Greece: Stage director Fokas Evangelinos talks about Marina Satti’s Eurovision performance!

The artistic director of Greece‘s Eurovision 2024 entry, Fokas Evangelinos, discussed his role in this year’s project and his collaboration with Marina Satti on the ERT show “Studio 4”. Once again, the choreographer showed off his excitement as he shared details about the stage performance.

First, regarding his collaboration with Marina Satti, he stated the following:

Marina has a divine voice and the stage is her home. I believe in her.

I feel the same vibe I felt with Helena Paparizou.

He then stressed that, although he is optimistic about the position of the Greek entry in this year’s contest, he considered that the final ranking did not matter much. He considers it important that Greece is represented by a different and special song

He went on to emphasise that, despite his optimism over the Greek entry’s position in this year’s competition, he does not think that the final placement matters. He thinks that what is truly important is that Greece is represented by a unique song.

We’ll finish in a good position, maybe the first one, but I don’t know. When you go into a competition, you go in to win.

But the placement doesn’t matter because the song is something new. I would like to congratulate ERT and MINOS on this choice. The song is unusual, it has different layers, it changes all the time.

Lastly, he referred to the stage performance of the Greek entry, stating that no dice props will be used.

I don’t know if there’s going to be a story that the audience can follow. The whole show’s gonna come out of Marina.

There’s not gonna be a dice prop on stage.


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Greece: Watch a sneak peek of Marina Satti’s rehearsals for Eurovision 2024!

After the expected break in rehearsals due to the death of Marina Satti‘s father, preparations for the Greek entry began once again.

Marina, along with her team, have resumed their rehearsals under the guidance of the experienced stage director Fokas Evangelinos.

@sattivibesgr Οι πρόβες για το «ΖΑΡΙ» συνεχίζονται ✌ “ZARI” Rehearsals #eurovisiongreece2024 #eurovision2024 #marinasattieurovision #zari #marinasatti #eurovisionrehearsals #zarirehearsals @SATTI @wiwibloggs @Eurovisionfn @Eurovision Ert @Eirini Dam @Eurovision ♬ original sound – SATTI.vibes

A short video that was just uploaded on TikTok features Marina and her whole team, providing a sneak peek at what the Greek delegation is is preparing for its stage performance in Malmö. More details will be revealed soon, as Marina Satti will have her first on-stage rehearsal in exactly 15 days!

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Will Helena Paparizou be Greece’s Eurovision 2024 spokesperson?

With fifty years having passed since Greece’s first Eurovision participation, many people assumed Helena Paparizou would be somehow involved in this year’s contest. Of course, Greece’s one and only winner, could not be absent from this year’s project.

Indeed, prior to Marina Satti’s selection, Helena Paparizou received an offer to represent Greece in this year’s competition, based on information that has come to light. Simultaneously, ERT wanted the singer to play a major part in the anniversary show celebrating Greece’s half-century participation in Eurovision.

Since the aforementioned projects were not carried out, Helena Paparizou reportedly accepted the public television’s proposal and will be the one to announce the Greek jury’s twelve points in this year’s competition, according to information obtained from Newpost.

This information has yet to be confirmed by ERT. Would you like Helena Paparizou to announce the Greek jury’s twelve points in Eurovision 2024?

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Source: Newpost

Israel: Eden Golan shares her Eurovision 2024 top 5

Israel’s representative at this year’s Eurovision, Eden Golan, revealed through her personal TikTok account, her five favorite entries from this year’s contest.

Although Eden acknowledged that there are many great songs in this year’s competition, she singled out the following five entries.

  • Greece – ZARI – Marina Satti
  • Germany – Always on The Run – ISAAK
  • France – Mon Amour – Slimane
  • Italy – La Noia – Angelina Mango
  • Switzerland – The Code – Nemo
@golaneden_music there are soooo many great songs this year, but here are a few of my faves #eurovision2024 #אירוויזיון2024 #hurricane ♬ original sound – EDEN GOLAN

Eden Golan will represent Israel with the song “Hurricane”, which she will perform in the second semi-final on 9 May.

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EXCLUSIVE: Marina Satti and Silia Kapsis will not attend the Eurovision 2024 Red Carpet!

Eurovisionfun is bringing to your attention once more a last-minute but extremely significant development. Given that Easter Sunday is a holy and significant day for Orthodox Christians, ERT, RIK, and perhaps other public broadcasters from Orthodox countries complained about the schedule of the rehearsals and the Red Carpet event.

