Spotify: “Tattoo” just surpassed Måneskin’s “Zitti e buoni” in streams! | It is now the 3rd most-listened Eurovision song of all time!

Loreen is doing amazing at all streaming platforms, following her big success at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, held in Liverpool, UK, as her winning song “Tattoo” managed to surpass Måneskin’s “Zitti e buoni“ in streams, at the highly-popular streaming platform of Spotify.

As of Saturday, March the 16th, “Tattoo” is the 3rd most streamed Eurovision song of all time and has accumulated 453.524.951 streams in total, while Måneskin’s “Zitti e buoni“ has accrued a tiny few less, 453,147,618 streams in total.

Top 10 – Most streamed Eurovision songs of all time (at the time of writing)

  1. Arcade – Duncan Laurence (1,100 Billion)
  2. Snap – Rosa Linn (949 Million)
  3. Tattoo – Loreen (453.5 Million)
  4. ZITTI E BUONI – Måneskin (453.1 Million)
  5. Fairytale – Alexander Rybak (339 Million)
  6. Waterloo – ABBA (309 Million)
  7. Euphoria – Loreen (266 Million)
  8. Soldi – Mahmood (235 Million)
  9. Heroes – Måns Zelmerlow (156 Million)
  10. Queen of Kings – Alessandra (148 Million)

Loreen is only the second artist to be in this top 10 with two different songs (“Euphoria” and “Tattoo“) after Mahmood (“Soldi” and “Brividi“) and her success after her second Eurovision victory goes on.

Photo: Universal Sweden/Charli Ljung

How far do you think Loreen’s Tattoo can go? Will it manage to become the most-streamed Eurovision song of all times? 

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Sweden: Melodifestivalen 2024 submissions are now open!

As we have already informed you in one of our past articles, the Swedish Public Broadcaster, SVT would open the submission window for all the potential Melodifestivalen 2024 entries.

Today, SVT just opened the submission window for potential Melodifestivalen 2024 entries. The winner of the contest will represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

Those interested to submit entries can do so, starting from today at 9:00 am CET, up until 15 September through the online submission page, claiming one of the 30 spots in one of the five heats of the Melodifestivalen tour, in the hopes of representing the country in next year’s contest to be held in Malmö, Sweden.

Sweden will host the 68th Eurovision Song Contest after Loreen’s iconic second win with the song Tattoo:

Who do you wanna see taking part at Melodifestivalen 2024 and who to represent Sweden in next year’s contest that will be held in Malmö? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: SVT

Sweden: Watch a clip of the stand-in rehearsal of Loreen’s “Tattoo”!

It is almost three months since the 67th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. 37 performers stepped on the stage of the M&S Bank Arena giving it all and representing their countries in the biggest song competition in the world, after months of intense preparations.

The impressive stage performances that they pulled off were first tried on the Eurovision stage a few days before their arrival through simulations, known as stand in rehearsals. Stand in rehearsals are usually executed by local artists and performers so all participants can know in advance the television result of the performances. On a later stage, they have the opportunity to ask for changes during the technical rehearsals executed by the representatives themselves.

You can watch the stand-in rehearsals of the countries below:

A little while ago, the highly anticipated rehearsal of Loreen’s “Tattoo” was leaked online:

@songeurovision Відповідь користувачу @manty_22 #eurovision2023 #sweden #loreentattoo ♬ Tattoo – Loreen

What do you think of the stand-in rehearsal? Did you see any difference between this and the final performance?

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Sweden: Loreen is still making history on the contest!

This year’s winner of the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, Loreen, has returned the trophy back to her home country, Sweden. Along with her victory, she managed to continue making history in the competition, setting records on all streaming platforms.

The winning song “Tattoo” is oficially the fastest song of the competition in history to reach 100 milion streams on Spotify, within 91 days. The previous record was held by last year’s participation of Italy with “Brividi“, in 153 days. 

Twenty-Four hours after the Grand Final, Loreen managed to be in the top 5 of the most streamed songs, entering the Spotify Global Charts, where to this day it remains the list for the top 50 most daily played songs in the world, leading in all European countries on the charts.

Beyond the streaming platforms, Loreen made history as she is the second contestant to win twice, tying Jonny Logan. In addition, it tied Sweden for the most wins in the contest with the Republic of Ireland (7 wins).

