Faroe Islands: KVF is set to apply for EBU membership!

The national broadcaster of the Faroe Islands Kringvarp Føroya (KVF), is going to apply for full membership in the European Broadcasting Union before the coming summer.

As far as the application for full EBU membership, the CEO of KVF commented that:

Our ultimate aim with this application is independent Faroese participation in the Eurovision Song Contest

EBU membership is the first step. If we succeed with that, our next aim is Eurovision. This contest is currently for independent states only, but perhaps we can obtain some sort of associate membership first, and then we can work from there. By next spring, I expect we will have a much clearer idea of our chances.”

The Faroe Islands is an autonomous constituent country within the Kingdom of Denmark. The Faroe Islands are self-governed in almost all areas and is per definition eligible to become an EBU member.

The national broadcaster pushes for full EBU membership and the desire for a participation in the Eurovision Song Contest derives from the fact that this year the representative of Denmark, Reiley, comes from the Faroe Islands. Reiley represented Denmark with the song “Breaking My Heart” but did not manage to qualify as he finished 14th in the Second Semi-Final with only 6 points.

Source: Eurovoix

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Faroe Islands: plans to join EBU in the future

As we mentioned you in a previous articlenational broadcaster for the  Faroe Islands, KVF, broadcasted the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

Last night Reiley from the Faroe Islands represented Denmark at Eurovision 2023. Therefore, the Faroe Islands believe they are one step closer to being able to participate in the contest and become a member of the EBU.

Minister of Social Affairs and Culture Sirið Stenberg, said that Reiley ‘s participation had a positive impact and opened doors helping the Faroe Islands to participate in Eurovision at some point. This is something that Reiley himself hopes for.

The national broadcaster of the Faroe Islands has expressed an interest in participating at the Eurovision Song Contest.  However since the Faroe Islands are part of the Kingdom of Denmark, their full participation in the EBU has not yet been approved.


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Faroe Islands: KVF will be broadcasting Eurovision 2023!

KVF, the national broadcaster of the Faroe Islands is going to broadcast Eurovision 2023!

It was reported through the KVF website, that all three shows of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 that takes place in Liverpool, the United Kingdom are going to be broadcast live to the viewers of the Faroe Islands.

Since 2010, the Faroese national broadcaster Kringvarp Føroya (KVF) has been attempting to gain EBU membership and thus participate independently in the Eurovision Song Contest. However, KVF cannot obtain EBU membership due to the islands being a constituent part of the Danish Realm.

In late 2018, KVF showed renewed interest in joining the EBU and participating in the contest. According to the broadcaster, they are not excluded by the rule that only independent nations can join, and as a result, the Faroese broadcaster started internal discussions on applying for EBU membership and participating in the contest, and even organising a national final similar to the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.

So far, the non-participating in Eurovision 2023 countries that have confirmed the broadcast of this year’s contest are the following:

  • Chile – Canal 13
  • Faroe Islands – KVF
  • Kosovo – RTK
  • North Macedonia – MRT
  • Slovakia – Radio_FM
  • United States – Peacock

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Source: KVF 

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