EXCLUSIVE: Teleconference between ERT, RIK and EBU for the conflict solution!

The updates are rapid on the issue regarding the conflict between ERT and RIK because of the hosting of the Fame Story reality show by the latter, in collaboration with PANIK Records, STAR Channel and Barking Well Media. The gap remains open and for this reason, according to our exclusive information, a teleconference is about to be held by the EBU the coming days, in order the situation to be discussed by the two sides and a solution to be found.

The story

The conflict between the two public broadcasters emerged after RIK decided to collaborate with Barking Well Media company of Nikos Koklonis, the Star Channel (private broadcaster) and the PANIK RECORDS for the organisation of the reality show named Fame Story, which will be broadcast simultaneously in Greece by Star Channel and in Cyprus by RIK.

The relevant trailer of the aforementioned show, in which despite that Eurovision is not mentioned as the award but Europe’s biggest music contest, was the last straw for ERT, which considers that their exclusive rights on the competition in Greece are violated.

The EBU after the request of the current ERT’s administration by Mr Constantinos Zoulias proceed with an update of the regulations regarding the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest which were sent to all members.

Fame Story’s complicity?

The new regulations enacted by the EBU, after ERT’s intervention, impede the realization of the talent show, at least as far as the representation of Cyprus at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest as the award, just as it is implied by the relevant trailer still broadcast by the Star Channel.

EBU’s intervention

After the publication of the relevant trailer, the EBU, in a letter, asked RIK to clarify the details regarding Fame Story and whether the realization of this show in Greece, by a private television station, violates the above mentioned regulations of the upcoming music competition .

Of course, this intervention was not accidental at all, just like the revision of the competition regulations, but it came after the protests of ERT, whose exclusivity in the television and commercial exploitation of Eurovision in Greece is being violated, an exclusivity for which it spends approximately 360,000 Euro per year.

RIK “announces” national selection in Nicosia

As you first read from Eurovision Fun (here), RIK sent a reply letter to the EBU in which it claims that Fame Story is not a national final, but a talent show, which it will integrate into its entertainment program.

It is also reported that for Eurovision 2024 RIK will choose its representative through internal selection, as it has been doing in recent years. The artist selection will be done through new talent that will emerge from both Fame Story and other young and talented artists.

Finally, it is emphasized in this letter, that the final selection of the song will take place in January 2024 through a televised show, which will take place in Nicosia. All of this, of course, as you understand, contradicts what Nikos Koklonis revealed on air, in his various interviews, and is also included in the Fame Story promo trailer.

In this way, the RIK considers that it can overcome the legal issue that has arisen after the update of the Eurovision 2024 regulations, and now they are awaiting the EBU’s response.

Teleconference for a solution

All the same there is still hope for a possible solution. Representatives of ERT and RIK will meet in a teleconference organized by the EBU in order to discuss the essence of the dispute and to seek some point of contact.

The above means that at least by the time of writing of this very article, both sides are sticking to their positions. The possible representation of Cyprus by the winner or an artist from Fame Story and the refusal of ERT to accept the television and commercial exploitation of the competition by a private television station in Greece.

The aforementioned teleconference is expected within the next days.

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ERT Vs RIK: The Eurovision controversy continues | RIK’s response to EBU!

The “civil war” that has broken out between ERT and RIK on the occasion of the Fame Story, which will be broadcast on STAR Channel in Greece and through which Cyprus intends to choose its representative for Eurovision 2024 continues, without defusing the crisis at least so far.

What has happened.

RIK’s decision to collaborate with Nikos Koklonis’ Barking Well Media, STAR Channel and PANIK Records for the production of Fame Story, which will be broadcast simultaneously in Greece (by STAR) and Cyprus (by RIK), has brought the two public broadcasters into conflict.

The trailer of the talent show, which although the word Eurovision is not mentioned as a trophy, but Europe’s biggest music competition, was the straw that broke the camel’s back for ERT, which believes that the exclusive rights to exploit the contest, which it has in Greece, are being violated.

