France: No immediate decision on hosting Junior Eurovision 2024!

France Télévisions has not made an immediate decision after its victory in Nice on whether to host Junior Eurovision 2024.

Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez, Director of Channels and Progams at France Télévisions, told that no decision has yet been made on whether France will host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2024.

Zoé Clauzure won the competition for France yesterday, bringing the country its second consecutive win.

Mr Sitbon-Gomez said:

As far as Junior Eurovision is concerned, we will first celebrate the victory. Then we will discuss, as we have done every time, with the EBU to find out where it would be better. There are many countries that want to host it and we don’t want there to be a French monopoly on Junior Eurovision.

Furthermore, he stressed that the broadcaster has not yet taken any decision on the organisation of the competition:

We take time to discuss and think together. Today, we are especially happy and proud of what we have been able to experience.

The lack of immediate reaction to the victory is a change from France’s 2021 victory in Yerevan, Armenia. Then on the night of the competition, the general manager of France Télévisions confirmed that it would host the next edition of the competition.

There is speculation that with the 2024 Paris Olympics taking place in 2024 and the financial burden this will place on the host country’s broadcaster, France Télévisions may choose to decline to host the event. We recall that this has happened before in 2015, when RAI of Italy chose not to host the 2015 competition and instead the EBU opened up hosting the contest to bidding.

Zoé Clauzure from France won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Nice, France with 228 points. She was first in both the jury vote and the online vote, bringing France its third win and a consecutive victory after 2022.

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Junior Eurovision 2023: The Grand Final takes place tonigh in Nice!

The big day for all Junior Eurovision fans has arrived. This afternoon, the Grand Final of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which celebrates its 21st edition will take place!

Live from Nice, France at 16:00 pm CET16 countries will battle it out for the coveted first place and victory in Junior Eurovision 2023.

From Palais Nikaïa right in the center of the French city, presenters Olivier Minne and Laury Thilleman will welcome us to the 21st edition of the children’s music festival.

Running Order

France, represented by Zoé Clauzure, will perform 12th in Sunday’s grand final. The show will be opened by Sandra Valero from the Spain, while Sep & Jasmijn from the Netherlands will perform her song last.

  1. 🇪🇸 Spain: Sandra Valero“LOVIU”
  2. 🇲🇹 Malta: Yulan “Stronger”
  3. 🇺🇦 Ukraine: Anastasia Dymyd“Kvitka”
  4. 🇮🇪 Ireland: Jessica McKean“Aisling”
  5. 🇬🇧 United Kingdom: Stand Uniqu3 “Back to Life”
  6. 🇲🇰 North Macedonia: Tamara Grujeska“Kaži Mi, Kaži Mi Koj”
  7. 🇪🇪 Estonia: Arhanna “Hoiame Kokku”
  8. 🇦🇲 Armenia: Yan Girls  “Do It My Way”
  9. 🇵🇱 Poland: Maja Krzyzewska“I Just Need A Friend”
  10. 🇬🇪 Georgia: Anastasia & Ranina“Over The Sky”
  11. 🇵🇹 Portugal: Julia Machado“Where I Belong”
  12. 🇫🇷 France: Zoé Clauzure “Cœur”
  13. 🇦🇱 Albania: Viola Gjyzeli“Bota Ime”
  14. 🇮🇹 Italy: Melissa & Ranya “Un Mondo Giusto”
  15. 🇩🇪 Germany: Fia“Ohne Worte”
  16. 🇳🇱 Netherlands: Sep & Jasmijn “Holding On To You”


Online voting will determine 100% of the public vote as voting by phone or SMS is not possible. As it was until now in Eurovision, the public decides by 50% on the results, with the remaining 50% coming from the votes of each country’s juries. The JESC 2023 Jury will include three music industry professionals and two children aged 10 to 15 years.

The vote for Junior Eurovision 2023 is divided into two phases:

 -Phase 1: voting begins at 8 pm today (CET time) in Friday. This round of voting will remain open throughout Saturday, closing at 15:59 on Sunday, shortly before the show begins.
Phase 2 :takes place during the live broadcast. The window will open after the appearance of the last country, Ukraine. The second phase will last about 15 minutes.

You can watch the Grand final of Junior Eurovision 2023 through the official YouTube channel of the competition:

Which country do you think will succeed France and win the 20th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest?

Junior Eurovision 2023: The results of the Press and the Audience Poll | France is the winner!

In less than 24 hours from now will know the winner of the 21st Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Following the conclusion of the technical rehearsals and the beginning of the Online Voting’s first phase, the first Dress Rehearsal as well as the Jury Final took place today. During the Jury Final, the 50% of tommorow’s results was decided with the remaining 50% to be decided by the online vote.

