Sweden: Melodifestivalen to be held normally in 2021

Brainstorm on developments…. By tweeting on its official Twitter account, Melodifestivalen announced that it would run smoothly in 2021. This means that the choice of Swedish participation for 2021 will once again be based on this format. Thus, The Mamas will not be able to represent their country at the Rotterdam competition. Nevertheless, it is not excluded that they will participate in Melodifestivalen 2021 claiming their sects!

As Christer Björkman, Head of the Swedish Delegation, said in his statements:

“It is a very unfortunate situation for all artists. I feel really bad for all the artists and especially for the Mamas, who will not be given the opportunity to sing on the Eurovision stage. It is also very unfortunate that a 64-year-old tradition will break”

So the winner of Melodifestivalen 2021 is expected to represent Sweden at next year’s Eurovision contest!

Below you can remember the song “Move” with which The Mamas were to compete in Rotterdam in May!

Sweden: Tonight the Big Melodifestivalen 2020 Final

After four semifinal rounds and a second chance round, tonight’s big Melodifestivalen 2020 final is taking place! Twelve entries will claim the gold ticket for the Eurovision stage in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The show will take place at the “Friends Arena” in Stockholm with presenters of the big night: Lina Hedlund, Linnea Henriksson and David Sundin.


The entries of the final:

  1. Victor Crone – “Troubled Waters”
  2. Paul Rey – “Talking in My Sleep”
  3. The Mamas – “Move”
  4. Mohombi – Winners”
  5. Hanna Ferm – “Brave”
  6. Mendez ft. Alvaro Estrella – “Vamos amigos”
  7. Dotter – “Bulletproof”
  8. Robin Bengtsson – “Take a Chance”
  9. Mariette – “Shout It Out”
  10. Felix Sandman – “Boys With Emotions”
  11. Anna Bergendahl – “Kingdom Come”
  12. Anis Dos Demina – “Vem e som oss”

The result will be determined by 50% by the international jury and 50% by the television audience. A last-minute change in the way the results were presented yesterday was announced. Read more HERE.

The big final of Melodifestivalen 2020 will take place tonight at 20:00 CET time and you can watch it from the official Swedish TV website by clicking HERE.

The bets just before the Melodifestivalen 2020 final

The 12 finalists rehearse intensively before their final appearance tonight at the Friends Arena in Stockholm. Dotter remains the big favorite for the win, with the contestants still being strong and calculating opponents.Dotter remains Bulletproof’s top favorite for nearly two weeks now, which has the most views on YouTube. In second place, with ever-decreasing returns are The Mamas. Third is Anna Bergendahl with “Kingdom Come”, fourth is Hanna Ferm with “Brave”, and fifth is Anis don Demina, who won the crowd yesterday.