United Kingdom: Birmingham explains why it was not chosen as a host city

Birmingham was eliminated from the host city selection procces and now the Mayor of West Midlands has revealed the reason that lead to this decision.

Andy Street, the Mayor of the West Midlands, explained on his personal Twitter account the reason behind Birmingham’s not advancing  to the final two of the host city race for Eurovision 2023. Mr. Street explained that the Resorts World Arena also known as the NEC did not meet the technical requirements for the roof of a venue to host the Eurovision Song Contest.

Glasgow and Liverpool are the two cities that remain in the selection procces and one of them will be the winner city to host Eurovision Song Contest 2023. The EBU and the BBC announced earlier today the two cities that move to the final phase and the five that were eliminated. The cities which were not selected were:

  • Birmingham
  • Leeds
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • Sheffield

Eurovision 2023 will be hosted in the United Kingdom after Kalush Orchestra won with the song “Stefania” on behalf of Ukraine.

Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will be the first contest since 1979 in which the winning nation was unable to host the following contest. It is the sixth occasion overall on which a different country has hosted after the original host nation was unable to host. The 2023 contest will also extend the United Kingdom’s record of hosting Eurovision to nine times.

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United Kingdom: Selection Committee will pay a visit to Glasgow on September 30!

STV News reports that the committee incumbent on selecting the host city of Eurovision 2023 is visiting Glasgow on September 30.

A BBC delegation is due to visit Glasgow this Friday, to carry out a thorough inspection/assessment of the city’s infrastructure. This assessment will be then taken into account for the final stage of the host city selection procedure.

The OVO Hydro has a capacity of up to 14,500 standing spectators and opened 2013. The OVO Hydro was also used in the filming of the Eurovision movie, Eurovision The Story of Fire Saga, where a fictional ESC took place in Edinburgh. Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and the fourth largest in the United Kingdom with a population of over 635,000 people.

The EBU and the BBC announced today that Glasgow and Liverpool are the final two cities in the running to host Eurovision 2023.

Eurovision 2023 will be the first Competition since 1979, where the previous year’s winner will not host the event, even though such thing happened six times in the past.

Which city do you prefer as the host city of Eurovision 2023? 

Source: SVT, Eurovoix

Spain: Which artists are rumoured to take part in Benidorm Fest 2023?

Although the first semi-final of Benidorm Fest 2023 is almost four months away, speculation is thriving as to which artists intend to submit a proposal before the expiration of deadline or will be invited directly by RTVE to take part in the Festival.

Drawing on information from Louis Mesa, a journalist with a special interest in Eurovision, we report what has come into light so far, attempting, at the same time, to present briefly the artists in question.

Angy Fernández

Angy is a singer, actress, and presenter, who became famous through her participation in X Factor in 2007. She is also the winner of the Spanish version of the first edition of Your Face Sounds Familiar in the country. In recent years she has mainly focused on her television career . Her last album was published in 2013.


Maria Arnal

The second singer rumored to take part in Benidorm Fest is the Catalan-born Maria Arnal. The artist from Bandalona draws on the musical tradition of the Iberian Peninsula, providing a new, freer approach.


Hugo Cobo

Hugo is from Córdoba and is 22 years old (born 20/12/1999). He became famous through the music reality show Operación Triunfo in 2020 (which was also the means of selecting the representative of Spain at Eurovision), and since then he has released several songs, some of which have become hits.


Abraham Mateo

The biggest name on our list is Abraham Mateo. He is one of the most popular young singers in Spain and Latin America. He has collaborated with Jenifer Lopez, 50 Cent and others, and his songs have billions of views and streams on Youtube and Spotify. His carreer is mostly comprised of Latin pop and reggaeton tracks, although in recent years he has also experimented with trap music.


Borja Escalona

The case of Borja Escalona is extremely interesting! The previously unknown singer found himself in the spotlight due to the threatening messages he received from social media users. These messages, however, were not actually addressed to the singer Borja Escalona, ​​but to his namesake, a well-known Spanish YouTuber, whose views (justifiably) caused a huge backlash in Spain. Due to the unjustified hate he received, a campaign has started, at the initiative of his promotion company, to represent Spain at Eurovision 2023.


Celtian, who have confirmed their intention to take part in Benidorm Fest 2023, are a Spanish symphonic folk metal band, formed in 2017 by flutist Diego Palacio. With obvious influences from Nightwish, Eluveitie and Mägo de Oz, the band experiments with new sounds and folk metal.



The singer from Galicia has also expressed her intention to participate in Benidorm Fest 2023. She is a new indie pop artist who sings mainly in English language.



The band Megara tried their luck at Benidorm Fest last year as well, without notable success. However, as the members of the rock group have said, they intend to give it another go this year.


Viva Suecia

Another group has expressed its interest in participating in Benidorm Fest. Viva Suecia is a band that moves in indie rock, pop rock, and alternative rock music roads, and has released four albums so far; the last one with the record label Universal Music UK.

Pupi Poisson

Pupi Poisson (stage name of Alberto Zimmer) is a Spanish drag performer who became well-known through Drag Race España. She has hinted that she is taking part in the upcoming Benidorm Fest.

