Germany: Ben Dolic declines a new entry in Eurovision!

Ben Dolic, the representative of Germany in Eurovision 2020, posted a statement about Eurovision Song Contest, on his personal Twitter account.

After the cancellation of the 2020 contest, Ben Dolic was one of the few “unlucky” contestants to not be selected, to represent their countries once again in 2021. Since then, many fans want him to return with a new song and finally perform on the Eurovision stage.

His post isn’t that positive on a new participation in the contest, saying that he has now taken a different turn in his career:

This is what Ben Dolic posted:

“Competing in the Eurovision Song Contest was something I had always dreamed of and I am so incredibly grateful for my experience representing Germany in 2020 with ‘Violent Thing’. The ESC community has always been so supportive and although the competition didn’t fully go ahead, I feel that my experience fulfilled my wishes and I look back on my time with fond memories.

Since 2020, I have been establishing my sound and don’t feel that the direction I am moving in is a suitable fit for Eurovision. I want to prioritise myself and my career and I am working on releasing more music as an independent artist. I do not want to completely rule out competing or submitting an entry in the future, as I never know how my sound will change in the long term, but I do want to be respected as an artist in my own right and release music that aligns with my direction.

I am grateful for the Eurofans who have stuck by me since my debut single release and hope I can continue to have their support with future releases, void of rumours or pressure about returning to the competition.”

Ben Dolic was internally selected to represent Germanby in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 with the song “Violent Thing”:

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Armenia: “Great news soon”, said the head of the delegation!

Armenian head of delegation, David Tserunyan, noted a possible return of the country to the next Eurovision Song Contest and most probably Junior Eurovision too, in 2022, after their withdrawal this year.

David Tserunyan, who is also an elected member of the Reference Group, took part in the group’s first meeting with RAI lately. The Italian broadcaster, has already started setting up the forecoming contest of 2022.

Publishing the photo from the conference of the Reference Group, Tserunyan expressed his gratitude for his reelection and concluded that soon we will have some wonderful news, sparking hopes for the return of Armenia to the contest.

Armenian prime minister got a vote of confidence, not more than two days ago, which is a first step towards the recovery of the country, after their conflicts with Azerbaijan with regards to Artsakh.

We really hope that Armenia makes a return in 2022, along with other numerous withdrawn countries!

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Israel: With Eden Alene at Eurovision 2021

Following the official cancellation of this year’s contest in Rotterdam, many countries are already in a hurry to give their anchor for 2021 early this year.

Ten countries have already made that decision, including this year’s organizer The Netherlands and Greece, so they want to give their artists the chance to finally be on the scene one year later.

Israel is on the list of those countries today. The country’s public broadcaster, KAN, announced recently that due to the spread of the killer virus in Europe, this year’s country’s representative , Eden Alene, will represent Israel at the competition next year.

“We will win. This time, the song will be even better”, as she stated herself.

Eden Alene was informed of the cancellation of the airing contest she was invited to and could not hold back her tears as you can see in the video below.

Russia: Little Big “Uno” on YouTube Trends in Many European Countries

The popular Little Big band will be Russia’s representatives at the 65th Eurovision Contest. They will sing on the stage in Rotterdam the bubblegum-pop “Uno”.

The song was released alongside the video clip a few hours ago and has already surpassed 12 million views! Obviously, the majority of the projections come from Russia itself as it is a country with a population of over 145 million – as is the case with Russian participation each year – and yet another factor in their impressive views of participation is the fact that the clip was released live on the official Eurovision YouTube channel and not on their own.

However, “Uno” has already caused a sensation outside of Russia! The clip has entered YouTube trends in a number of European countries including Ukraine, France and Germany.

In detail, yesterday 13/3 “Uno” was found in the following countries trends:
# 1 Russia, Estonia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine

# 8 Germany

# 11 Israel

# 16 Finland

# 17 Austria, France

# 19 United Kingdom

# 21 Spain

# 23 Czech Republic

# 29 Norway

# 37 Poland

# 45 Denmark

At the same time Russia is in the 5th place in the box office victory show while the band invites fans everywhere to follow the #unovisionchallenge in the app of Tik Tok!



EBU: The announcement for the coronavirus and Eurovision 2020

EBU released an announcement a few minutes ago about the progress on Eurovision 2020 procedures! As is typically stated in the announcement, the work by the organizers continues as normal.

The EBU closely monitors the course of the coronavirus as well as the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization and local authorities. Therefore, the EBU and NOS-AVROTROS-NPO are working closely together at this time. The goal of all parties is to explore possible scenarios for Eurovision 2020!

However, with 2 months to 3 live shows and a rapidly changing situation in both the Netherlands and the countries of the participating broadcasters, it is still too early to make any final decisions.

As one can see, we are in the final line of developments with regard to this year’s Eurovision. Everything is fluid and will largely depend on how the virus spreads. The fact that almost all major events in Europe are on a deferred course is clearly a negative sign.

