Eurovision 2022: The Dress Rehearsal of the First Semi Final! (Live)

Today is the first day of the Eurovision week! We can already hear the “Sound of Music” echoing from Pala Olimpico in Turin and it’s just a few days before we finally know who is actually going to win the 66th Eurovision Song Contest!

The dress rehearsal of the Eurovision 2022 First Semi Final has just started. EurovisionFun will be watching all the shows live at both the on-site press centre in Turin and at the online press centre and we will be covering this rehearsal, commenting on all the performances and describing in detail what is happening during the show.

You will be able to to follow the entire process and get the feeling that you are right at the heart of the contest! This article gets updated in nearly real-time, all you need to do is hit the refresh button on your browser and all the rest is on us!

We will keep you up to date with all the latest details about this dress rehearsal for the First Semi Final show, allowing you to get a glimpse of what you will get to see tomorrow May 10th, at 21:00 CEST when the actual semi-final show takes place.

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Italy: Diodato confirmed as interval act in the First Semi-Final!

Diodato will finally get to perform on the Eurovision Song Contest stage as the singer has been confirmed as a special interval act in the First Semi-Final, two years after he was picked as the Italian participant for the cancelled 65th edition.

Diodato won the 70th Sanremo Festival back in 2020 with the song Fai Rumore – which topped the Italian charts and looked set to captivate an international audience at the Contest scheduled for Rotterdam.

However, as we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic changed everybody’s plans and prevented the artist from Aosta representing his home country, Italy, in the Netherlands.

However, in Italy, Fai Rumore became one of the anthems of lock-down, and in May of that year, during the Eurovision Song Contest celebration Europe Shine a Light, Diodato performed his entry at an empty Arena di Verona.

The following year, Diodato did not enter Sanremo, which was eventually won by future Eurovision champions Måneskin.

In Turin, the singer’s interval performance is hoped to symbolise a return towards normal life after two years of restrictions and social distancing, and he will finally have the chance to perform on the Eurovision stage and interact with the audience, having been denied this special opportunity following the extraordinary events of 2020.

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Italy: Diodato returns to Arena di Verona to sing again “Fai Rumore”!

“The killer” always returns to the crime scene and the same seems to be true for Diodato, who returned to the Arena di Verona to perform Fai Rumore once again at the Seat Music Awards. This time, in fact, there was a presence of the public, observing all the prescribed measures and distances to combat the pandemic of COVID-19. Read more

Italy: “Fai Rumore” on the streets because of the coronavirus

For a week now, starting in Lombardy, Italy has been in full quarantine due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, as both outbreaks and deaths in the country have been increasing steadily.

Italy’s once-crowded streets are now reminiscent of a dead country, with its citizens unwilling to remain quiet for much longer, wishing to make “some noise” as the title of this year’s Eurovision entry, “Fai Rumore ”.

From the balconies, windows and ceilings of their homes, the Italians are trying to regain some courage because of the pandemic that has ravaged the planet, singing “Fai Rumore” while following the instructions of the state to stay in their homes ( #RestaACasa).

Diodato, for his part, shares via his Instagram account, posts by locals who reproduce “Fai Rumore” loudly on the quieter streets of Italy.

The lyrics of “Fai Rumore” fit perfectly into suffocating quiet Italy as the song refers to an unusual tranquility among people:

You make noise here
And I don’t know if it’s good for me
If your noise suits me
But make noise, yes
Because I can’t stand it
This unnatural silence
Between me and you.