Norway: Are Keiino hinting their return? | “Nu kör vi” with Norway or with Sweden?

Lots of Eurovision fans are eagerly hoping for them to come back at the contest. But has the time just come?

KEiiNO band, a few moments ago, uploaded a Reels video on their Instagram account, rocking the boat of Eurovision news. The Reels featured a question, urging their fans to complete the sentence “Nu … vi!“. For those you can’t speak Swedish, nu kör vi means let’s go!


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But what could this mean? Is this a reference at them taking part in Melodifestivalen 2024, or they are referencing a potential participation at MGP 2024, which could potentially let them represent Norway in Malmö, Sweden?

Time will tell.

Who are KEiiNO?

KEiiNO is a Norwegian supergroup consisting of Sámi rapper Fred Buljo and singers Alexandra Rotan and Tom Hugo. The group was created in late 2018 in preparation for their participation in Melodi Grand Prix 2019, which they won and so were selected to represent Norway with the song “Spirit in the Sky” in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, finishing in sixth place, even though they placed first in the televoting results.

On 11 January 2021, it was announced that KEiiNO would participate in the Melodi Grand Prix 2021 final with the pre-qualified song “Monument“. The song was released at midnight on 15 January 2021 with the group’s debut performance of the song during the first heat of Melodi Grand Prix 2021 on 16 January 2021. The song reached the top four in the final on 20 February 2021, eventually reaching the gold duel, but lost to Tix‘s “Fallen Angel“.

Do you think KEiiNO could be selected to represent Norway for a second time? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Cyprus: CYBC reveals all the composing team for Eurovision 2019

CYBC with a post on its official Facebook account for the Eurovision Contest, has just confirmed what we have easily or hardly guessed over the past few days. That is, the team of composers of Cyprus’ entry in Eurovision 2019: Alex Papaconstantinou, Teddy Sky, Albin Nedler, Kristofer Fogelmark and Viktor Svensson.

Already yesterday it had become clear that Alex Papaconstantinou for the second consecutive year will participate as a composer in the contest with the Cypriot colors. In a photo that has also been uploaded to the CYBC’s Eurovision account, we see in a Greek restaurant, CYBC’s ceo Michalis Maratefti, the head of delegation of Cyprus in the contest, Evi Papamichael, and Alex Papacostantinou, along with a friend , telling us that they will work together for Eurovision 2019.

Today’s post becomes clearer, as CYBC reveals the names of all the composing team of the Cypriot song in Eurovision 2019.

This will be the fifth participation of Alex Papaconstantinou in the contest (Greece 2007, Azerbaijan 2009, Cyprus 2012 and 2018). Teddy Sky was in Fuego’s composing team. The rest are Swedish artists with whom Alex Papaconstantinou has collaborated in the past, for example, at La la love by Ivy Adamou, Unloved by Tamta, Cool me down by Margaret etc

CYBC invites us to stay tuned, for the rest of quizzes that will follow, and through will be revealed to us various elements of the next Cypriot entry in the contest!

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Tamta: RIK has approached my label and if I like the song I would like to go

Tamta has broken her silence and confirmed everything that was reported by the show of Alpha Cyprus and what we have written in EurovisionFun.

The popular artist was asked yesterday about the recent rumors regarding her and the possibility to represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

RIK has approached my label, MINOS, about the Eurovision Song Contest and if I like the song I would like to go. 

This means that RIK has indeed asked for a meeting with Tamta in order for her to listen to the song that Alex Papaconstantinou has prepared for the contest and if she likes it, she is ready to say YES and we will get to see her on the Eurovision stage in May in Tel Aviv.

Stay tuned in EurovisionFun for everything regarding the cypriot participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

Cyprus: “Eurovision 2019 song has already been recorded”

According to today’s tv show(19/11) of ALPHA Cyprus, With Love Christiana, the song that will represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2019 has already been recorded.

It seems that all the rumours about Cyprus and Eurovision 2019 will end very soon. The panel of the show, With Love Christiana, revealed  moments ago that the song that will represent Cyprus in the next Eurovision Song Contest has already been recorded and that they have already listened to it.

Commenting on it, they said it was a very nice song, even better than Fuego.

According to our exclusive information, on Thursday 22nd of November, Alex Papaconstantinou travels back to Cyprus along with the man who helped to change the fate of CyBc  in the contest, Christer Bjorkman, to sort out the latest details.

It was not revealec who will be the artist who will wave the Cypriot flag in Tel Aviv, but the latest rumours seem to look more than certain that this is Tamta.

EurovisionFun already knows the title of the song, but with due respect to CyBc, we will not reveal more details before any official announcements.

Stay tuned in EurovisionFun for everything that concerns the Cypriot participation in Eurovision 2019.

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