Germany: The Wild Card announcement and further details regarding Unser Lied für Liverpool!

Yesterday during Alles Eurovision show, the Wild Card finalist of the Unser Lied für Liverpool, the show which will determine the next German representative in the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, was announced.

The selection process took place through TikTok and Ikke Hüftgold was the winner of the Wild Card selection with the song “Lied mit gutem Text”. The Wild Card selection included the below artists:

  • Ikke Hüftgold – “Lied mit gutem Text” – 52% – Wildcard
  • From Fall To Spring – “Draw The Line” – 28%
  • JONA – “10/10” – 14%
  • Betül – “Heaven” – 3%
  • Mitchy & André Katawazi,  NashUp – “Summertime” – 2%
  • Leslie Clio- “Free Again” – 1%

After the end of the aforementioned process, the line up of Unser Lied für Liverpool consists of the below artists:

  • Will Church – “Hold On”
  • Patty Gurdy – “Melodies of Hope”
  • TRONG – “Dare to Be Different”
  • Lonely Spring – “Misfit”
  • Anica Russo – “Once Upon a Dream”
  • Lord Of The Lost – “Blood and Glitter”
  • Frida Gold – “Alle Frauen in mir sind müde”
  • René Miller – “Concrete Heart”
  • Ikke Hüftgold – “Lied mit gutem Text”

After the Wild Card announcement NDR revealed more details regarding the voting procedure. After 2019, an international jury is going to determine the 50% of the final result. It is going to consist of 8 countries, five people from each country. The names of the 8 countries of the international jury are yet to be announced.

Additionally, the public, who is going to determine the other 50% of the result, is going to have three voting options: 1) online voting, 2) SMS voting, 3) telephone call. The online voting process is going to open ahead of the live broadcast.

Tickets for Unser Lied für Liverpool are going to be available later today at 20:00 CET here.

Unser Lied für Liverpool is going to take place on the 3rd of March at 22:20 CET in the MMC Studios in Cologne. The host of the show is going to be Barbara Schöneberger and it is going to be broadcast live on Das Erste, ARD Mediathek and

Last year Malik Harris with the song “Rockstars” represented Germany in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Turin but once again they ended up in the last place, 26th with only 6 points.

Who do you think is going to be the next German representative? Let us know your thought in the comments below.

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Source: Eurovoix

Spain: The running order of the Benidorm Fest 2023 Final!

A few minutes ago the Spanish Public Broadcaster RTVE revealed the running order of the artists and their songs who are going to take part in the Grand Final of the Benidorm Fest 2023, tomorrow, Saturday 4th of February.

The running order of the 8 Finalists is as follows:

  1. Karmento – Quiero y duelo
  2. Megara – Arcadia
  3. Alice Wonder – Yo quisiera
  4. Fusa Nocta – Mi familia
  5. Agoney – Quiero arder
  6. Blanca Paloma – Eaea
  7. José Otero – Inviernos en Marte
  8. Vicco – Nochentera

In the Grand Final, as in the two semi-finals, the result will be decided 50% by a jury, 25% by a demoscopic jury and 25% by public vote.

Who do you think will be the winner of the Benidorm Fest 2023 and eventually will represent the Iberian kingdom in the upcoming 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool, in May? Let us know your though in the comments below!

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Norway: The results of the 3rd Semi Final of Melodi Grand Prix!

The third and last Semi-Final of 2023 Melodi Grand Prix, the show that is going to determine the Norwegian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool, took place tonight. 7 more artist gave it all on stage for the three last tickets that lead to the Grand Final on the 4th of February.

The hosts of the show were Arian Engebø and Stian Thorbjørnsen

The 7 contestants of the third semi-final were:

  1. Akuvi – “Triumph”
  2. Tiril – “Break It”
  3. Skrellex – “Love Again”
  4. Eline Thorp – “Not Meant to Be”
  5. Stig van Eijk – “Someday”
  6. Maria Celin – “Freya”
  7. Atle Pettersen – “Masterpiece”

The voting lines opened after all the aforementioned artists had performed. The outcome of every show is solely in the hands of the televoters.