Israel: Eden Alene will not travel to the Netherlands for postcard filming

Under the shadow of the coronavirus, today’s annual meeting of the Heads of Delegations participating in the 65th Eurovision Song Contest is taking place in Rotterdam.

The coronavirus is increasingly “touching” the preparations  for 65th Eurovision. The Israeli delegation during the meeting informed that the country’s envoy would not travel to the Netherlands to shoot the postcard. Cause, of course, the COVID-19 surge. So there is a big headache about Israel’s postcard. It is possible to either change the project in general or create a postcard without the physical presence of Eden Alene!

During the meeting each country has a representative who is informed about the upcoming Eurovision. The meeting also marks the official deadline for submitting each country’s participation.

Eurovision 2020: Today the Heads of Delegations meeting to be held in Rotterdam

In the shadow of the coronavirus, today’s annual meeting of the Heads of Delegations participating in the 65th Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Rotterdam. Greece, like other countries, will not attend, but will participate in the meeting online.

For the first time in its history, the contest  is so threatened

For the first time in many years the scenario is being planned for the Eurovision Song Contest not to be held on its scheduled date. The outbreak of coronavirus, which is increasing in all countries of Europe  we would say is a rate, has forced many governments to take action. in order to limit the spread of the virus.

Among these measures are the cancellation or closed doors of the organization of mass events, where there is a large concentration of people. A recent example of this was the DMGP 2020 in Denmark, which, although it was normal, did so without spectators.

Absences at the meeting

We are therefore keen to await the Heads of Delegations  present in Rotterdam today and any announcements / decisions regarding the possible impact of the coronavirus on the smooth running of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest on 12, 14 and 16 May in Rotterdam .

We remind you that apart from the Greek Head of Delegation which will be  absent, the Head of Delegation of Sweden, Finland and Israel have announced their absent as well.. At the EBU headquarters in Geneva, Jon Ola Sand and other ] executives will attend the meeting, as a case of a coronavirus identified as an employee of the organization has quarantined all employees.

We are anxiously awaiting the announcements of today’s meeting, which will of course be the official submission of the 41 EBU entries for this year’s contest.

Elisa is going to Rotterdam for Portugal

After Salvador Sobral, Cláudia Pascoal and Conan Osíris had winning the last three years of the renewed edition of Festival da Canção, the city of Elvas hosted the 2020’s Portuguese national final Saturday evening, presenting the eight finalists coming from the two previous semifinals.
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North Macedonia: Listen to “You”,Vasil’s song for Eurovision 2020

Since January 15th, the public broadcaster of North Macedonia had informed us that Vasil Gargaliev will represent the country at the 65th Eurovision Contest!

This is the fifth consecutive year that Northern Macedonia chooses to participate by direct assignment. Vasil is familiar with the Contest since they were on Tamara Todevska’s vocal team last year.

Vasil’s song is titled “You” and is a creation by both Nevenska and Kalina Neshkoska and Alice Shrader.

Who is Vasil Garganliev


Vasil Garganliev began his musical journey at the age of 7, playing at one of the most popular children’s festivals in Northern Macedonia. Shortly thereafter, he moved with his family to the United States, where he continued his career as a soloist at the Chicago Children’s Choir.

He has given many recitals at music festivals around the world and has collaborated with some of the most renowned artists. The motto of Vasil’s life is simple: whenever words fail, sing.

Since returning to Northern Macedonia in 2018, Vasil has released 3 very successful singles: Gjerdan, Patuvam and Mojata Ulic. His first personal concert in his hometown in November 2019 was sold out.

Portugal: Tonight’s grand final of the Festival da Canção 2020

Tonight  the grand final of the Festival da Canção 2020, the process by which Portugal will choose to participate in the 65th Eurovision Contest will take place.

Unlike the semifinals that took place in the country’s capital, Lisbon, the final will take place in Elba. There, we will be welcomed by the hosts of the evening Filomena Cautela (one of the four Eurovision 2018 presenters) and Vasco Palmeirim.


The candidate songs

Eight artists will contest the country’s representation at Eurovision.

  1. Filipe Sambado“Gerbera amarela do Sul”
  2. Jimmy P“Abensonhado”
  3. Tomás Luzia“Mais real que o amor”
  4. Elisa Rodrigues“Não voltes mais”
  5. Throes + The Shine“Movimento”
  6. Kady“Diz só”
  7. Elisa“Medo de sentir”
  8. Bárbara Tinoco“Passe-Partout”

How will the winner emerge?
The result will be determined by 50% by a special jury and the remaining 50% by the Portuguese public. The jury will not be the same as the semifinal round. Each geographical area of ​​Portugal will have its own committee which will announce its results at the end of the night.

Bárbara Tinoco will compete with the air of the victory favorite, as “Passe-Partout” is being discussed since the song’s release in January.

The grand final of Festival da Canção 2020 will take place at 22:00 CETY time  and you can watch it through the Portuguese Public Television website by clicking HERE.