EXCLUSIVE: Marina Satti and Silia Kapsis will not attend the Eurovision 2024 Red Carpet!

Eurovisionfun is bringing to your attention once more a last-minute but extremely significant development. Given that Easter Sunday is a holy and significant day for Orthodox Christians, ERT, RIK, and perhaps other public broadcasters from Orthodox countries complained about the schedule of the rehearsals and the Red Carpet event.

Earlier this morning, the 37 public broadcasters received the preview programming from the EBU. According to our exclusive information, ERT and RIK expressed dissatisfaction, stating they had hoped the EBU would be more accommodating with all of the original programming and would not have scheduled this year’s event so that the rehearsals would coincide with the Orthodox Easter week. Most importantly, they requested to not participate in the Red Carpet event on Sunday, May 5, which is also Easter Sunday for all Orthodox Christians. As a result, two more delegations will be missing from the event, following Israel, which will also not be there because that day is dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust

On this significant day for all Greeks, the Greek and Cypriot delegations will attend the resurrection ceremony at St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Malmö. Marina Satti and Silia Kapsis will be with the city’s Greek community on Easter Sunday, commemorating the holy day in a customary Greek manner. ERT and RIK decided to pay tribute in this way to what is arguably the most sacred period of the year for Orthodox Christians because they believed that having the two performers on the Red Carpet on such a day would be a disrespect to the church.

There have been previous instances of something similar occurring. Polina, whose song “Waggon” was chosen to represent Greece in the 1986 Eurovision Song Contest, withdrew from the competition due to the objections of the greek church, as the competition had been scheduled to take place during Orthodox Easter.

While the Orthodox countries of Serbia and Ukraine are heading in the same direction as Greece and Cyprus, Moldova will be participating in the Red Carpet despite the anticipated backlash from the local church.

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Cyprus: The choreographers that will work on the performance of Silia Kapsis!

The choreographers for Cyprus’s 2024 Eurovision entry have been revealed by RIK. Those are two Los Angeles, USA-based choreographers that are highly renowned and experienced.

Those choreographers are Kelly Sweeney and Guy Groove, who have both worked with well-known performers and on major TV shows like Eurovision.

At the moment, Silia Kapsis is in Australia. She will shortly record the final version of the song that she will perform in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest. She will also be returning to Cyprus in January to film the video clip, having initially traveled to Los Angeles to choreograph the song.

She will travel to Athens right away to practice her performance for the Eurovision stage, and she will stay there until May.

Aiming for the best outcome and a good placing for the country in the final, the artistic team that took over the project this year and the Cypriot delegation are already working on all the aspects of the participation.

Silia, who has been dancing professionally since a very young age, has worked with both of them in the past. Here is a video of one of their previous collaborations:


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Cyprus: Silia Kapsis on Australia’s most popular morning TV show!

Silia Kapsis, Cyprus’s representative in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest, was interviewed yesterday on Australia’s most watched morning television program, “The Morning Show”. During the interview she discussed her participation in Eurovision 2024 as well as her ties to Greece and Cyprus.

More specifically, she stated:

I’m so excited to be representing Cyprus, I’m over the moon! Eurovision is not only a song competition, it’s a celebration of culture, diversity, unity and of course music and incredible talent. I feel so privileged to be up on that stage and I feel so blessed to be given this opportunity.

You’re one of the youngest participants in the Eurovision Song Contest. How does that make you feel?

It’s so exciting. I’m so blessed.

Are there any details you might share regarding the song or the stage performance?

Unfortunately I can’t. I wish I could but it’s a secret. But little things will be popping out here and there.

In 2023 Cyprus was represented by Andrew Lamrou, who also resides in Australia. Do you know him ? Has he given you any advice?

I don’t know him personally but he has reached out to congratulate me and he was super sweet. We can catch up so he can give me a few tips about the whole Eurovision process. He’s lovely and amazing.

You compose your own music and have put out a few music videos, the most of which were filmed in Los Angeles. What connection do you have with Hollywood?

It’s like my second home. I go there often to work with some of the best choreographers of the world. I’ve made so many connections and friendships. It’s amazing over there. So many opportunities!

What was your mother’s reaction when she heard the news?

My mum was over the moon. She is biggest supporter. She always tells me to believe in myself and never give up,

What is your connection with Cyprus?

My dad is Cypriot and my mum is Greek. So I’m half Cypriot and half Greek, which is perfect!

Would you like to send a message to Greek and Cypriot people?

I adore you and I will do everyting I can to make you proud. Cyprus, I love you!


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Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη SILIA (@silia_kapsis)

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Cyprus: Andrew Lambrou wants to return to Eurovision!

Cyprus’ representative for this year’s Eurovision, Andrew Lambrou, expressed an interest to participate in the contest again in an interview with Happy Day yesterday.

“Eurovision was the best experience of my life, I would do it again”.

Performing “Break a Broken Heart” for Cyprus in Liverpool, Andrew Lambrou came in 12th overall with 126 points, just 3 points outside the top ten. Would you like to see Andrew return to the competition?

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