Norway: The detailed results of MGP 2024!

MGP 2024, the national final through which Norway‘s entry for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest was selected, took place on the previous Saturday. The winner, and therefore representative of Norway, was Gåte, with the song “Ulveham”.

The television audience, which accounted for 60% of the total vote, played a decisive role in shaping the final result. The remaining 40% was formed by ten international jury committees, in whose voting KEiiNO won, with the song “Damdiggida”.

Earlier today NRK, the Norwegian public broadcaster, released the detailed results of the TV audience vote, which were as follows:

  1. Gåte “Ulveham” – 76,672 votes (174 points)
  2. KEiiNO “Damdiggida” – 64,257 votes (146 points)
  3. Super Rob, Erika Norwich “My AI” – 53,048 votes (12th points)
  4. Gothminister “We Come Alive” – 35,219 votes (80 points)
  5. Dag Erik Oksvold og Anne Fagermo “Judge Tenderly of Me” – 20,902 votes (27 points)
  6. Miia “Green Lights” – 9,858 votes (22 points)
  7. Ingrid Jasmin “Eya” – 8,860 votes (20 points)
  8. Margaret Berger “Oblivion” – 8,366 votes (19 points)
  9. Annprincess “Save Me” – 7,665 votes (17 points)

The members of the international juries:

United Kingdom

  • Andrew Cartmel
  • Mark Angel
  • Kevin Hughes
  • Leila Al-Mitwall
  • Rosie Smedley


  • Petri Alank
  • Minette Ristikar
  • Neea Rive
  • Iiro Myllymäk
  • Alina Rautava


  • Pelé Loriano
  • Remo Forrer (ESC 2023)
  • Dominique Magnusso
  • Zoë Anina Kressle
  • Yves Schifferle


  • Alika Milova (ESC 2023)
  • Karl-Ander Reisman
  • Vallo Kika
  • Riin Van
  • Ott Lepland


  • Aysel Teymurzade (ESC 2009
  • Nadir Rustamli (ESC 2022
  • Leyla Guliyev
  • Isa Meliko
  • Eldar Rasulov


  • Tilde Vinther
  • Molly Plank
  • Anders Ugilt Andersen
  • Bryan Rice
  • Christian Ellegaard

The Netherlands

  • Maxime Klein Nagelvoort
  • Koen van Herp
  • Chris Hartgers
  • Frank van ‘t Hof
  • Suzanne Straatsburg


  • Diljá Pétursdóttir (ESC 2023)
  • Júlí Heiðar Halldórsson
  • Thorunn Larusdottir
  • Felix Bergsson
  • Sigríður Eyrún Friðriksdóttir


  • Martina Lesner
  • Eliška Svejkovská
  • Kryštof Kodl
  • Kryštof Dobrovský
  • Karolina Lukaskova


    • Natalie Carrion
    • Robert Sehlberg
    • Helene Wigren
    • Natasha Azarmi
    • Mathias Bridfelt

Norway’s Eurovision 2024 entry:

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Source: NRK

Norway: The Running Order of the MGP 2024 final!

Earlier today NRK, the public broadcaster of Norway, revealed the Running Order of the final of Melodi Grand Prix 2024, through which the country’s entry for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest will be selected.

The Running Order:
  1. KEiiNO –Damdiggida
  2. Annprincess – Save Me 
  3. GOTHMINISTER – We Come Alive 
  4. Ingrid Jasmin – Eya
  5. MIIA – Green Lights
  6. Margaret Berger – Oblivion
  7. Dag Erik Oksvold & Anne Fagermo – Judge Tenderly of Me
  8. Gåte –Ulveham
  9. Super Rob & Erika Norwich – My Ai

The MGP 2024 final will be held on Saturday, at 19:50 CET. The winner will be determined by a combination of the public’s votes, which will make up 60% of the final score, and the jury’s votes, which will make up 40%.

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Source: NRK 

Norway: The speculations just before the reveal of the MGP 2024 candidates!

The artists’ along with their songs for MGP 2024 reveal is set to take place on this Friday, January 5.

Every year, shortly before the artists are revealed, rumors are circulating both the national and the international media about who the MGP 2024 contenders will be, based on data and information released by the artists themselves.

A notable difference from previous years is that the songs that will compete in this year’s Melodi Grand Prix may have been released at any time after September 1, which means that songs released on the day of the entry reveal may be possible entries.

Who are expected to release new singles on Friday, January 5?

