Australia: Listen to the remix of “Te Deum” by Voyager!

This year’s cotest is over for quite some time now, but the participants do not stop their work, and they keep on making music. Some of them are preparing their next steps, some are already on tour and some are about to release new songs.

Voyager, the band that represented Australia at this year’s Eurovision and got ninth place, give us a new remix of “Te Deum”. The prelude named “Te Deum” is the well-known anthem of the contest that is always heard as the opening of the Eurovision Song Contest.

You can listen to the remix of “Te Deum” by Voyager in the video below:

This new version of the song has been used lately in all the videos that premiered through the contest’s official YouTube channel, as a countdown.

The Frontman of the band, Danny, stated on this:

“For Voyager, creating the new YouTube premiere countdown music for the EBU is an absolute compositional highlight. To be able to forge the original Te Deum theme with some beautiful ambient sounds, ‘80s synths, soaring Floyd-esque guitars and a ramping of suspense was very special. It’s a nod to ESCs past, present and future and it elicits that warm feeling of anticipation that we all know and love: it’s Eurovision time!”

Australia was represented by the group, Voyager and the song “Promise” which gave the country the 9th place of the final with 151 points. It’s worth mentioning that Australia qualified first from the second semi-final.

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Weird broken records of EUROVISION 2023!

Every year, including this one, we witnessed numerous peculiar results, variations between finals and semifinals, top rankings in records, and so forth. So, let’s examine each of them individually, shall we?

1. Albania


Albania, despite finishing 9th in the televote of the semi-final, achieved the second-best result among the countries from the second semi-final in the final itself, following Poland. This success led Albania to secure the 10th place overall in the final audience. Well done Albania!

2. Austria


In contrast, even though Austria achieved the second position in the semi-final audience, in the final unexpectedly ended up in the very last position among the countries from the second semi-final. Unfortunately, Austria could only manage to secure the 22nd place in the final. Ouch.


3. Serbia


Serbia managed to get the beloved ticket to the final, earning just 37 points and maintaining a significant gap of 37 points(!) from the next contestant in 9th place. Interestingly, 9th place had twice as many points as the 10th place. Wow, that’s symmetry brah. However, Serbia achieved a new record for the lowest number of points obtained by a contestant in the 10th place during the semi-final, surpassing Iceland’s previous record of 39 points in 2022.

4. Australia


Australia pulled through and won their semi-final, convincing the crowd that they had the best track among the 16. The crowd must have been forgotten somewhere in the final, as Australia only climbed to 20th place, earning the record for worst-placed semi-final winner in the final, when it comes to the televote. Followed by Greece in 2010 and Romania in 2013, with 7th place in the final, as semi-final winners. I think they completely forgot about Australia, they might have been snacking during the “promise” performance and not paying attention. Shame, shame, shame, first the music then the eating people!

5. Sweden


Sweden overtook Ireland in wins, Loreen became the first woman to win the trophy twice and also this year’s Nordic country’s entry managed to set a new record by winning Eurovision with no 12 points from the audience. Like it or not, these are the trade-offs. Finally, this year’s Swedish entry managed to win, having a distance of 133 points from the winner of the televote, breaking the previous record, which was again its own, in 2015 with a distance of 87 points. In conclusion, 4 records for this year’s winner. Well played!


6. Estonia


Alika, just 20 years old, against all odds, made it to the final by finishing 10th in her semi-final. Hopefully, the judges had other plans, and while in the audience of the final she finished in 19th place (one place above the winner of her semi-final, Australia!), they shared her 146 points, giving her a decent place in this year’s top ten! Not being among the 10 favourite to pass in the big final, and finally reaching the final top ten, is undoubtedly something that even she did not expect. (credits to Katerina Mitika)



Did we miss any record or something peculiar this year? Let us know in the comments below!


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Australia: Listen to Voyager’s cover of My Sister’s Crown!

Voyager, the representatives of Australia in Eurovision 2023, shared a video on social media platforms, in which they are covering My Sister’s Crown by Vesna, the Czech entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest


Who needs a royal title when you can just rock out to @Vesna’s ‘My Sister’s Crown’? 👑 #Eurovision2023 #vesna #esc #songcover #guitar #bandsoftiktok #voyageraustralia

♬ original sound – Voyager

Eurovision 2023 is music-genre and language barrier free and nothing precludes an Australian rock band of covering a song sung in many Slavic languages, such as Ukrainian, Czech and Bulgarian. Such an interesting promo strategy used by Eurovision 2023 participants!

Voyager with their song Promise participates in the 2nd Semifinal on May 11, performing 16th. Their first technical rehearsal is scheduled for Tuesday 2/5.

You can also watch the reaction of EurovisionFun on Promise below:

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