The Norwegian public decided that the three best performances of the third semi final were:

    Eline Thorp – “Not Meant to Be”

     Atle Pettersen – “Masterpiece”

    Skrellex – “Love Again”

The Grand Final is going to take place next Saturday at 19:50 CET! You can watch MGP 2023 by clicking HERE.

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Tiril: It’s all about the song | Interview

Some days before the third semi final of MGP 2023, we had the joy to chat with Tiril from Norway. The singer is competing with the song “Break It” and talked with EurovisionFun’s Paschalis.

She talked about her song and why she decided to participate in MGP.

“Break It” is my entry. It’s written by my two favorite songwriters in Norway, Emma Steinbakken and Emelie Hollow and produced by Benjamin Pinkus and Lars Rosness. I’m also a songwriter, but I haven’t written anything in the song, I just asked to sing it. They liked what they heard and now I’m here and I couldn’t be more happy!
The song is really good and suits me very well.

It’s an amazing oppotunity. I always wanted to be an artist. This is a great way to start my career. I can show myself to the world and meet people who like this kind of music.

She also revealed a few things about her stage performance.

I love the stage show that we’ve put together. It will look very dramatic. It’s all about the song. I wanted it to be about my voice. There’s not going to be a lot of things happening. I’m also going to wear red, my favorite color! I’m super excited about the dress that I’m going to wear.

We asked her opinion about the other MGP contestants.

That’s hard to say. There’s a lot of people I knew and new faces. It’s hard to choose a favorite. I think Ulrikke might be the strongest competitor. She has a lot of fans from before and already won MGP. Her song is amazing this year so I’m scared of her, but also very happy to be in the same competition.

She talked about Eurovision and older entries she likes.

Eurovision is a tradition for me. I love watching it every year. It feels like New Year’s Eve because you get to stay up late and watch so many countries.

I just remember very well Margaret Berger with “Feed you my love”. I loved the song and the stage show. That’s my favorite one. When I was in school I emailed Margaret Berger and told her that I want to be an artist and asked to work with her for a day and I loved it.

My childhood favorite was Lena with “Satellite”. There’s also “Euphoria” which is one of my favorites.

Finally as you can see in the video, she sang a little part of her entry, Break It.

Thank you for your support and love. I appreciate every kind word that I’ve gotten so far. It’s amazing!

Listen to “Break It” by Tiril:

We thank Tiril for her interview and wish her best luck!

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Armenia: Brunette to represent Armenia at ESC 2023?

According to Armenia will be represented by Brunette at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool.

The artist hails from the capital of the country, Yerevan. Although her stage name is ‘Brunette’ – the actual name of hers is Elen Eremyan.  She’s currently one of the most loved Armenian singers. Last year she released three singles which brought her incredible success among Armenians from all over the world. The singer’s latest release “Bac Kapuyt Achqerd” was uploaded 4 months ago, yet it managed to obtain almost 5 million views on Youtube.


Supposedly her song for ESC is in RnB genre and is written mainly by herself. The source also mentions that the Armenian delegation this year unlike any other year will release the competing entry at the end of February.

Previously, the same source revealed that Rosa Linn would represent Armenia last year in February, while she was announced only in the middle of March. 

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BREAKING NEWS : Victor Vernicos’ entry “What They Say” leaked!

The thriller with the Greek representation in Eurovision 2023 continues after the leak of Shout Out by Antonia Kaouris and Maria Maragou, a while ago Victor Vernicos’ What They Say was leaked on Twitter.

It’s about 25 seconds of the song but pretty messed up and not in the best possible quality. It is worth mentioning that the user who uploaded it on Twitter also leaked the demo of Die Together, Amanda’s song, last year.

We remind you that ERT did not cancel Shout Out because of the leak and is expected to do the same now. Any leak at this time is not a breach of EBU regulations.

