2022 !

After KEiiNO‘s victory with the song Monument last year, OGAE Norway hosted the OGAE Second Chance contest this year. Surprise winners were MEDINA with In i dimman on behalf of Sweden of course!

The final results were as follows:

The countries that take part in the OGAE Second Chance contest are those who choose their Eurovision entry through national selection shows. OGAE Fan Clubs members choose their country’s entry.

This year’s participants were as follows:

# Flag Country Song Artist
01 Ukraine Girls Roxolana
02 Croatia Moli za nas Marco Bošnjak
03 Sweden In I Dimman MEDINA
04 Poland Lovesick Kuba Szmajkowski
05 Spain Ay Mamá Rigoberta Bandini
06 Israel Blinded dreamers Eli Huli
07 Ireland I’m loving me Rachel Goode
08 Italy Ciao, ciao La Rappresentante di Lista
09 Serbia Muškarčina Sara Jo
10 Finland Ram pam pam Bess
11 Romania One night Gabriel Basco
12 Czechia Jezinky Guidi
13 Portugal Ainda nos tamos SYRO
14 Flag of Earth.svg OGAE ROW Heartless game Christina Ramos
15 Latvia BAD Bermudu divsturis
16 Germany Anxiety Felicia Lu
17 Iceland Turn this around Daughters of Reykjavik
18 Albania Theje Alban Ramosaj
19 Norway Someone Northkid
20 Australia Dreamer Voyager
21 Estonia Champion Anna Sahlene
22 Malta Boy Denise
23 Slovenia Mim pravil Batista Cadillac
24 North Macedonia Superman Viktor Apostolovski
25 Lithuania Not your mother Lolita Zero
26 Denmark Rave med de hårde drenge Fuld Effekt
27 France La nuit Pauline Pauline Chagne

Below you can watch the performances and the voting procedure.

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Romania: TVR insists on the lawsuit regarding national jury’s vote cancellation!

Despite the fact the TVR, the national broadcaster of Romania, confirmed the participation of the country in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in the United Kingdom, the issue of the lawsuit is still lingering.

In particular, the Administration Council decided that it will contact legal firms in Switzerland to assess TVR’s chances in the dispute with the EBU on the issue of the cancellation of the vote of the country’s national jury in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy.

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Source: Eurovoix

Eurovision 2022: The Dress Rehearsal of the Grand Final!

Today took place the first of the two rehearsals of the Grand Final of Eurovision Song Contest 2022. The show begins with John Lennon’s  song Give Peace a Chance, conveying an antiwar message.

At the Opening Act of the Grand Final Laura Pausini performs a medley including “La solitudine” and “Scatola”

Afterwards we see the parade of nations that made it to the final, in the running order that they are going to perform.

Now it’s time to welcome the three presenters on stage! Before the competing part begins, the hosts of the show describe the voting process and show the number where the viewers in each country will have to phone or text, in order to cast their vote.

The 25 Finalists

Czech Republic: We Are Domi – “Lights Off”

The staging is the same as in the previous performances. The lead singer looks cool and relaxed, probably saving energy for the Jury show tonight and for the televised show tomorrow. Vocally she was very good.

Romania: WRS – “Llámame”

WRS gives another catchy performances in this rehearsal. He is very confident, vocally stable and full of energy.

Portugal: Maro – “Saudade, saudade”

Next on stage is Maro from Portugal. She and her back – up singers stand in again in circle, creating the usual atmospheric performance that made them stand out and advance to the final.

Finland: The Rasmus – “Jezebel”

It’s one of the most famous Finnish bands in the world to take the stage. The staging someone could say that is inspired by the famous Stephen King’s novel and move “IT”. Another good rehearsal for Finland.

Switzerland: Marius Bear – “Boys Do Cry”

The fifth performer of the Final. Once again Marius and his ballad create a nostalgic atmosphere that explains why he deserved to be in the final.

France: Alvan and Ahez – “Fulenn”

It’s time for the last year’s runner -up. In a full contrast to what we were used to from France, the staging is full of magical and paganistic/celtic symbols, while the song is performed in Breton and not in the French language, as some of you might think.

Norway: Subwoolfer – “Give That Wolf a Banana” 

Norway preserves the mystical atmosphere, as no one knows who are behind the masks. A good rehearsal for the Nordic nation.

Armenia: Rosa Linn – “Snap”

Probably the most wandering song of the contest. Rosa and her song make you reminiscing emotions and feelings.

After Armenia there is a small break, with a video showing snaps of the two Semi -Finals

Italy: Mahmood and Blanco – “Brividi”

Time for the host nation of this year’s contest. Vocally their performance was better than ever.

Spain: Chanel – “SloMo”

The most explosive performance of the final now on stage.  Despite the fact that it’s a dress rehearsal, Chanel gave it all again, and vocally was very stable during this demanding choreography. A potential televoting winner.

