Eurovision 2023: The detailed voting results of the two semi-finals!

Although preparations for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest have begun for both participating countries and the host country, the Eurovision 2023 chapter has not yet been officially closed.

Traditionally, shortly after the competition in May, the EBU publishes the detailed voting results for both Grand Final and the two semi-finals. The non-disclosure of the detailed voting results for the two semi-finals on May 9 and 11 raised questions in May. The EBU has limited itself to revealing only the semi-finals’ results, rather than the detailed voting, as is usual, during which we learn not only the top ten of each country, which is translated into points, but also the full ranking, including the countries that did not score a point from the respective countries. Thus, although the countries that ranked 1 to 10 were made public, those that ranked 11th and below were not.

The full voting results of each country during the two semi-finals were now made available on the Eurovision website.

  • You can find the detailed results of the first semi-final here.
  • You can find the detailed results of the second semi-final here.

First Semi-Final

As a general comment, we can notice the following:

  • the country finishing 11th, just below the top ten, the most was Malta. Although, Malta finished dead last in the semi-final scoring solely 3 points, also finished 11th in five countries(Azerbaijan, Croatia, Finland, Moldova, Serbia), without managing to score a point.
  • the countries finishing last the most were Ireland and Azerbaijan. Ireland finished 12th with 10 points, but was the least favorite of all semi-final 1 contestants in five countries(Azerbaijan, Finland, Israel, Netherlands, Serbia). Azerbaijan finished second-last with 4 points and was also the least favorite in five countries(France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Sweden).

Second Semi-Final

As a general comment, we can notice the following:

  • the country finishing 11th the most was Greece. Greece finished 13th with 14 points, managing to finish just under the top ten in six countries(Albania, Austria, Georgia, Lithuania, San Marino, United Kingdom)
  • the country finishing last the most was San Marino. San Marino placed dead-last in the semi-final with nul points and as indicated was nowhere near receiving a mark as it was least voted entry among 9 countries (Albania, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Iceland, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine).

The exact same scenario occurred with the other country coming dead-last with nul points, Romania. Romania finished last in eight countries (Armenia, Australia, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, San Marino, United Kingdom).

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