Eurovision 2023: Loreen from Sweden is the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest

The wait is over! Just a moment ago the 67th Eurovision Song Contest has ended.  In the end it was Loreen who claimed once again the Eurovision trophy for Sweden with the song “Tatoo”.  She received 583 points.  The result was determined  50%  by the  jury vote  of the participating countries and  50%  by the vote of the audience. Loreen received in total 340 points from the jury and 243 points from the televote.


Alesha Dixon, Hannah Waddingham, Julia Sanina and Graham Norton greet us during this Eurovision week as our hosts of the 67th Eurovision Song Contest live at the Liverpool Arena in Liverpoo.  26 songs competed during the Grand Final:

  1. 🇦🇹 Austria: Teya and Salena -“Who the Hell Is Edgar?”
  2. 🇵🇹 Portugal: Mimicat -“Ai coração”
  3. 🇨🇭 Switzerland: Remo Forrer- “Watergun”
  4. 🇵🇱 Poland: Blanka- “Solo”
  5. 🇷🇸 Serbia: Luke Black- “Samo mi se spava”
  6. 🇫🇷 France: La Zarra- “Évidemment”
  7. 🇨🇾 Cyprus: Andrew Lambrou- “Break a Broken Heart”
  8. 🇪🇸 Spain: Blanca Paloma- “Eaea”
  9. 🇸🇪 Sweden: Loreen- “Tattoo”
  10. 🇦🇱 Albania: Albina and Familja Kelmendi- “Duje”
  11. 🇮🇹 Italy: Marco Mengoni- “Due vite”
  12. 🇪🇪 Estonia: Alika- “Bridges”
  13. 🇫🇮 Finland: Käärijä- “Cha Cha Cha”
  14. 🇨🇿 Czechia: Vesna- “My Sister’s Crown”
  15. 🇦🇺 Australia: Voyager- “Promise”
  16. 🇧🇪 Belgium: Gustaph- “Because of You”
  17. 🇦🇲 Armenia: Brunette- “Future Lover”
  18. 🇲🇩 Moldova: Pasha Parfeni- “Soarele și luna”
  19. 🇺🇦 Ukraine: Tvorchi -“Heart of Steel”
  20. 🇳🇴 Norway: Alessandra- “Queen of Kings”
  21. 🇩🇪 Germany: Lord of the Lost- “Blood & Glitter”
  22. 🇱🇹 Lithuania: Monika Linkyte -“Stay”
  23. 🇮🇱 Israel: Noa Kirel- “Unicorn”
  24. 🇸🇮 Slovenia: Joker Out- “Carpe Diem”
  25. 🇭🇷 Croatia: Let 3- “Mama ŠC!”
  26. 🇬🇧 United Kingdom: Mae Muller- “I Wrote a Song”

Swedish 2023 victory increases the number of victories of the nordic country to seven.  After this victory Sweden has become the country with the highest number of victories tied with Ireland.  Sweden had previously won Eurovision in 1974 with “Waterloo” by ABBA, in 1984 with “Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley” by Herreys, in 1991 with “Fångad av en stormvind” by  Carola, in 1999 with “Take Me To Your Heaven” by Charlotte Nilsson, in 2012 with “Euphoria” by Loreen and with “Heroes” by Måns Zelmerlöw.  In addition to this, Loreen became the only female singer and the second person overall to have won the Eurovision Song Contest twice.


What do you think about the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023?

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