The Netherlands: S10 – “De diepte”

Stien, which is the real name of S10, gives another excellent performance. No changes here as well.

Ukraine: Kalush Orchestra – “Stefania” (Стефанія)

12th on stage is the bookmakers favourite for the trophy. The band gives another good performance. Will they bring the trophy for the third time back to Ukraine? We will find out tomorrow.

Germany: Malik Harris – “Rockstars”

With Germany, begins the ballad streak of this Final. On stage we see different musical instruments and carpets. Malik was very good and stable. No one knows though the luck of of this entry.

Lithuania: Monika Liu – “Sentimentai”

Time for one of the surprises of the Semi – Finals. Monika doesn’t have in this rehearsal her usual hair style, but maintains the early 80s vibes.

Azerbaijan: Nadir Rustamli – “Fade to Black”

Nadir gives another emotional performance. A slightly different hair – style, but in overall, no changes as well.

Belgium: Jérémie Makiese – “Miss You”

Jérémie and his Jamesbondish entry are next. A good rehearsal for Belgium, and a well deserved finalist.

The second brake of the show.

Greece: Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord – “Die Together”

One of the show’s favourites gets on stage. Amanda is ready to convey all the emotions and to captivate the audience, and probably to win the jury show tonight. Her performance was once again exceptional.

Iceland: Systur – “Með hækkandi sól”

Next on stage is the biggest surprise of the Semi – Finals. The Systur band creates a western atmosphere on stage, but will this be enough to finish higher than last year?

Moldova: Zdob și Zdub and Advahov Brothers – “Trenulețul”

Moldova breaks the aforementioned ballad-streak. For the third time the Zdob și Zdub band are loyal to their randez-vous at the Eurovision final. No one knows the luck of their entry among the juries though.

Sweden: Cornelia Jakobs – “Hold Me Closer”

Another favourite on stage. The Swedish delegation faces again problems, in this rehearsal.  After a few minutes, Cornelia begins her performance.  Vocally was good but at some point a little unstable. Possible jury winner.

Australia: Sheldon Riley – “Not the Same”

Time for the biggest nation of Oceanian continent. The most flamboyant entry among the finalists. At some point the sound stopped for seconds. A very dynamic and emotional performance, that could capitvate the juries.

A small brake until the UK staging is ready.

United Kingdom: Sam Ryder – “Space Man”

Sam Ryder is next on stage. With his cosmic staging, the UK is probably ready to take the trophy back home after 1997. An exceptional performance.

Poland: Ochman – “River”

23rd performer is Ochman from Poland. With a more casual outfit for this rehearsal, Ochman’s performance is good and vocally he is on point.

Serbia: Konstrakta – “In corpore sano”

Second to last in the Final is Konstrakta from Serbia. Even though the performance is very simple, the Serbian entry is really captivating. Being the only ex- Yugoslav nation in the final, Serbia is expecting to ddo well in the televoting.

Estonia: Stefan – “Hope”

The last performer of the Final is Stefan from Estonia. The second western atmospheric entry after Iceland, but with better chances for a better result. A very good rehearsal for Estonia

Following the 25 performances, the voting process starts by showing the recap of all the competing songs and their respective voting numbers appear on screen!

Interval Acts

Last year’s winners, Måneskin, get on stage to perform their song “Supermodel”

In the second interval act, the very first Italian winner in Eurovision 1964, Gigliola Cinquetti gets on stage to perform her winning entry “Non ho l’età” 

Another break after the first two interval acts

The last interval act of the show is a medley performed by Mika.

The Results

After the jury results have been announced, Martin Österdahl, the executive producer of Eurovision Song Contest 2022, declares that we now have a valid result!

The winner in the simulating scoreboard was the United Kingdom.

Later today, the Jury Rehearsal is going to take place, in which half of the results are going to be determined.

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Sweden: We could host Eurovision if Ukraine wins!

Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra are the top favourites for the victory in the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday.
But if the war continues, it could be difficult for Kiev or any other cities in the country to held the competition next year. Therefore, Stockholm is now offered as the host city, with the Globe, Avicii Arena, as a possible arena for another Eurovision.

The Finance Mayor’s Council has contacted the Ukrainian ambassador

Stockholm, which is twinned with Kiev, has already offered the Ukrainian capital to help arrange sporting events that can no longer be held in Kiev.

Anna König Jerlmyr, Stockholm’s Finance Mayor, reported:

“This is a way to continue to show our support. We are used to hosting Eurovision and we last did it in 2016. Feeling that this experience was successful, we are happy to volunteer,”


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Source: Aftonbladet

Eurovision 2022: Czech Republic’s Second Rehearsal

The last country to get on stage for their second rehearsal, with delay due to problems during the Swedish rehearsal, is the Czech Republic. Despite their effort, the We Are Domi band, didn’t manage to make an impact on the betting odds. In their first rehearsal, they were dressed in black and gold colours and the stadium was full of lights, giving the impression of being in a big night club.