Earlier this morning, the 37 public broadcasters received the preview programming from the EBU. According to our exclusive information, ERT and RIK expressed dissatisfaction, stating they had hoped the EBU would be more accommodating with all of the original programming and would not have scheduled this year’s event so that the rehearsals would coincide with the Orthodox Easter week. Most importantly, they requested to not participate in the Red Carpet event on Sunday, May 5, which is also Easter Sunday for all Orthodox Christians. As a result, two more delegations will be missing from the event, following Israel, which will also not be there because that day is dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust

On this significant day for all Greeks, the Greek and Cypriot delegations will attend the resurrection ceremony at St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Malmö. Marina Satti and Silia Kapsis will be with the city’s Greek community on Easter Sunday, commemorating the holy day in a customary Greek manner. ERT and RIK decided to pay tribute in this way to what is arguably the most sacred period of the year for Orthodox Christians because they believed that having the two performers on the Red Carpet on such a day would be a disrespect to the church.

There have been previous instances of something similar occurring. Polina, whose song “Waggon” was chosen to represent Greece in the 1986 Eurovision Song Contest, withdrew from the competition due to the objections of the greek church, as the competition had been scheduled to take place during Orthodox Easter.

While the Orthodox countries of Serbia and Ukraine are heading in the same direction as Greece and Cyprus, Moldova will be participating in the Red Carpet despite the anticipated backlash from the local church.

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Greece: Marina Satti’s “ZARI” Released for Eurovision 2024!

The moment all Greek fans have been waiting for has arrived! “ZARI,” Greece’s entry for Eurovision 2024, performed by the multi-talented Marina Satti, has just been unveiled to the public.

The music video for “ZARI” made its official premiere on the show “Eurovision in Sight.” Immediately after airing, the video clip will be exclusively available on ERTflix. Shortly after, the song will become available on all music platforms, while the video clip will be accessible on the ERT channel on YouTube.

The video clip will be uploaded to the Eurovision channel the following day, on Friday, March 8th.

Check out the music video for “ZARI” at the link below:

Who is Marina Satti?

A graduate of classical piano, with advanced studies in music theory, a diploma in classical singing and acting, and a scholarship recipient of the internationally renowned Berklee College of Music, where she studied orchestration, production, and jazz music alongside Danilo Perez and Jamie Haddad, among others, Marina Satti has developed a personal sound that combines the different musical traditions she grew up with, such as Greek, Arabic, and Balkan. Representing Greece at the European Jazz Orchestra (EBU) with works by Peter Herbolzheimer, performing at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington with the World Jazz Nonet, and participating in the a cappella vocal group The Singing Tribe in collaboration with Bobby McFerrin, she is a creator and performer who is difficult to classify artistically.

From the Megaron Concert Hall and the Lyric Stage to festivals in the highlands of Crete, she can simultaneously be pop, ethnic, and mainstream, just as she can be lyrical, urban, and traditional with equal ease. European media present her as an ambassador of the Greek and Balkan scene, a unique path that blends traditional music with pop, both classical and contemporary. In 2017, she topped the charts with the single “Mantissa,” while shortly after, the audience embraced “Hidden Pain,” which premiered on the German COLORS (a first for a Greek artist with Greek lyrics), garnering another milestone on the NOWNESS platform, which first presented her exceptional music video for the traditional piece “Why My Bird.”

In 2017, she also founded CHÓRES [ˈkɔɾɛs], a purely female choral ensemble consisting of over 150 women aged 15-60, of which she is the artistic director—a creative hub aimed at rescuing, processing, and promoting the richness of Greek tradition, as well as creating original musical repertoire and performance activities in collaboration with contemporary artists, while uniquely reviving traditional songs of yesterday with today’s sound and aesthetics. In May 2022, she released her first full-length solo album, YENNA, while in 2023, she experimented by delivering the short documentary FLABOURO and TUCUTUM, a song-commentary on Balkan trap, which became the summer’s viral hit.

What do we know about Marina Satti’s song?

The title of the song, as we previously informed you, is “Zari.”

The song, along with Marina Satti, is co-written by eight acclaimed Greek and non-Greek composers who have significant successes and collaborations in their resumes.

The music of “ZARI” was composed by Marina Satti, OGE, Kay Be, Nick Kodonas, Jay Stolar, Gino The Ghost, and Jordan Palmer, while the lyrics were penned by VLOSPA, OGE, Marina Satti, and Solmeister. The music video was directed by Australian filmmaker Zac Wiesel.

You can find the lyrics of “Zari” in our related article.

Fokas Evangelinos will be in charge of the artistic direction of “Dice” in Malmo

As we revealed earlier, Fokas Evangelinos will be the artistic director of this year’s Greek entry and will be responsible for staging “Dice” at the competition in Malmo.

Of course, he will collaborate with the choreographer of this year’s entry, Mecnun Giasar, while the dancers who will accompany Marina Satti during her performance at the Malmö Arena stage are Eirini Damianidou, Yasin AO, Hüso Çetintaş, and Vasilis Karagiannis.

