Estonia: Cyprus wins the sixth episode of Eurovisiooni laulud 2023 show!

Cyprus was the favourite of the jury in the sixth episode of Eurovisiooni laulud 2023, the Estonian show for the Eurovision Song Contest.

The sixth episode of Eurovisiooni laulud 2023 was broadcast last night where a four-member jury reviewed some of the entries in this year’s competition. The panel consisted of Grete Kuld and Tõnis Niinemets, as well as the two guests for this week, Kristel Aaslaid and Jüri Pootsman.

The jury reviewed the following entries:

  • San Marino – Piqued Jacks – “Like an Animal”
  • Serbia – Luke Black – “Samo mi se spava”
  • Albania – Albina & Familija Kelmendi – “Duje”
  • Croatia – Let 3 – “Mama ŠČ!”
  • Cyprus – Andrew Lambrou – “Break a Broken Heart”
  • Iceland – Diljá – “Power”

At the end of the night Cyprus was the big winner of last night’s episode, with Andrew Lambrou and “Break a broken heart” receiving very good reviews. Eurovisiooni laulud 2023 continues next Thursday night 4/05 on ETV.

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Latvia: Sudden Lights win Fifth Estonian Eurovision Preview Show

Sudden Lights have won the fifth episode of the Estonian preview show Eurovisiooni laulud 2023.

The four jury panel consisting of Grete Kuld and Tõnis Niinemets and two guests continued evaluating the competing songs for Eurovision 2023.  This week Piret Krumm and Silver Laas joined the panel.

During the fifth show we watched the six following songs:

  • Belgium – Gustaph – “Because of You”
  • Latvia – Sudden Lights – “Aijā”
  • Portugal – Mimicat – “Ai coração”
  • Armenia – Brunette – “Future Lover”
  • Azerbaijan – TuralTuranX -“Tell Me More”
  • Romania – Theodor Andrei – “D.G.T. (Off and On)”

At the end of the night Latvian representatives Sudden Lights and their song Aijā were the favourites.  Eurovisiooni laulud 2023 will continue reviewing the competing songs next thursday evening.

Meanwhile you can watch our reaction to the Latvian entry Aijā by the Eurovisionfun team in the video embedded below:

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Italy: Marco Mengoni wins fourth Estonian Eurovision Preview Show

Marco Mengoni was the jury’s favourite during the fourth Estonian Preview Show.

Estonian broadcaster is currently having Eurovisiooni laulud 2023, their Eurovision preview show.  Each night a panel of judges comment on the acts participating in Eurovision 2023.  The Estonian panel consist on Grete Kuld and Tõnis Niinemets plus two guest jurors.  For the fourth night OLLIE and Merlyn completed the jury panel.

The following songs were reviewed for the fourth show of Eurovisiooni laulud 2023 last night:

  • Poland – Blanka – “Solo”
  • Moldova – Pasha Parfeni – “Soarele și luna”
  • Greece – Victor Vernicos – “What They Say”
  • Germany – Lord of the Lost – “Blood & Glitter”
  • Georgia – Iru – “Echo”
  • Italy – Marco Mengoni – “Due vite”

In the end, the favourite song of the night was Marco Mengoni with Due Vite.  As a member of the Big 5, Marco Mengoni is performing in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool.

In the meantime you can also watch our reaction to Due Vite by the Eurovisionfun team in the video embedded below:

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Estonia: Sweden was the winner of the second episode of Eurovisiooni laulud 2023!

A special show dedicated exclusively to this year’s Eurovision entries is shown by ERR, the state-owned Estonian television channel. Every Thursday and for six consecutive weeks in the show Eurovisiooni laulud 2023 some of the entries of the 67th Eurovision Contest are shown while they are rated by a specially formed jury which changes every week. The winner of the first episode was Käärijä with “Cha Cha Cha” representing Finland.

The second episode was broadcast last night with a four-person panel consisting of the two presenters (Grete Kuld and Tõnis Niinemets), but also Mia and Janek who both participated in this year’s edition of Eesti Laul, of the Estonian national final.

In the second episode the entries heard and evaluated by the panel were:

  • “Tattoo” – Loreen – Sweden
  • “Burning Daylight” – Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper – Netherlands
  • “We Are One” – Wild Youth – Ireland
  • Queen of Kings” – Alessandra – Norway
  • “Breaking My Heart” – Reiley – Denmark
  • Unicorn” – Noa Kirel – Israel

The winner of the night was Loreen with “Tattoo” and was named the best entry among the six entries evaluated.

The next episode of Eurovisiooni laulud 2023 will be broadcast next Thursday 06/04 through ERR.

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Estonia: ERR starts Eurovision Preview show

ERR will have their Eurovision 2023 preview show.

Eurovisiooni laulud 2023 will be the name of the show.  Every Thursday for the next six weeks Estonian viewers will watch all the Eurovision contestant’s songs.  The preview show will be hosted by Grete Kuld and Tõnis Niinemets.  Kuld and Niinemets also hosted Eesti Laul 2023.  They will also have guests during the six shows reviewing each of the thirty seven songs in competition.

However, it is not known if they will rate the songs during the shows as part of the preview show format.  Several countries will continue the tradition of having preview shows to watch the songs for Eurovision 2023 and rate them:

  • Germany – Songcheck
  • Iceland – Alla leið 2023
  • Norway – Adresse Liverpool

Alika will represent Estonia in Eurovision 2023 with the song “Bridges”.  She is set to perform during the second semi-final in fourth place.

Source: ERR

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