Alfred Garcia Castillo

An old friend of the Contest is not ruling out a return to Eurovision via Benidorm Fest. The 25-year-old Alfred García Castillo, Spanish singer and songwriter who became well-known in Spain when he took part in the ninth edition of Operación Triunfo, finishing in fourth place. Alfred García represented Spain at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, together with Amaia Romero, and the song “Tu canción”, finishing in the twenty-third place.

Delaporte Music

Another band that looks set to join Benidorm Fest is Delaporte Music. Delaporte Music is mainly focused on Spanish indie pop, with the majority of their songs being up-tempo.

The Prodigious Decade

La Década Prodigiosa (also known as La Década) are a Spanish music group formed in the mid-1980s who participated in the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest, finishing in the eleventh place. The band has since changed members, but has retained the original (cheesy) pop sounds they are known for.


The next band comes from Cuenca. Trovadorum, who have already submitted their proposal for Benidorm Fest. Their song is titled “You are not only ready”, and it’s heavily influenced by Celtic music. According to an interview with Trovadorum, the music video of the song has been shot in Cuenca in places like La Toba and Nohales, and will be released on September 30.


Another group that confirmed their intention to participate in Benidorm Fest 2023 is Sideland, a Catalan pop group, consisting of young members..

The deadline for the submission of proposals to RTVE expires on October 10, while based on the relevant regulations issued by RTVE, the latter reserves the right to directly invite singers and composers to take part in the Festival.

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Croatia: Song submission window opened – changes in the national final!

Croatian national broadcaster HRT confirmed Croatia’s participation in Eurovision 2023 and simultaneously it is in search of Croatia’s next representative that is going to travel to the United Kingdom.

It will choose its representative again through Dora 2023, while the song submission window opened for those interested, until November 20th.

Compared to past editions, the national final is going to face several changes. Firstly, 14 to 28 songs will be selected, along with four backups, while it’s very possible for a Semi-final to happen. The decision for the number of the semi-finals and the night of the final will be taken by HRT until January 10th.

Six people at max are going to be allowed on stage during the act (recorded backing vocals are allowed) and the staging plans should be submitted until December 10th.

Also, until December 20th, the performer should submit the official music video or a lyric video of their song. The Dora performance will be used as the official video at the Eurovision channel. However, if the performer submits the official music video on time, HRT will report this at EBU as the official video.

Dora 2023 is expected to happen in February, as usual.

This year Croatia was represented by Mia Dimšić and the song “Guilty Pleasure” and couldn’t progress to the Eurovision 2022 final, finishing at the 11th place of its Semi-Final for the second year in a row.

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Greece: More than 20 songs have already been submitted | EXCLUSIVE

While there are still three weeks before the expiration of the deadline (set out by ERT) for record labels and production companies to submit their proposals for Eurovision 2023, the songs submitted so far amount to more than 20!

We can exclusively reveal that submitted entries have exceeded 20, while not a single song had been received at the same time last year! As we pointed out before, the 43 songs that took part in last year’s selection procedure is going to be easily surpassed. This highlights the impact of ERT’s good choices in recent years.

What is also surprising is that we now have artists, representing various music genres; this involves genres that the public is not used to see representing Greece in ESC.

The ERT’s shift to more western-style entries has aroused the interest of several artists who, until a few years ago, did not even consider Eurovision as an option.

The names that have, in one way or another, expressed their intention to submit a proposal to ERT for Eurovision 2023 are the following:

  • Antonia Kaouri
  • Aretha
  • Artemis Matafia
  • Cynthia Verazie
  • Evangelia
  • Joanne
  • Klavdia
  • Leon of Athens
  • Melissa Mantzoukis
  • Operatical
  • Vasilis Kourtis

Of course, as we move towards the end of the deadline on October 9, others will be added to list above. Eurovisionfun will follow the developments closely, and inform you of everything that comes up.

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Slovenia: RTVSLO considered withdrawing from ESC 2023!

RTVSLO, the national broadcaster of Slovenia, considered withdrawing from the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

The Slovenia site reported that RTVSLO was considering not to take part in the upcoming 2023 contest in the United Kingdom, before they eventually confirmed participation earlier this week.  The 2007 representative and member of the RTVSLO Programme Council Alenka Gotar posted on her social media that:

Great news! In the spring, RTV’s management and consultants were thinking about not participating in Eurovision anymore! I am glad that this time they took into account the opinion of the Music Commission of the RTV Program Council, of which I am the president, that it is important for Slovenian music and musicians to create new music that is also shown abroad. Thank you also to the entire program board of RTV, left and right councilors who supported us/me! No vote against! Long live the music!

This wasn’t the first time that the broadcaster considered to step out of the contest. Both in 2013 and 2014 there was a debate regarding the withdrawal given the financial difficulties.

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Source: Eurovoix

Greece: Areti Kosmidou is on the list of possible representatives for Eurovision 2023!

After returning to Greece, Areti Kosmidou was invited in the Greek morning TV show Breakfast@Star.