Thus, according to what is reported today in the newspaper PARON, the EBU, at the request of ERT’s administration and Mr. Constantinos Zoulas, the EBU has proceeded to update the Eurovision 2024 regulations, sending them to all its members.

Fame Story controversy?

These new regulations, which seem to have been introduced by the EBU, after ERT’s intervention, bring obstacles to the talent show, at least having as its trophy the representation of Cyprus in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, as it is implied in the relevant trailer, which continues to play on STAR’s frequency.

The new Eurovision 2024 rules

The new regulations state the following:

The organisation of the national selection of each EBU member must not violate the exclusivity of the rights of the participants of the other participating broadcasters of the other countries. Each national selection of a representative for Eurovision should be undertaken and organised under the exclusive control of each participating broadcaster. The organisation and production may not be subcontracted, except with the prior approval of the EBU. The national selections must be organised and televised nationally in the participating broadcaster’s country and on the participating broadcaster’s own EBU member channel.

EBU intervention

Following the publication of the trailer, the EBU wrote to RIK asking it to clarify the details of Fame Story and whether the production of this show in Greece by a private TV station violates the above mentioned regulations of the upcoming music competition.

This intervention was of course not at all accidental, as was the revision of the contest’s regulations, but came after ERT complained that it was violating its exclusive TV and commercial exploitation of Eurovision in Greece, an exclusivity for which it spends around 360,000 euros per year.

The letter from RIK to the EBU

According to information available to Eurovisionfun, RIK has sent a letter of reply to the EBU in which it claims that Fame Story is not a national final, but a talent show which will be included in its entertainment programme.

It is also stated that for Eurovision 2024, RIK will select its representative for Eurovision 2024 by direct award, as it has done in recent years. The artist will be selected from new talent that will emerge from both Fame Story and other young and talented artists.

Finally, it is emphasized in this letter that the final selection will take place in January 2024 through a TV show, which will be held in Nicosia. All of this of course as you can understand is contrary to what Nikos Koklonis (producer of Fame Story) revealed on air, in various interviews, and also included in the promo trailer of Fame Story.

Pending the EBU’s final decision

We now await with interest the final settlement of the issue by the EBU and whether or not it will finally allow, after the explanations of RIK, to be used as a method of selecting the artist that will represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2024. However, according to what has seen the light of publicity in the previous days, in any case, the people of RIK have prepared an alternative plan, since in no case they do not wish to disturb their relations with the EBU, but also to endanger the Cypriot participation in the contest.

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Sources: Eurovisionfun, Paron, Real News

Cyprus: Problems with the 2024 Eurovision selection “Fame Story”?

CyBC, the Cypriot Public Broadcaster confirmed a few months ago that the country will take part in Eurovision 2024 and the artist will be chosen through the talent show “Fame Story“, which will be produced and broadcasted from Greece, in collaboration with Greek private broadcaster Star Channel.

However, according to an article on, there are problems regarding the selection of the representative through the show and the broadcasting rights of the contest, which in Greece are owned exclusively by ERT, the Greek Public Broadcaster.

The problem seems to revolve around the intention of RIK (CyBC) to choose the next Cypriot Eurovision representative through Fame Story, a talent show that will be broadcasted on STAR in Greece and RIK in Cyprus. This has become a point of contention for ERT because, according to the EBU’s regulations, the exclusive rights for Eurovision in each country belong to the public broadcaster of that country.

Therefore, if ERT does not grant written permission for Fame Story (as long as it awards the prize of representing Cyprus in Eurovision 2024), there is a real risk, as mentioned in the Politis article, of Cyprus’ participation in the upcoming competition being in jeopardy.

The Cypriot Public Broadcaster is reportedly considering not using Fame Story as the national selection and choosing its representative through a different process to avoid problems in its relationship with the EBU and risking its participation in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest.

The trailer of Fame Story is still being broadcasted on Star Channel up until the moment this article is written.

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Cyprus: Fame Story’s first trailer is on air |How to apply!

