Eurovision 2022: Latvia’s First Rehearsal!

The first day of rehearsals continues with the Latvian group Citi Zēni entering the stage of PalaOlimpico for their first technical rehearsal with the song “Eat Your Salad“.

Everything about Citi Zēni:

Citi Zēni are an award-winning, 6-piece band from Riga, who were formed at the beginning of 2020. The self-proclaimed ‘Princes of Rap’ and ‘Divas of 21st Century Pop’ are just as well known for their energetic performances and eccentric style as they are for their cheeky lyrics. The band released their debut album, Suņi Iziet Ielās, to much critical acclaim and have already started work on the follow-up album, planning to release a second single from it shortly after the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest has taken place.

The eco-friendly sextet is made up of Jānis on vocals, Dagnis who contributes vocals and saxophone, Reinis on keyboards, Krišjānis playing guitar, Roberts giving us bass, and Toms on drums.

The Rehearsal

Citi Zēni are on stage in their brightly coloured suits – like kids TV presenters, but make it fashion. Even the guy in yellow on drums looks stylish, and that’s a tough look to carry off. It’s also our first on-stage band of the competition (but definitely not the last) – it served Måneskin well last year, but that was a slightly different vibe.They graphic backdrop is heavily fruit-based with a lot of colours, and we are in no doubt that being green is both hot and cool!

A few sound issues for Latvia too on their second run, but that’s what first rehearsals are for. Sound aside, as a visual spectacle this performance looks amazing on a big stage.

Below you can watch a small clip from Latvia’s first rehearsal from Tik Tok:

@eurovision They’re hot, they’re cool, they’re @Citi Zēni! 🇱🇻🥗 #eurovision2022 #eurovisiontiktok #eurovision ♬ original sound – Eurovision




The second rehearsal of Latvia will take place on Wednesday 4/5 so we will have a better picture of what we will see from Citi Zēni on the stage of the competition.


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Latvia: The running order of the Supernova 2022 final has been revealed!

Three days after the semifinals of Supernova 2022 took place, LTV revealded the running order of the upcoming Latvian national final to be held on Saturday.

Ten songs qualified for the grand final of Supernova 2022 last Saturday and one of them will represent the Baltic country at Eurovision 2022. These songs, as they will appear in order of appearance, are:

  1. Raum – “Plans
  2. Linda Rušeniece – “Pay My Own Bills
  3. Bermudu Divstūris – “Bad
  4. Miks Galvanovskis – “I’m Just a Sinner
  5. Bujāns – “He, She, You & Me
  6. Elīna Gluzunova – “Es pabiju tur
  7. Citi Zēni – “Eat Your Salad
  8. Inspo – “A Happy Place
  9. Mēs Jūs Mīlam – “Rich Itch
  10. Aminata – “I’m Letting You Go

LTV also announced that The Roop and Uku Suviste will appear in the Supernova 2022 final. The selection of Lithuania’s and Estonia’s last year representatives at Eurovision 2021 as guests is made semiotically, as on Saturday all the Baltic countries choose their representatives at Eurovision 2022.

At the same time, as the heads of the Latvian radio and television characteristically clarified, the viewers will have the right to vote as many times as they want the songs of their choice. We remind you that the final result will be judged by 50% by the preference of the Latvian viewers and by 50% by the preference of the jury that will be composed of native and non-native professionals of the music industry.

The grand final of Supernova 2022 will be held on Saturday at 21:05 and will last two hours. You can watch it through the frequency of LTV1, by clicking HERE.

Source: ESCBubble

Latvia: Supernova semi-final tonight!

The time has come for Latvia to choose its participant in Eurovision 2022. The semifinal of Supernova 2022, the process of nominating the representative of the Baltic country in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, is taking place today.

The participants

Seventeen songs will compete in tonight’s first semifinal of Supernova, ten of which will advance to next Saturday’s grand final.

The final result will be based on the vote of the public and the jury, with the latter having the right to give a wildcard to one of the seven artists who will not qualify, in order to participate in the grand final on February 12.

The participants of tonight’s semifinal are:

  1. Citi Zēni – “Eat Your Salad
  2. Miks Dukurs – “First Love
  3. Linda Rušeniece – “Pay My Own Bills
  4. Elīna Gluzunova – “Es pabiju tur
  5. Raum – “Plans
  6. Patriks Peterson – “Can’t Get You Outta My Head
  7. Mēs Jūs Mīlam – “Rich Itch
  8. Katō – “Promises
  9. Miks Galvanovskis – “I’m Just a Sinner
  10. Markus Riva – “If You’re Gonna Love Me
  11. The Coco’nuts – “In and Out of the Dark
  12. Aminata – “I’m Letting You Go
  13. Bermudu Divstūris – “Bad
  14. Beatrise Heislere – “On the Way Home
  15. Zelma – “How
  16. Bujāns – “He, She, You & Me
  17. Inspo – “A Happy Place

Presenters of Supenova 2022 will be Katie Schönberg and Lauris Reiniks.

The semifinal of Supernova 2022 starts at 20:05 CET and will last two hours. You can watch it through on LTV1, by clicking HERE.

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Latvia: The final version of her song is not ready, says Aminata!

Yesterday the 16 songs competing in Supernova 2022Latvia’s national final, got published. Among the candidates, the one that made a difference was Aminata Savadogo, who took part in Eurovision 2015 with “Love Injected” and gave Latvia the 2nd place from the juries and 6th place in total.

This year, she is competing in her country’s national final with the ballad “I’m Letting You Go”. However, according to a recent post on the Latvian singer’s social media, the version of the song that the public was able to listen to yesterday, is nothing but a demo, while the final version is going to be released soon.


Δείτε αυτή τη δημοσίευση στο Instagram.


Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη AMINATA (@aminata_savadogo)

Aminata’s competing song, “I’m Letting You Go” :

Listen to the rest of the competing songs of Supernova 2022 here.

It’s worth saying that, according to an announcement made by Latvia’s public television, among the 16 competing songs, an additional song will be added, raising the total number of competing songs to 17. The additional song will be selected through an online voting which will take place between 10 and 14 of January.

Do you think that Aminata will win again or do you  prefer another song from Supernova 2022? Write in the comments down below!

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