Up to this date, three familiar with the national selection names have announced the release of their new singles on January 5, the same day MGP 2024 entries will be revealed:

  • Alessandra – “Narcissist” (Norway 2023)
  • KEiiNO – “Damdiggida” (Norway 2019, MGP 2021)
  • Raylee – “Charade” (MGP 2020, 2021)

Other artists expected to participate at MGP 2024

In addition, some potential candidates, which have been circulating all this time, for MGP 2024 are the following:

  • Adele (MGP 2013)
  • Vidar Villa (MGP 2018)
  • Emmy (MGP 2021)
  • Farida (MGP 2022)
  • Jørgen Dahl Moe (Winner MGPJR 2009)
  • Leonardo Amor
  • Lembo
  • Sval (Winner MGPJR 2011)
  • Mathilde SPZ
  • Nattsvermer
  • Mistra 
  • Ballinciaga
  • Daniel Kvammen
  • Emelie Hollow
  • Erika Norwich
  • Frederick Amadeus
  • Hagle
  • Julie Bergan

Moreover, it was also announced that MGP 2024 performers this year will once again get the chance to have flawless vocals using the so-called Auto-Tune, a digital tool that adjusts “sour” tones to ensure proper pitch.

Melodi Grand Prix 2024

On January 5, the songs that will be nominated to represent the country are set to be released. Melodi Grand Prix 2024 will feature 18 contestants over the course of four weekly shows:

  • January 13 – First Semi Final
  • January 20 – Second Semi Final
  • January 27 – Third Semi Final
  • February 3– Grand Final

Last year’s MGP winner and therefore Norway’s representative in Liverpool was Alessandra with the song “Queen of Kings”. With a total of 268 points, Alessandra came in fifth place overall and third in the public voting.

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Norway: New Nordic party in Oslo! | Big names already confirmed!

The Nordic Music Celebration started back in February 2023 as a collaboration between OGAE Norway, ESC Norge, and Eurovision Norway, in close collaboration with professional partners in the music industry. The initiative started with the idea of having a concert where we can showcase the best of the Nordic acts from both national selections and representatives in Eurovision together on one stage, where we invite fans to honour their icons. And also, with our wide network we have many connections to similar events and Eurovision artists in Europe, we want to invite some of the iconic Eurovision artists from countries outside the Nordics to perform for their fans here in Norway. This is a great way to gather the Eurovision loving fan-community together in a Nordic celebration.

What can you expect in Oslo?

Håkon Røssum has been leading the work with the project since the start with the rest of the teams from ESC Norge and OGAE Norway, as well as key players from the Netherlands and says:

“Fans have been wanting a pre-party for Eurovision here for a long time, especially since we have a high level on our acts and this year top 3 televote favourites were all from the Nordics (Finland, Sweden and Norway). We want to honour the artists, new and iconic in time, all together on one stage. We really hope to see some of the next years Eurovision artists visiting Oslo as well on the end of their promo tour, just three weeks before the final in Malmø”

Former winners of the Eurovision Song Contest are already set to perform in April 2024

The first performers that are ready to take the stage is Alexander Rybak (Norway, 2009 winner, 2018), Bettan (Norway, 1985 winner, 1994, 1996 and Sweden 1982), Emmelie de Forest (Denmark, 2013 winner), Jone (MGP, 2023), Subwoolfer, (Norway, 2022 representatives), Hera Björk (Iceland 2010)  and Luke Black (Serbia, 2023).

Tickets already went on sale this Friday, today at 10:00 AM (CET) on

A ticket for the event will be NOK 850 for an early entrance and NOK 640 for an ordinary ticket. The Nordic Music Celebration is available for individuals aged 18 years and above due to venue regulations.

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Norway: The rumored artists for MGP 2024!

The participants of this year’s MGP, the national final through which Norway’s entry for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in May in Malmö, Sweden, have already been selected by a NRK committee that was specifically formed for that purpose. Three of the six entries from each semi-final will advance to the final, which will be held at Trondheim Spektrum on February 3. While the participants have not yet been revealed by the Norwegian public television, some names have already been leaked to the Norwegian media.

Vidar Villa

Fans of the competition and the Norwegian public are both familiar with Vidar Villa because of his participation in MGP 2018 with the song “Moren din.” This year, he will reportedly be taking part in MGP once more, with a song in Norwegian.

Leonardo Amor

Leonardo Amor was introduced to the Norwegian public this year through his participation in “The Voice”. A rumor concerning his potential participation in this year’s MGP surfaced after he recently released his debut single, “Walls,” and stated during the song’s promotion that “many exciting things are going to happen in the future.”


Lembo, who has a record deal with Universal Music, released her debut single, “Sorry” in September. She has stated that she would like to participate in the contest, and as all indications show, it is going to happen this year.