Now known as Aretha, Areti was introduced to us back in 2014 through The Voice, ending up second. When she was only sixteen years old, she was the girl that made a great impression in the famous talent show in Mihalis Kouinelis’ team.

Since then, she has been in America to study and worked on her music style and making music.

 The performer and now young mother of a little girl, said in the TV show that one of the main reasons of her return in Greece was to submit her proposal to ERT, aiming for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in the United Kingdom.
As she stated, representing Greece in the contest is one of her dreams, whether it happens in 2023 or one of the next years.

Speaking of 2023, she said that her song is ready, in its final version and the only thing left is submitting it to the Greek broadcaster.

It is an electro pop song and seems more like a maistream song rather than the indie pop style that she was used to when she started singing

Aretha is now the latest addition in the list of artists that are going to claim the Greek representation in Eurovision 2023. She is for sure moved by Greece’s latest entry, as Aretha and Amanda are singing in a similar musical style.

These are some of Areti’s songs you can listen to:

You can watch her interview in the Greek TV show HERE.

What do you think about a possible representation by Areti Kosmidou?

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Spain: All the latest news about Benidorm Fest 2023!

RTVE, Spain’s public broadcaster, has taken up the Eurovision challenge seriously! Intending to capitalise on the success of last year’s edition of Benidorm Fest, and Chanel’s excellent run in Eurovision 2022, RTVE is going all out to present an even more complete and impressive TV show.

The presenters of the show

RTVE confirmed yesterday the names of the two presenters of Benidorm Fest 2023, with Mónica Naranja taking on co-presenting duties, alongside Inés Hernand (last year’s hostess of Benidorm Fest).

According to Formula TV , Mónica Naranjo will be the main presenter of the two semi-finals and the final, which will be broadcast in prime time on La 1, while Inés Hernand will be in the Green Room of the Palau d’Esports L’Illa in Benidorm, where the Benidorm Fest will take place.

Related TV programs

Máximo Huerta, co-presenter of last year’s edition of Benidorm Fest, will be involved again this year in a different capacity. According to the VerTele website, he will present a daily tv program, showcasing all the details and developments of this year’s Benidorm Fest.

Alaska, another co-presenter of last year’s Benidorm, will also be involved, as she is to present a Christmas show that will be broadcast at the end of the year on La 1. In this show, some of the participants of the first edition of Benidorm Fest will also be present, with Chanel Terrero, of course, expected to be (literally) on the spotlight.

Chanel won the first edition of the Benidorm Fest with the song ” SloMo”, and represented Spain in Turin, achieving a 3rd place in the grand final.

Stay tuned for all the developments regarding Spain’s participation in Eurovision 2023!

Ukraine: Possibly 10 songs to Compete in Vidbir 2023!

Ukrainian musical outlet Muzvar revealed some details about Ukraine’s Eurovision pre-selection national final, Vidbir. Its sources state that 10 songs will compete to represent Ukraine in Eurovision Song Contest 2023 that will take place in the United Kingdom. This will be the largest Vidbir final since 2014, when 20 acts competed for a chance to represent Ukraine in Copenhagen.

The country’s national broadcaster UA:PBC on the other hand, decided to use the mobile application Diia for the public voting in an attempt to maintain the largest possible number of voters, taking into consideration the mobile networking issues caused by the conflict.

The final of Vidbir 2023 will take place in December 2022 at Kyiv and the winner that will be selected by a combination of public and jury voting, will represent Ukraine in Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in the United Kingdom. The jury members will be chosen by the public.

Ukraine was represented in Eurovision 2022 by Kalush Orchestra and their song “Stefania”. In the end, they managed to win the contest. They also achieved the greatest televote result in the history of ESC. Due to the ongoing war situation in Ukraine, EBU declared it unable to host Eurovision 2023, making it the first time since 1980 that the contest will not be held at the previous winning country. However, Ukraine will still automatically qualify for the final as it won the last year’s contest.

Source: Eurovoix

Estonia: ERR announces various dates for Eesti Laul 2023!

Yesterday, the Estonian national broadcaster ERR announced the opening for the song submission window, which will be open until 12:00 at the noon of October 20th.  20 songs will be selected to compete by a professional jury and will be revealed at early December.

The show dates are the following:

  • First Semi-Final – January 12th
  • Second Semi-Final – January 14th
  • Grand Final – February 11th

The participation fees vary in price. Until October 17th, the participation fee for a song in Estonian is 50 euro while the price is doubled to 100 euro for a song in a foreign language, including English. At the final phase of the competition both prices double to 100 euro and 200 euro respectively.

The songwriters and artists eligible for participating in Eesti Laul can be either Estonian citizens or just residents in Estonia, or even non-residents. The same applies for the artists. However, a song may be able to have one non-resident songwriter but they should definitely be accompanied by other songwriters that hold the Estonian residency.

The winner of Eesti Laul 2022 was Stefan with the song “Hope”, with which he represented Estonia in Eurovision 2022. He finished 13th at the Grand final.

Source: Eurovoix