Euro Jury 2023: Sweden is the big winner!

For the 10th consecutive year, Euro Jury voting is here and includes former Eurostars ranking Eurovision 2023 entries.

The juries’ voting constitutes only the 50% of the final results, with the rest determined from an online vote.

After the jury votes from 43 countries, the results were the following:

Jury’s Top 5:

  1. Sweden – 354 points
  2. France – 237 points
  3. Italy – 186 points
  4. United Kingdom – 124 points
  5. Norway – 117 points

The results of the online vote were the following:

Online voting Top 5:

  1. Finland – 214 points
  2. Austria – 206 points
  3. Sweden – 205 points
  4. France – 165 points
  5. Spain – 145 points

Here are the final results after combining the jury and online vote:

Loreen with Tattoo representing Sweden is crowned as the winner, after topping with a great landslide the Jury vote and being 3rd on the online vote, only 9 points behind Käärijä.

This is the rest of the Top 5:

  • France with La Zarra and Evidemment(402 points)
  • Finland with Käärijä and Cha Cha Cha(307 points)
  • Austria with Teya & Salena and Who The Hell is Edgar(288 βαθμοί)
  • and Italy with Marco Mengoni and Due Vite(270 βαθμοί)

Except Euro Jury, Loreen has also won OGAE Poll 2023 for the 2nd time after being crowned as a winner back in 2012. In fact, Sweden has been topping OGAE Poll and Euro Jury for 2 consecutive years, having won both polls last year with Cornelia Jakobs and Hold Me Closer.

Will Loreen manage to repeat her success in Liverpool and win Eurovision for the 2nd time? We will soon find out!


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