Greece in the Eurovision Contest

This marks Greece’s 44th participation in the contest. The debut was in 1974 with “Krassi, thalassa ke t’ agori mou,” securing an eleventh place. Until the end of the 90s, Greece often managed to be in the top fifteen of the final scoreboard.

Greece’s rise in the contest and the development of the institution in our country came in 2001 with Antique and “Die for You,” where the country achieved third place, its best result up to that time.

From 2004 to 2011, the country has eight consecutive placements in the final top ten, with the peak being our victory in 2005 with Elena Paparizou and “My Number One.”

Greece has three eliminations from the final in 2016, 2018, and 2023.

Last year, the country was represented by Victor Vernicos with the song “What They Say,” bringing the country outside the Grand Final for the third time.

Good luck Greece! Good luck Marina!

What did you think of “Zari“? Will Greece manage to return to the path of success?

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Greece: The 3 emojis that best describe Marina Satti’s song!

Just two days before the release of the song, with which Marina Satti will represent Greece in Eurovision 2024, an enigmatic post was posted on @eurovisionert, describing the Greek entry through three emojis.


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The number six, that the emoji portrays, is probably meant to represent the word “Dice”, thereby confirming the song’s title. In addition, we see a fire and an ancient monument. The latter is most likely connected to the concept of the video clip, which was filmed in several important locations in Athens, including the Acropolis.

The reveal of the Greek entry will take place this Thursday, at 20:00 CET, in a special show, which will be broadcast on ERT1 and will be hosted by Fotis Sergoulopoulos and Jenny Melita.

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Greece: The composers of “Zari”, Marina Satti’s Eurovision 2024 song!

Data from the International Standard Musical Work Code (ISWC) was made public minutes ago, revealing the composers of Greece‘s song for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest.

Concurrently, the song’s title—“Zari”, as we already informed you—has been confirmed.

Eight well-known Greek and foreign composers, who have a track record of notable accomplishments and collaborations have signed the song alongside Marina Satti.

More specifically among them is Gino the Ghost, who has two Grammy awards to his credit, and Stolar Jay Lewit, who has collaborated with artists such as Carly Rae Jepsen and Demi Lovato, while he also signs all the latest releases of Evangelia. Palmer Jordan Richard, who has also collaborated with Carly Rae Jepsen and Duncan Laurence, the 2019 Eurovision winner, is also among the songwriters. More specifically, he has signed “Feel Something” , with which the latter opened the 2021 contest. Among them are also Greek artists such as OGE, Vlospa, Nick Kodonas and Solmeister, who is known for his collaborations with Marseaux.

In detail, the following composers contributed to the Greek entry:

  • Palmer Jordan Richard
  • Stolar Jay Lewit
  • Marina Satti
  • OGE
  • Beshkov Konstantin Plamenov
  • Nick Kodonas
  • Gino the Ghost
  • Vlospa
  • Solmeister

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Source: ISWC (The code T3238151861 must be used in order to access this information)

Greece: What time will Marina Satti’s Eurovision song be released on March 7th?

A few days ago, Greek National Broadcaster ERT announced that the Greek entry for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest will be aired for the first time as part of a special broadcast on March 7.

The show was added to the official public television schedule earlier today. It was disclosed in this context that the programme will run for one hour and forty-five minutes. The broadcast is scheduled to start at 8 p.m. and run until 9:45 p.m. CET.

Fotis Sergulopoulos and Jenny Melita will serve as the hosts of the night.

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Source: ERT


The first Greek Eurovision Pre-Party will probably take place on March 23, in Athens!

The first Greek Eurovision pre-party is anticipated to take place in Athens this year, as we exclusively disclosed around a month ago. Since March 23rd is the predicted date of the event, the talks are in progress, a few artists have already confirmed their attendance, and if nothing unexpected happens, the official announcements will be made in the coming days.

A popular Greek eurostar with presentation experience will be presenting the party, according to our exclusive information. Already, five of this year’s Eurovision contestants confirmed  that they would like to attend the first Greek pre-party; additional responses are anticipated.

However, in addition to this year’s Eurostars, well-known performers who competed as representatives of Greece and Cyprus will also be performing at the event. 2024 is the ideal year to host the first Eurovision pre-party in Athens, as it marks Greece’s 50th year of participating in the competition.

As previously reported, the event is anticipated to take place in a well-known concert venue in Athens. However, before any official announcements are made and the ticket pre-sale starts, certain details need to be finalised.

Of course, Eurovisionfun will be there to update you on everything that happens. The surprises don’t end here, of course, as we will soon be able to announce our own big party in Thessaloniki to mark our five years of operation.

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