ERT continues normally with these three songs the process of selecting the Greek participation for Eurovision 2023, with the aim that very soon there will be official announcements about the artist and the song that will represent us in Liverpool.

We remind you that the three songs that precede the combined voting of the public committee and the artistic committee of ERT are the following:

  • Melissa Mantzoukis – Liar
  • Victor Vernicos – What They Say
  • Antonia Kaouris and Maria Maragou – Shout Out

Austria: With a female singer in Eurovision 2023 – Official announcement next week!

The Eurovision Scout of ORF, the national public broadcaster of Austria, Eberhard Forcher posted on his Facebook account today that the official announcement for the representation of Austria at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool, United Kingdom, is going to take place in less than a week.

Eberhard Forcher has been the Eurovision Scout of ORF since 2016 and thanks to him the central European nation was represented in the Contest by Nathan Trent, César Sampson and LUM!X.

Aside from the fact that the representative is going to be a woman, Eberhard Forcher mentioned that what Austria is up to, is something unprecedented while he also pointed out the vocal skills of the singer.

Last year Austria was represented in Turin by Pia Maria & LUM!X with the song Halo. They unfortunately didn’t manage to qualify to the Grand Final as they ended up in the 15th place of the First Semi-Final.

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Source: escxtra

Norway: The results of the 2nd Semi Final of Melodi Grand Prix!

The second Semi-Final of the 2023 Melodi Grand Prix took place tonight, the selection show that is going to determine the representative of Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. 7 artists again fought for the three tickets that lead to the Grand Final on the 4th of February.

The hosts of the show were Arian Engebø and Stian Thorbjørnsen

The 7 contestants of the second semi-final were:

  1. JONE — “Ekko inni meg” (Echo in me)
  2. Sandra Lyng — “Drøm d bort” (Dream it away)
  3. Alejandro Fuentes — “Fuego” 
  4. Swing’it — “Prohibition”
  5. Elsie Bay — “Love you in a dream”
  6. Ella — “Waist”
  7. Bjørn Olav Edvardsen — “Turn Off My Heart”

The voting lines opened after all the aforementioned artists had performed. The outcome of every show is solely in the hands of the televoters.

The Norwegian public decided that the three best performances of the second semi final were:

   Swing’it — “Prohibition”

   JONE — “Ekko inni meg” (Echo in me)

   Elsie Bay — “Love you in a dream”

The next heat will take place next Saturday at 19:50 CET! You can watch MGP 2023 by clicking HERE.

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Bedwetters – Big changes to our show in the Final! | Exclusive Interview

Right after their qualification to the final of Eesti Laul, the Estonian national final for Eurovision, Rauno Kutti of the Bedwetters gave an exclusive interview to EurovisionFun‘s Paschalis.

Bedwetters are an estonian band that will try to represent Estonia at Eurovision 2023 with their song “Monsters“.

Some things about the band

We started with the band when we were 15 or something. We were just some rock and roll emo punk rock guys who wanted to do shows. Within a few years the band grew very popular and we entered some local competitions. MTV Estonia saw us performing and winning some local awards and thought that this band was going to be big. Later on we won the MTV Award and things blew up for us. It was a very interesting time. We made an album in Sweden. We kind of broke up as we separted as we grew older, and each one of us proceeded. Joosep, our singer is a very well known producer in electronic music. Everyone of us has their family and kids, but we realized that this creative side of our life was missing. We then joined together and we have recorded our new album.

Eesti Laul and Eurovision was a nice way to reintroduce ourselves. Soon enough we will have a few songs coming out. It’s really nice to see that people like our new music. It’s pretty exciting.

Eesti Laul is the biggest competition in Estonia and has a very large media attention. We had the opportunity to promote our new album and music.

About the song “Monsters”

Monsters has been ready for almost half a year now. We thought that Eesti Laul was a great platform for this song. We knew that the song would work in any other genre, so it was the right song to enter the competition. We thought on how to make it exciting for everyone. We created something different, but that people would be able to recognize.