A few hours ago, the trailer of the cypriot Fame Story, from which the represantor of the country for Eurovision 2024 will be chosen, is on air and has all the details on how artists can apply for the show.

The voice behind the trailer is Nikos Koklonis, the famous presenter of the show which will be aired in Star TV.

Based on his words, 15 singers will be in the Academy of Fame Story and the winner will win a contract with Panik Records and will also represent Cyprus in Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

The program will be aired daily and the 15 artists will not only take singing and dancing lessons, but they will also learn how to use social media, public relations and styling tips.

You can see the trailer below, in which, however, the word “Eurovision” is not used.

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Cyprus: More details revealed about the Eurovision 2024 entry selection show!

Earlier today, on Open Channel’s morning show, Kalokairi #Yes, the businessman, producer and TV presenter Nikos Koklonis revealed that he will be the presenter of Fame Story, which will be on our screens from September on RIK and Star Channel.

The representative of Cyprus to be chosen through Fame Story

As Nikos Koklonis has already revealed, the talent show will be used as a selection method for the artist who will represent the island in Eurovision 2024, but will also win a contract with the recording label, PANIK Records.

Furthermore, he announced that the show is expected to start around the end of September and will be completed by the end of December.

15 contestants on Fame Story

According to Nikos Koklonis’ statements, 15 candidates will enter the Academy and will claim not only the representation of Cyprus in the Contest, but also their inclusion in the music industry, as there will be opportunities for everyone (concerts, contracts with labels).

Students will receive many daily lessons in addition to music, such as Social Media Management, Styling, Public Relations and they will also be able to communicate with the world outside the show.

Finally, he announced that he can’t reveal the names of the Judges yet, but it was said that there are talks with big names for these positions, as well as those of the Coaches. In fact, we won’t only see singers in these roles.

Within the next few hours the Fame Story trailer is expected to be released, with over 1,000 entries having already been received.

You can also watch all his statements here:

Do you think Cyprus will be able to find the artist who will lift it even higher in 2024? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cyprus: All the details about the selection method for Eurovision 2024! | EXCLUSIVE

The talent show that will be used as a selection method for Cyprus in Eurovision 2024 will be Fame Story, which will be broadcast from September by the Cypriot National Broadcaster CyBC/RIK and by the Greek Chanel STAR. EurovisionFun spoke to the people of RIK and they bring you all the exclusive coverage with the first details of what we will see very soon. Until that, you can also read our previous article with the General Director of RIK announcing that there will be a selection process for Eurovision 2024.

“Fame Story” will be broadcast via RIK and STAR

Finally, the plans for the national selection are on going, with RIK, PANIK Records and Barking Well Media to cooperate for the “Fame Story” show. The show will return after many years in the Greek/Cypriot spotlight but quite different from the last one. This news was reported earlier this mornning from Super Katerina Morning Show

Some of the first details are that, during this summer, castings for the talent show will take place in various cities of Greece, Cyprus and foreign countries. The plan is that the show will to stast broadcasting from September with the final taking place during the Christmas holidays, so there will be plenty of time to find the right song and for the artist to get prepaired in order to represnt Cyprus to the 68th Eurovision Song Contest.

An episode will be broadcast daily in the afternoon, with scenes from the academy. The program will be marked as suitable for all. So don’t expect to see much of their daily life, like a regular reality show. Everythimg we will see will focus on the development and progress of the academy students, so we will see their lessons, rehearsals and in general their preperation for the weekly live.

Sixteen artists will be chosen for the music academy, with one of the artists leaving each week in the live show. Discussions have already began with famous artists to be a member of the jury. One of them is Anna Vissi, the Greek Representative when Greece hosted the contest back in 2006.

At the end of this month, people of the national broadcaster will be in Athens to formalize the concept. Afterwards, there will be a relevant trailer calling for artists who would like to participate on the talent show and represent Cyprus in the song contest.

This year, Cyprus managed to achieve their second best result after Eleni Foureira in 2018. Andrew Lambrou finished 12th in the Grand Final with the song Break A Broken Heart.

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