You can watch the moments of EurovisionFun with the winner of the contest with all the times we met her in the video bellow:

You can watch her performance after Loreen’s win was announced bellow:

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Eurovision 2024: Stockholm planning to host the Contest!

Preparations have already started ahead of the Eurovision 2024 Contest,with the city of Stockholm stating that they have already set in train the preparations to host the 2024 contest since March,when Loreen won Melodifestivalen with her eventual Eurovision winning entry “Tattoo”.

This marks the seventh time that Sweden is set to host the Eurovision Song Contest,with the first one dating back in 1975.

The Swedish capital is one of the strongest candidates of hosting the Eurovision 2024 Contest and has already hosted the contest in 1975,2000 and 2016.

Speaking to The Euro Trip, Tobbe Ek, journalist for Sweden’s biggest daily newspaper Aftonbladet, said: “Stockholm is extremely eager to host it.

“The City Hall and the Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm started having meetings in March when they realised Sweden might actually win this year.

When Stockholm hosted in 2016, the Avicii Arena – then known as the Globe Arena – was the chosen venue and could be a possible hosting venue for 2024 as well.

Other possible venues in the capital include the Tele2 Arena, the home ground of top-flight football clubs Djurgårdens and Hammarby, and the Friends Arena which plays host to the Melfest final every year.

Other Swedish cities that are lined up for bidding for the Eurovision 2024 contest include Malmö,which hosted the contest in 1992 and 2013,Örnsköldsvik and Gothenburg,which hosted the Eurovision 1985 contest.

Gothenburg boosts with a huge arena,the Scandinavium,whose building structure however is too obsolete to host a modern contest,due to the fact that it was built over half a century ago.Therefore,a new venue would have to be built within a year in order to host the Eurovision 2024 contest,something which seems very unlikely to happen.

Sweden earned its 7th victory in this year’s contest with Loreen and her song “Tattoo”,a song that made her the first woman to ever win the song contest twice.

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Sweden: Loreen received a heroic welcome upon her return from Liverpool!

The Swedish star of Eurovision, Loreen, received a heroic welcome upon her return from Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

SVT, organised an open concert for Loreen’s return, in Kungstradgarden. The concert was broadcasted in SVT2 and SVT Play. Loreen thanked the crowd for their love and support and offered them a special performance of her winning song“Tattoo”. In the meantime the crowd shouted “Queen, Queen”.

After winning twice, Loreen broke a number of records:

  • She is the only woman to win the competition twice
  • She now equals Ireland’s Johnny Logan who has won the competition twice
  • She has given Sweden its 7th Eurovision victory thus equaling Ireland which has seven victories

The City Councilor of Stockholm, Karin Wanngard, was also present at the concert which was hosted by Per Sinding-Larsen.

Loreen then took the time to speak to her fans:

“With everything that the number stands for, humanity, hope, love. That’s what we Sweden stand for. I am so happy about it and proud of us.”

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Weird broken records of EUROVISION 2023!

Every year, including this one, we witnessed numerous peculiar results, variations between finals and semifinals, top rankings in records, and so forth. So, let’s examine each of them individually, shall we?

1. Albania


Albania, despite finishing 9th in the televote of the semi-final, achieved the second-best result among the countries from the second semi-final in the final itself, following Poland. This success led Albania to secure the 10th place overall in the final audience. Well done Albania!

2. Austria


In contrast, even though Austria achieved the second position in the semi-final audience, in the final unexpectedly ended up in the very last position among the countries from the second semi-final. Unfortunately, Austria could only manage to secure the 22nd place in the final. Ouch.


3. Serbia


Serbia managed to get the beloved ticket to the final, earning just 37 points and maintaining a significant gap of 37 points(!) from the next contestant in 9th place. Interestingly, 9th place had twice as many points as the 10th place. Wow, that’s symmetry brah. However, Serbia achieved a new record for the lowest number of points obtained by a contestant in the 10th place during the semi-final, surpassing Iceland’s previous record of 39 points in 2022.

4. Australia


Australia pulled through and won their semi-final, convincing the crowd that they had the best track among the 16. The crowd must have been forgotten somewhere in the final, as Australia only climbed to 20th place, earning the record for worst-placed semi-final winner in the final, when it comes to the televote. Followed by Greece in 2010 and Romania in 2013, with 7th place in the final, as semi-final winners. I think they completely forgot about Australia, they might have been snacking during the “promise” performance and not paying attention. Shame, shame, shame, first the music then the eating people!