Mathilde SPZ

Mathilde SPZ is an emerging star in the Norwegian music scene. She recently released a song titled “Echo,” which appears to be her entry for the Norwegian national selection this year.



Groove metal group Nattsvermer has been performing since 2016. The group recently followed both the delegation’s official Instagram account and Stig Karlsen, the leader of the Norwegian delegation. Is the aforementioned move connected to their potential involvement in this year’s MGP?



Mistra characterizes itself as “Norway’s most unlikely duo.” They recently teased a potential 2024 surprise via an Instagram post, one that might have something to do with Eurovision.


Δείτε αυτή τη δημοσίευση στο Instagram.


Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Mistra Music (@mistramusic)

This year, Norway was represented by Alessandra and the song “Queen of Kings”. With a total of 268 points, Alessandra came in fifth place overall and third in the televote. Will Norway be able to maintain its success and secure a third consecutive top 10 finish?

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Source: escnorge 

Norway: Further information on MGP 2024!

Details regarding MGP 2024, the national final that will determine Norway’s entry in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest—which will take place in May in Malmö, Sweden—were disclosed by Stig Karlsen, the head of the country’s delegation to the contest.

Initially held at the Marienlyst building in Oslo in 1960, Melodi Grand Prix is the most prominent music competition in Norway. The organizers decided that the three semi-finals of this year’s competition will take place at the same location in celebration of this occasion. The MGP 2024 semi-finals are scheduled to take place on January 13, 20 and 27 respectively.

There will be eighteen competitors in total for this year’s MGP, all of whom have already been chosen by a committee specifically appointed by NRK. Six entries will make up each semi-final, and three of those will advance to the final, which will be held at the Trondheim Spektrum on February 3.

The organizers guarantee a top-notch lineup featuring a variety of musical styles. On Friday, January 5, at a related event in Oslo, the artists who will participate in this year’s MGP are scheduled to be unveiled.

The pre-sales for the 2024 Melodi Grand Prix are set to start on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, and ticket sales will begin on Thursday, November 16, 2023.

This year, Norway was represented by Alessandra and the song “Queen of Kings”. With a total of 268 points, Alessandra came in fifth place overall and third in the televote. Will Norway be able to maintain its success and secure a third consecutive top 10 finish?


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Source: NRK 

Norway: The MGP 2024 entry selection procedure!

Norway’s representative and song for the future Eurovision Song Contest will be chosen through Melodi Grand Prix 2024, whose submission deadline closed on August 31. As a result, NRK, the country’s national broadcaster, is now moving to the subsequent step of the procedure, that of assessment.

The head of Norway’s delegation provided more details on the procedure for choosing the entries that will be qualifying for MGP 2024 and claim Norway’s representation in Malmö.

A special NRK committee listened to the songs last week and selected some of them for the next stage of the procedure. The performers were called yesterday to perform live in front of the committee. The final list of candidates will start to take shape in the next weeks after the evaluation of the live performances, and it is anticipated that it will be made public in early January 2024.

This year, Norway was represented by Alessandra and the song “Queen of Kings”. With a total of 268 points, Alessandra came in fifth place overall and third in the televote. Will Norway be able to maintain its success and secure a third consecutive top 10 finish?

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Tiril: It’s all about the song | Interview

Some days before the third semi final of MGP 2023, we had the joy to chat with Tiril from Norway. The singer is competing with the song “Break It” and talked with EurovisionFun’s Paschalis.

She talked about her song and why she decided to participate in MGP.

“Break It” is my entry. It’s written by my two favorite songwriters in Norway, Emma Steinbakken and Emelie Hollow and produced by Benjamin Pinkus and Lars Rosness. I’m also a songwriter, but I haven’t written anything in the song, I just asked to sing it. They liked what they heard and now I’m here and I couldn’t be more happy!
The song is really good and suits me very well.

It’s an amazing oppotunity. I always wanted to be an artist. This is a great way to start my career. I can show myself to the world and meet people who like this kind of music.

She also revealed a few things about her stage performance.

I love the stage show that we’ve put together. It will look very dramatic. It’s all about the song. I wanted it to be about my voice. There’s not going to be a lot of things happening. I’m also going to wear red, my favorite color! I’m super excited about the dress that I’m going to wear.

We asked her opinion about the other MGP contestants.

That’s hard to say. There’s a lot of people I knew and new faces. It’s hard to choose a favorite. I think Ulrikke might be the strongest competitor. She has a lot of fans from before and already won MGP. Her song is amazing this year so I’m scared of her, but also very happy to be in the same competition.