The Second Rehearsal

The performance starts with a close-up on the DJ’s systems and then on the face of the lead singer, who’s on the floor. On the second round, the close-up is directly on the lead singer. The band wears the same out-fit as in the first rehearsal. Ancient Greek statues appear on the LED screens, that at some point break and the stage floods with flickering lights, giving the impression of a night club. The guitarist plays his custom-made cello-string guitar on stage with a bow.

Vocally the singer was excellent and the whole rehearsal completed with zero problems.

Watch the exclusive clip of the second rehearsal through the cameras:


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The Rasmus: “We asked for more than 15 changes” | Interview

After the conclusion of their second rehearsal, The Rasmus, who represent Finland in this year’s contest, gave an exclusive interview on EurovisionFun and Apostolis Matamis.

Overall, they pointed out that they are satisfied with the outcome of the rehearsal, but they asked for more than 15 changes, in order to optimize their staging.

Moreover they sent their message to the Greek fans of the band and announced that they are going to hold  a concert in Athens on 27th of June, as part of a big rock festival.

Below you can watch the Rasmus interview after their second rehearsal.

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Albania: Changes in Ronela’s choreography?

It seems that it is difficult to have Eurovision without drama! The photos from yesterday’s rehearsal of Albania in the official account of the Eurovision Contest were deleted and replaced by others.

Fans speculate that the reason is a photo that was used as a cover and was considered provocative:

Erdi Tejeci, a member of the Albanian delegation, published the following:

Is something wrong here? The first pictures of Ronela Hajati were deleted from the official page of Eurovision and now they have been republished with cut pictures while she is dancing with Klaudia Pepa and their hands are going down! You are trying to do something that has never happened before in your country and EBU considers it too much for a family show, when we had two women kissing on stage at Eurovision 2013, writing history. I will take this personally!

There are also rumors that EBU asked the Albanian delegation to change the choreography, because it was considered too provocative. (This post has been deleted from Twitter).

Ronela Hajati herself posted this reaction on her Twitter account a little earlier:

The second rehearsal of Albania will take place on Wednesday 4/5 so we will have a better picture of what we will see from Ronela on the stage of the competition and we will see if there are any changes in the choreography.

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OGAE Poll 2022: Results from France!

The announcements of the OGAE Clubs started today, with OGAE France being the first club revealing their results.

The votes of OGAE France members are as follows:

  • 12 points: Italy
  • 10 points: Sweden
  • 08 points: The Netherlands
  • 07 points: United Kingdom
  • 06 points: Poland
  • 05 points: Spain
  • 04 points: Finland
  • 03 points: Norway
  • 02 points: Austria
  • 01 point: Ukraine

As we can see high results got 3 out of 5 bookmakers’ favourites, while the top favourite, Ukraine, got only one point.

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Greece: Amanda in O.A.C.A. for the 50 days until Eurovision 2022!

Today the representative of Greece in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord visited the Nikos Galis Olympic Indoor Hall of OACA sport complex, on the day of the 201st anniversary of the country’s independence.

The reason for her visit in the venue that hosted the only, until today, Eurovision Song Contest of 2006, was to film her own video (as all the representatives of the 40 nations of this year’s contest have done today) for the 50 days countdown until the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy.

Below you can watch the video that was posted on the official account of Eurovision on TikTok

@eurovision Let’s go @Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord! We’re soooo looking forward to seeing you on stage in Turin! 🇬🇷😍🤩 #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision #ESC2022 ♬ original sound – Eurovision

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Eurovision 2022: Mika and Laura Pausini in a duet at the interval act of the Second Semi-Final!

In Eurovision 2022 not only the participants of the 40 nations will have the chance to shine, but also the three hosts Laura Pausini, Mika and Alessandro Cattelan.

In an interview at the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Mika mentioned that he will not just host.

“I will also perform and I am thinking of a provocative performance. It will be a surprise. Eurovision is not just a show, it is like an Expo but concentrated in a few days.”

According to Wiwibloggs two of the three hosts, Laura Pausini and Mika will perform in a duet at the interval act of the Second Semi-Final, while the third host Alessandro Cattelan will have his own moment at the opening act of the very same Semi-Final.

For years Mika has been asked regarding a potential participation at the Eurovision Song Contest. He has cleared out that he holds the show in high esteem, so this is going to be a special moment for him.

“I don’t know, it never happened. But there are some things about Eurovision that I really liked. In England it has always been a sacred evening, first with the family, then in the pub with too many beers.”

Would you like to see Mika taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest in the coming future? Let us know in the comments below.

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