5. Sweden


Sweden overtook Ireland in wins, Loreen became the first woman to win the trophy twice and also this year’s Nordic country’s entry managed to set a new record by winning Eurovision with no 12 points from the audience. Like it or not, these are the trade-offs. Finally, this year’s Swedish entry managed to win, having a distance of 133 points from the winner of the televote, breaking the previous record, which was again its own, in 2015 with a distance of 87 points. In conclusion, 4 records for this year’s winner. Well played!


6. Estonia


Alika, just 20 years old, against all odds, made it to the final by finishing 10th in her semi-final. Hopefully, the judges had other plans, and while in the audience of the final she finished in 19th place (one place above the winner of her semi-final, Australia!), they shared her 146 points, giving her a decent place in this year’s top ten! Not being among the 10 favourite to pass in the big final, and finally reaching the final top ten, is undoubtedly something that even she did not expect. (credits to Katerina Mitika)



Did we miss any record or something peculiar this year? Let us know in the comments below!


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Εurovision 2023: Τhe results of the Marcel Bezençon Awards 2023!

As every year, shortly before the Eurovision 2023 Grand Final, the Marcel Bezençon Awards ceremony took place.

These awards, which were established in 2002 and are the brainchild of Christer Björkman (Sweden’s representative at Eurovision 1992 and current head of Sweden’s delegation) and Richard Herrey (member of the band The Herreys, who won first place on behalf of 1984), they are awarded shortly before the big Eurovision Final to some selected participants.

The specific awards were named after the founder of Eurovision, Marcel Bezençon, and are divided into three categories:

  1. Press Award (awarded by accredited journalists)
  2. Composer Award (consisting of a special jury composed of various composers participating in each event for the most artistic musical participation)
  3. Artist award (given to the most liked artist and voted by the commentators of the state bodies of the respective organization, while until 2009 this award was voted by the previous Eurovision winners)

For the 67th Song Contest, these awards are won by:

  1. Press Award – SWEDEN
  2. Artistic Award – SWEDEN
  3. Composer’s Award – ITALY


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Sweden: Loreen’s interview, just before the Grand Final!

A few days ago we had the honor of meeting one and only Loreen from Sweden, for the third time! Of course we would like to thank Sweden’s public broadcaster, SVT, for giving us so many opportunities to speak with Loreen during the busy contest period.

The kind former Swedish winner, who is hoping to equal Johnny Logan’s record this year, spoke to us about the first semi-final and her goals ahead of the Grand Final:

We asked her whether she is happy with her performance in the first semi-final and if she intends to make any changes:

“What satisfies me is to connect with the audience and feel our energy and connection. If I don’t connect, I’m not satisfied.”

She then answered our question about whether her decision to return after “Euphoria” was easy:

“It was very spiritual. There were certain things that happened in my life during that time. I am a person who goes where there is positive energy. And I had a very positive feeling about the song.”

In the end, we asked her if her experience this year is as intense, as it was back n 2012:

“No, it’s intense but in a different way. It’s intense but there is also all the loving energy.”

The interview was also shown on Natalia Germanou’s show on Alpha TV, “Kalytera Den Ginetai!”. You can watch our full interview with Loreen in the video below:

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Sweden: BBC missed significant shot from Loreen’s performance!

Loreen performed during the first Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 receiving wide acclaim from viewers and fans.  However, some of the viewers noticed a remarkable change between her Eurovision performance compared to Melodifestivalen.

There is a shot deemed as “decisive”, “best in the whole issue”, “with so much feeling and meaning” missing in the Semi-Final.  The missing shot takes place at the final minute of the performance when Loreen stands up.  In that moment the TV camera should have zoomed out in a wide shot showing the led screen above Loreen displaying a variety of signs and symbols.

You can see the difference between Loreen’s performance during Melodifestivalen 2023 on top and her performance during the First Semi-Final in the picture down below:

The Swedish Head of Delegation, Lotta Furebäck has replied to the questions from the fans and the media about this incident.  In her reply she said that it was not a choice of the Swedish team to change this shot:

That image should be there, but on Tuesday the image was denser and then the image was not included.We have mentioned this to the production

Source: Aftonbladet

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