Brunette: “I’m putting a message up for those who struggle with mental health, in my song!” | Exclusive Interview

Brunette, the Armenian representative of Eurovision 2023 spoke exclusively at Eurovisionfun and Apostolis Matamis, all the way from LiverpoolUK in the heart of this year’s contest!

The interview took place at M&S Bank Arena, home of all the shows of this year and Brunette was really enthusiastic about what was going on there and expressed this from the very beginning of our interview with her:

“I’m doing great! I’m enjoying the performance, the city, the people, everything is great.”

We asked her about what was her inspiration to write “Future Lover” and she let us know that this song is all about panic attacks:

“I’m trying to put a message up for all those who struggle with mental health, as I used to struggle myself. That message is to be kind always and to treat yourself good, not only the others. That’s really important to me!”

But how did they decide to have an Armenian part into the song? Brunette let us know:

“My biggest wish was to put Armenian part into the song, when we were writing it, we really felt the energy that we needed to write in Armenian, so we did that!”

She felt so nice when she performed on stage and she added:

“When I got up on stage, that was a really magical moment for me! I was not so nervous.”

All her rehearsals up to now went smoothly! Maybe we will get to see a few changes, according to Brunette:

“We will make minor changes, like in the movements of my hands, camerawork, shots, everything is going great so far, I am proud of myself and my team as we did not have any issues so far!”

Would he collaborate with any of her fellow contestants of this year? Three contestants come to her mind instantly:

“On one of my past interviews, I had said Gustaph and I think he would accept it, but now I have to say Teya & Salena.”

Finally, she had a message for all the readers of Eurovisionfun!

“I am really thankful for the support and so excited, I love you guys.”

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