She talked about Eurovision and older entries she likes.

Eurovision is a tradition for me. I love watching it every year. It feels like New Year’s Eve because you get to stay up late and watch so many countries.

I just remember very well Margaret Berger with “Feed you my love”. I loved the song and the stage show. That’s my favorite one. When I was in school I emailed Margaret Berger and told her that I want to be an artist and asked to work with her for a day and I loved it.

My childhood favorite was Lena with “Satellite”. There’s also “Euphoria” which is one of my favorites.

Finally as you can see in the video, she sang a little part of her entry, Break It.

Thank you for your support and love. I appreciate every kind word that I’ve gotten so far. It’s amazing!

Listen to “Break It” by Tiril:

We thank Tiril for her interview and wish her best luck!

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JONE – I can’t wait to show the world our entry! | Exclusive interview

After the announcement of his participation in this year’s national final of Norway, MGP 2023, JONE gave an exclusive interview to EurovisionFun‘s Paschalis.

JONE is participating in the second semi final of this year’s MGP and he will try to represent his country at Eurovision 2023 with his song “Ekko inni meg“.

Some things about JONE

My real name is Jonas, I’m 27 years old and I live near Oslo. I’ve been working with music since I was 7 years old, started by playing the guitar. Then I learnt how to produce to music. From 2018 to 2021 I did a bachelor’s degree in producing and songwriting.

How he decided to participate in MGP

We figured out that we wanted to participate in MGP last year, we produced some demos, but didn’t manage to finish them and decided to participate next year. A producer contacted me. He participated in one of the songwriting camps and wanted to find the right vocalist for the song. He contacted me and asked me if I could try to record vocals. Stig Karlsen then called me and told me he loved the vocals.

What’s the song like

The song is like a heartbreak song, combined with norwegian folk music and edm party music. It’s a song that runs all over the place. It’s a high energy song, it’s what I normally like to produce. I fell in love with it since I listened to it for the first time.

What we’ll see on stage

Four dancers will be with me and the choreography is amazing. The rest is a secret! We’ve been working a lot with it and I can’t wait to show the world what it’s like.

Other MGP entries that he liked

There are two songs I like, Ulrikke’s Honestly and Alessandra’s Queen of Kings. Alessandra’s song is similar to mine and Ulrikke has an amazing voice and her song is really appealing. These are the two big competitors.

His favorite Norwegian Eurovision entry

Of course Alexander Rybak, I love Fairytale. That was the first time that I watched from MGP to the Eurovision Finals. TIX with Fallen Angel is one of my biggest idols. I take a lot of inspiration from him. He is an awesome guy and I’m so happy he participated in MGP and Eurovision.

My favorite Eurovision act of all time is Maneskin. I come from a rock background and I fell in love with that song. That was the highlight of Eurovision for me.

His message to the viewers and readers of Eurovisionfun

I really hope to come to Liverpool and participate in the biggest song contest that exists. I send my love to all of you and I hope everyone has a great time. I thank all of you who are rooting for me.

Watch the interview with JONE here:

Listen to Ekko inni meg:

We would like to thank JONE and wish him luck in his Eurovision Journey that has just begun!

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Norway: Subwoolfer identity revealed ?

Last Saturday night, Subwoolfer won the Melodi Grand Prix final. Therefore, Norway will be represented by a masked and currently unidentified duo of artists in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin.

So far, neither the artists themselves, nor NRK, nor the record company, Universal, have revealed when the masks will finally fall and we will find out the identity of the duo.

However, the VG newspaper revealed that two artists who are rumored to be hiding behind the Subwoolfer are filming with Subwoolfer at the H3 Arena in Bærum, where the final took place on Saturday.

According to NRK, the recording is a back-up of the Eurovision performance, in case there are problems due to the pandemic or other prohibitive conditions in Turin.

In the parking lot outside the H3 Arena was a Volkswagen Up! registered with the Norwegian Public Administration in the name of Gaute Ormåsen (38). The artist participated in Idol in 2003, where he finished second.

There is also a Porsche, which is registered to the British Ben Adams (40), who was part of the boyband A1 in the late 90s. Adams has been living in Norway lately.

For the time being, both artists refused to comment.

A1 participated in Melodi Grand Prix 2010 and finished in the second place.

Ormåsen also participated in the Melodi Grand Prix in 2010, as well as in 2013.

We remind you that Norway has been drawn to compete in the First Semifinal on May 10. Specifically, they will appear in one of the positions 10-18.

Do you like the representatives of Norway this year?