Luxembourg: Tali’s “Fighter” will undergo a revamp!

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is making its Eurovision comeback this year. Tali became the duchy’s first Eurovision representative in thirty-one years after her song “Fighter” won the Luxembourg Song Contest, the country’s national selection for Eurovision 2024.

The fact that Luxembourg hosted the national final demonstrated how important Eurovision is to the country even after a protracted absence.

Tali confirmed speculations that she would revamp her Eurovision song by revealing on her personal Instagram account that she is in the studio. In fact, a small part of the revamped version is audible in the video.

Luxembourg will perform in the second half of the first semi-final on 7 May.

You can watch the EurovisionFun team’s reaction video to “Fighter” below:

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Luxembourg: “Luxembourg Song Contest” ticket sale started | The pre-sale is sold out!

A few hours ago, the pre-sale for the Luxembourgish national final, namely Luxembourg Song Contest, started. Via the site of of Rockhal, those interested had the opportunity to purchase tickets for the spectacular show -as expected- organized by RTL not only to select the first Luxembourgish Eurovision act in thirty years but also as a showcase of the national music scene to a global audience.

The ticket prizes started from 40 euros(without fees) extending to 80 euros(without fees) and were available via Rockhal.

The pre-sale was a massive success

The public’s reaction was enormous and just within a few hours, all tickets went sold out. Those who did not manage to find a ticket today, should not worry yet! A waiting list will be established on the website in case there is another sale.

Luxembourg Song Contest 2024

RTL promises us a spectacular show with the best that the Luxembourgish scene has to offer. Following an extensive selection and the involvement of an international experts’ committee, these eight artists will compete for the Luxembourgish representation in Malmö:

  1. Joel Marques
  2. Naomi Ayé
  3. EDSUN
  4. Krick
  5. One Last Time
  6. TALI
  7. Angy & Rafa Ela
  8. CHAiLD


The winner will be decided with a combination of jury and public vote (50%/50%).

Luxembourg Song Contest will take place on January 27 at the Rockhal in Esch/Alzette. More details are expected to be revealed at a later stage, while the participating songs will be made public in early January.

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Source: RTL

Luxembourg: The 8 finalists of Luxembourg Song Contest to be announced tomorrrow!

Luxembourg’s national broadcaster RTL revealed that the eight finalists of Luxembourg Song Contest will be announced tomorrow.

Tomorrow the names of the eight finalists who will fight in order to win the much desired ticket to represent Luxembourg at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 via Today Radio from 7:10 am until 14:40 pm CET.


The announcements

7:10 – The first finalist

8:40 – The second finalist

9:20 – The third finalist

10:40 – The fourth finalist

11:50 – The fifth finalist

12:50 – The sixth finalist

13:40 – The seventh finalist

14:40 – The eighth finalist


It is reminded that the Luxembourg Song Contest will be held on the 27th of January 2024 and the public of Luxembourg will have the opportunity to select the entry which will eventually represent the Duchy at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.

Until the big reveal of the eight finalists, take a look at the most successful entries from Luxembourg over the years on the video down below:


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Source: RTL


Luxembourg: RTL introduces us to the Luxembourg Song Contest!

Via a press release sent to us earlier, RTL provides us with the title as well as other details of the TV show under production with the aim to select Luxembourg’s entry in Eurovision 2024!

The “Luxembourg Song Contest” was chosen as the name of the format through which the Duchy’s representative will be decided, 31 years after the country’s last participation. RTL promises us a one-of-a-kind evening featuring multiple music genres as well as both established and emerging artists.

The Luxembourg Song Contest is more than just a contest. It’s a celebration of our rich musical talent and a tribute to our Eurovision heritage!

David Gloesener, Head of Delegation of Luxembourg at Eurovision 2024.

The show will be broadcasted live on RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg, while international viewers will be able to watch it on all “RTL Play” digital platforms.

More information about the finalists, tickets, and other details will be released at a later date. Information on Luxembourg’s participation in Eurovision can be found on RTL’s official Eurovision website,

In the meantime, here are the top ten entries from Luxembourg in Eurovision:

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Eurovision 2024 Luxembourg: Details about the upcoming preselection!

After the shocking announcement of Luxembourg’s long-awaited return to the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in 30 years,the country’s public broadcaster RTL seems to be more invested in the contest than ever,with the preselection process starting on the 3rd of July.

Aspiring contestants and songwriters may check the broadcaster’s official website for all the steps required for their candidate song’s submission.

Luxembourg in the Contest

Luxembourg was one of the seven countries that took part in the inaugural song contest in 1956 and managed to win the contest five times within 37 years.They last took part in 1993 when they reached the 20th place.

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Luxembourg: The country is returning in Eurovision Song Contest 2024!

Through a YouTube video of the official account of Eurovision Song Contest, EBU has announced the official return of Luxembour in Eurovision Song Contest 2024!

It is a great pleasure to see a European country returning in the contest after 31 years, since their last participation was in 1993 with the song “Donne-moi une chance” and Modern Times.

You can watch the announcment video here:

Also, feel free to do a throwback on their last entry, 30 years before:

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Jon Ola Sand: “We don’t need to broaden our scope of participating countries in the Eurovision Song Contest.”

On the last episode of Euro Trip, Jon Ola Sand, the ex-Executive Supervisor of Eurovision, talked about the possibility to see a debut of Kossovo or Kazakhstan but also for a returning country to come back any time soon.

At first, in his interview with the host of the show, he mentioned Kazakhstan and if the have chances to debut in Eurovision:

“There is a really keen interest from the broadcaster in Kazakhstan to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. There has never been any serious discussion to bring them in.They are not a member of the EBU, and we really don’t need to broaden our scope of participating countries in the Eurovision Song Contest.”

After that he talked about Kossovo and their chances of a debut, when he mentioned:

“There has been no attempt from the EBU to bring Kosovo into the Eurovision Song Contest. There have been discussions as a broadcaster, but they  lack the status to allow them to compete.

Australia have been an exception because the country’s public broadcaster SBS has competed in every edition of the competition since owing to its associate EBU membership.

Last but not least, he talked about the possibility to see Luxembourg, Andorra, Slovakia, Monaco or Turkey returning in Eurovision Song Contest:

“We had talks with all the broadcasters you mentioned . It hasn’t been a priority for us to bring them in. There isn’t a need to grow the number of participants. But Turkey would have a higher priority than say, Monaco for instance”

Jon Ola Sand served as Executive Supervisor between 2011 and 2020. Prior to this role he was Executive Producer for Eurovision when the contest was held in Oslo, Norway in 2010.

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