Ilias Kozas: “Last year I was in talks about a Eurovision return – This year I sent three songs to ERT”

Ilias Kozas confirmed what was written during last year’s Eurovision Song Contest about RIK’s proposal in his person for the representation of Cyprus in Eurovision 2021. The experienced singer referred, also, to all three songs he submitted to ERT in view of the internal selection for Eurovision 2022.

The 37-year-old singer was in contact with RIK last year, discussing his return to the competition as a solo artist and without his band, the Koza Mostra. Kozas together with his band and Agathon in 2013 brought Greece for the last time in the top 10 of the final ranking, with the song of Alcohol Is Free, until last May and the 10th place of Stefania.

In an interview on Katerina Karavatou’s show on Mega, he spoke about RIK’s approach, his desire to try out a solo career and his effort this year:

In general, with all the quarantine and everything we experience, I cleared my mind and began to expand on other sounds. I decided to do something solo. On this solo that has nothing to do with KOZA MOSTRA, I said why not?

A proposal was made to me last year but I was hesitant. I did not feel like going again and in the middle of covid. For those who have experienced it, Eurovision is a party. It is a pity to go and have quarantines, masks, vaccines.

I submitted three songs that were ready in advance, I did not write them for Eurovision, and they were not written exclusively for Eurovision.

We remind you that Ilias Kozas is one of the candidates to represent Greece at Eurovision 2022 next May in Turin.

It comes out as a surprise the fact that Ilias Kozas has submitted three songs, all of them with English lyrics and not with Greek. His proposed entries are of rock style, a genre he has served in his recent work both as solo artist and together with Koza Mostra band.

Cyprus: The new Eurovision season is about to begin | Vote for the artist you want to see in Rotterdam!

The well-known Eurovision Season officially starts on September 1st. Greece may have already chosen to send Stefania at Eurovision 2021, but things in Cyprus are still fluid.

On June 1, RIK confirmed with a simple announcement, that Sandro will not represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2021. Aphrodite’s Island will be represented by a well-known artist in Greece and Cyprus or by a Cypriot origin singer.

RIK’s decision not to be represented at Eurovision 2021 by Sandro, who was selected for this year ‘s canceled competition, made all the Greek and Cypriot artists who wish to participate in Eurovision, turning their eyes to Cyprus.

According to many local reports, a lot of well or less established artists, expressed their desire, the previous months, to represent Cyprus in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Let’s take a look at them:

Ivi Adamou

She represented Cyprus in Eurovision Song Contest 2012, with La la love. She achieved a 16th place, but her song was a huge hit in both Greece and Cyprus. Her name was among the favourites to represent the island last year too, but the fact she had just given birth, prevented her from saying yes.

Vangelis Kakouriotis

A lot of eurofans would love to see him on Eurovision stage. His name has been rumoured for Eurovision the last three years. Last year in MAD VMA he even sang with Luca Hanni!

Ian Stratis

One more singer that was among those who were candidates to represent Cyprus last year. He was too close, but RIK finally choose Sandro.

Giorgos Papadopoulos

Giorgos Papadopoulos revealed in EurovisionFun that would represent his country in Eurovision, but most probably as a composer and not as a singer.

Charis Savva

Charris Savva represented Cyprus in Junior Eurovision 2008. She is 22 years old now, making her first music steps in the Greek music industry.

Despina Savva

She is only 15 years old but she managed to impress all the judges in The Voice of Australia that took part.

Katerina Stikoudi

With a big career in TV and music, Katerina is one of the hottest names this year for representing Cyprus in the next contest,

Elena Tsagkrinou

Elena was one of the artists that were rumoured back in 2019 for Greece. She is ready now to represent Cyprus as she said in a recent interview.

Melina Makri

Melina became famous through her participation in the group Vegas. She now has her solo career.

Leea Nanos

Leea lives in Australia but from Greek origin. In 2019 she took part in the Australian national final.

Iasonas Mandilas

One more young artist who expresses his wish to represent Cyprus in Eurovision so strongly.

Loukas Yiorkas

Loukas represented Greece in Eurovision 2011, achieving a respectful seventh place. He said that he would take part again in the contest, with a song simillar to his previous one.

Marilena Animando

One of the fresh names in the Greek pop music scene.

Malou Kiriakopoulou

Malou became famous after her participation in Greek Idol. This year it’s the first time she expressed her interesting for the contest.

Konnie Metaxa & Tasos Xiarcho

They won Just the Two of US, some months ago.

Irini Papadopoulou

Irini tried to represent Greece this year with a song composed by Doron Meladie.


Maybe the most famous Greek band the last years. They participated in the Greek national final for Eurovision 2010.

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