Albania: Listen to “Fall From The Sky”, the final version of the Albanian entry

Following her victory at FiK58, Arilena Ara recorded the final version of the country’s participation, “Shaj”, in one of the world’s most popular studios.

As she stated herself, she is preparing for the semifinal night, and singing from the air that night.The final version of the song is highly radio without losing the identity that the song originally had.

Shortly afterwards, the title of the final version was released, with Arilena finally interpreting “Fall From The Sky”, the English version of “Shaj”.

Earlier, “Fall From The Sky” was officially released through the official YouTube channel of the contest.

Listen to the official revamp below:

Who is Arilena Ara?

Arilena Ara became known for her “Little Genius” children’s song contest, where she took third place. She later participated in the second edition of the musical competition, “The X-Factor”, for the 2012-2013 season. From the first moment she impressed audiences and committee, with Arilena finally able to crown a big show winner.

From that moment on, her career began. One success succeeded the other with its reputation spreading to other countries, such as Romania and Russia, where the song by Subtori won the charts. In addition, Nentori has also been released in Greece by 314 Records and has been a huge success as it topped the Greek Shazam chart. Finally, she is one of the three judges in the television music contest “The Voice Kids Albania”.

It is worth noting that the song that she will perform at Eurovision 2020 is signed by the same creators as “Proud” of Tamara, who represented Northern Macedonia, earning the jury rating of Eurovision 2019.

Albania at the Eurovision Contest

In 2020 we will have Albania’s 17th entry in the competition, which debuted in 2004, with Anjeza Shahini and “The Image Of You”, which reached seventh place! RTSH showed interest in the Eurovision song contest in 2003. However, three more countries made their debut that year, and Albania was unable to compete. In the following years it managed to qualify seven times in the final and many more in the semifinals.

The best he won was 2012 with Rona Nishliu and “Suus”. The last two years it has managed to qualify for the final and obviously wants to continue her series.

In Tel Aviv, Albania was represented by Jonida Maliqi with “Ktheju Land”, after winning the FiK 57 first! She managed to score 90 points and finish 17th in the final!

Albania: Elvana Gjata and “Me tana” sweeps on YouTube trends in Europe

With the air of the favorite it looks like Elvana Gjata will be competing at the 2019 Festivali i Këngës 2019 with “Me Tana”, the song to compete with, having already surpassed 900,000 views on YouTube and it is only a matter of hours before it reaches 1,000 .000.

The song as it is reasonable and the number of views has not only made sense in Albania. In fact, ethnic-pop “Me tana” is currently at # 28 on Greek YouTube trends with a steady rise since it was at # 37 just hours ago.

The song is also featured at # 9 in Trends in Northern Macedonia, at # 23 in Switzerland, at # 44 in Germany while at # 35 in Turkey.

Second in the “battle” of the projections is Arilena Ara’s “Shaj” ballad with about 600,000 fewer views than Elvana while third is Kanita and “Ankth” with about 110,000 views.

Will Elvana Gjata be Albania’s spokesperson in Rotterdam, The Netherlands?

The two FiK semifinals will take place on December 19th and 20th, while the Grand Final, where we will also learn Albania’s 17th representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, will take place on December 22nd. Alketa Vejsiu will be the host of the Festivali i Kenges 58.