The lyrics are not about a dog and its owner. Everyone has some sides that we want to hide, there are monsters inside every one of us. Sometimes we want to hide them away, but sometimes they come out and cause whatever the monsters are doing. It’s about dark feelings in ourselves that we want to hide away.

About their appearance

The name of the song is a playful way to go. Bedwetters has never been a costume band, we dress up differently according to the mood. We went to do something crazy to spark the interest of people. We used ourselves as much as possible to play around with people’s reactions. The idea came from the song itself. We got eight of the best makeup artists to work with us. It was three hours of makeup for each person! We had to wear these masks for many hours.

The show will not be the same in the final! We are going to have a meeting with our producers and we have some more ideas to put on stage. Some of our original ideas couldn’t make it, but hopefully we can bring them up for the final.

Other Eesti Laul songs that they liked

Ollie’s song is really strong and we’ve been monitoring what’s going on in the media. Ollie’s song and our song are trending in the viral and daily top 50 songs. Ollie is definitely a very good contender. We also liked the song of Kaw. In the second semi final there were lots of ballads. We are emphasizing the show side. We also really like Meelik and have a good time in the backstage. It’s a treat for us.

Estonian Eurovision entries from the past that they liked

Obviously Tanel Padar & Dave Benton, which was a huge hit by winning the contest. There’s always a bit of talk about Leto Svet. I don’t know how that happened, but it did. I think the reason is because the guys are known for decades in Estonia. I also remember Ines with a really nice song. Ivo Linna & Maarja-Liis with Kaelakee hääl is also legendary and everybody knows it.

Other Eurovision entries from the past that they liked

I really love Ukraine’s song from last year. I like to compare ourselves with them. I love the national heritage behind the music, which is great. I also remember Germany, a girl who was singing a country tune. I can also remember Netta from recent times, who was very creative with her lyrics and she was spot-on. She was loved and hated at the same time, but I think she was amazing.

Eurovision is a huge thing in Estonia. My wife and I were in France some years ago when Eurovision was going on and there weren’t any cafes or restaurants that showed it. My family and I have always watched Eesti Laul and Eurovision and it’s very tied to the Estonian tradition.

Their message to the readers and viewers of Eurovisionfun

Thank you for putting so much attention to Bedwetters. We are coming out with a new album really soon after the final! Tune in to Bedwetters, come to our concerts, listen to our music and talk with us! When we make it to the Eurovision we are going to put on a great show!

Watch the interview with Rauno from Bedwetters here:

Watch the live performance of “Monsters”:

We would like to thank Rauno and wish him luck in his Eurovision journey that has just begun!

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BREAKING NEWS: The Israeli song for Eurovision 2023 has been chosen! | Noa Kirel will sing “Unicorn” in Liverpool!

A few moments earlier the Israeli public broadcaster KAN revealed through their official Twitter account that the song which Noa Kirel is going to perform in Liverpool in May for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 has the title “Unicorn”

A few days ago the Israeli representative had revealed the final decision would be made between two songs that she and her team had prepared for the European song contest. (read more here)

The chosen song “Unicorn” was written by Noa Kirel herself and Doron Medley, the producer of song “Toy” that brought to Israel the third and most recent victory in Eurovision, in 2018 in Lisbon. The composition team also includes May Sepadia and the the very famous DJ Yinon Yahel Emonim.

The song talks about the women empowerment and most of the lyrics are written in English with a few words in Hebrew as well.

Noa Kirel herself said that:

“I’m very excited about our song choice.. the choice marks the first significant step towards Eurovision in May. We wrote a song which personally moves me every time I sing it or listen to it, and I can’t wait until you get to listen to the song”

The 2023 Eurovision entry for Israel is expected to be published in March and is about to get through some more adjustements.

Last year Israel was represented in Eurovision 2022 of Turin by Michael Ben David and his song I.M. which failed to qualify from the Second Semi-Final.

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