Press poll

Since the first and second technical rehearsals were not open to press, today it was the first time that the accredited journalists were able to watch the full performances of the sixteen participating countries. Hence, as it is used in Eurovision, a press poll was held within the accredited journalists and was organized by ESC Insight, ESC Discord, That Eurovision Site and L’Eurovision Au Quotidien.

56 accredited members of the press voted, with each one of them awarding 1 point to their top three entries.

The results of the Junior Eurovision’s 2023 press poll were the following

At the top of the poll stands France with 27 points, followed by The Netherlands with the margin of just a point. France and The Netherlands were by far the favorites of the press with United Kingdom finishing third with a six-point margin.

Audience Poll

Along with the usual press poll, an audience poll was also held this year. The results of this poll were decided by the audience attending the Jury Final. It was requested of the audience to select a winner.

The results of the Junior Eurovision’s 2023 audience poll were the following

At the audience poll, France wins by landslide and is followed by Armenia and Spain.

As a result, we can see that France with Zoé Clauzure and “Coeur” easily topped both of the polls conducted today and is a clear favorite for winning the 2023 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. In case the aforementioned scenario comes true and France wins on home soil, it will be the second time in Junior Eurovision history that a country wins in two consecutive editions, with the first being Poland(2018-2019).

The 21st Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held tomorrow afternoon at 16:00 CET live from Palais Nikaïa in Nice, France. Meanwhile, the online voting is still open and you can cast your votes until 15:59 CET. The show will be also broadcasted live via the official Junior Eurovision YouTube channel

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Junior Eurovision 2023: The first rehearsals of the 16 participating countries!

The 21st edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is just around the corner. Artists from sixteen different countries have arrived in Nice, where they will have the opportunity to sing live in front of millions of audience.

Those “Heroes” have been preparing for months and they have just underwent their first technical rehearsals at the stage of Palais Nikaia, where the main event will take place. The First Rehearsals began yesterday and were concluded today.

As in the adult Eurovision, no journalists were allowed to watch the first rehearsals. Moreover, there were no rehearsal clips uploaded. Hence, there is no audiovisual material, except some photos uploaded on the official social media accounts of the competition. You can take a sneak peak of what all those young performers have prepared, below:

Albania – Viola Gjyzeli

Armenia – Yan Girls

Estonia – ARHANNA

Georgia – Anastasia and Ranina

Germany – Fia

France – Zoé Clauzure

Ireland – Jessica McKean

Italy – Melissa and Ranya

Malta – Yulan

Netherlands – Sep and Jasmijn

North Macedonia – Tamara Grujeska

Poland – Maja Krzyżewska

Portugal – Júlia Machado

Spain – Sandra Valero

Ukraine – Anastasia Dymyd

United Kingdom – STAND UNIQU3

The running order

After a draw was held, the running order of the 21st Junior Eurovision Song Contest was decided as following:

  1. Spain
  2. Malta
  3. Ukraine
  4. Ireland
  5. United Kingdom
  6. North Macedonia
  7. Estonia
  8. Armenia
  9. Poland
  10. Georgia
  11. Portugal
  12. France
  13. Albania
  14. Italy
  15. Germany
  16. The Netherlands

What’s next?

Following the second rehearsals of the sixteen participants, a snippet of each country’s performance will be uploaded on and so will commence marks the first phase of the Online Voting, which will determine 50 percent of the total outcome. The online voting platform will close just before the show starts on Sunday and will re-open for a while after all the performances. For more information on how to vote, check this out:

Junior Eurovision 2023 will take place at Palais Nikaia, in the city of Nice, France, next Sunday 26 November. The contest will be hosted by France for the second time after Lissandro won the 2022 contest in Armenia with his song “Oh maman!”.

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The steering group of Junior Eurovision 2023!

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest steering group’s membership list was updated earlier today.

What role does the group act out?

Modernizing and promoting the contest is one of its primary responsibilities, as stated on the contest’s official website. The group participants are also expected to supervise the host broadcaster’s annual preparation. The JESC Steering group meets on behalf of all participating broadcasters, four or five times a year.

The following members make up the JESC Steering Group:

  • The chairman;
  • Two elected members of the heads of delegation;
  • The executive producer of the previous host country, the executive producer of the current year’s host broadcaster and the executive producer of the next host broadcaster;
  • The EBU Junior Eurovision Song Contest Executive Supervisor.

Each year, the group’s composition is altered to ensure that all participating broadcasters’ interests are represented.

The recent modifications

After the most recent revisions were made, the team was joined by Anna Maria Bordas, a representative of the Spanish national channel RTVE.

As a result, the group is made up of the following eight individuals:

  • Ana Maria Bordas (RTVE – Spain)
  • Mariangela Borneo (RAI – Italy)
  • Carla Bugalho (RTP – Portugal)
  • Melissa Hardinge (BBC – United Kingdom)
  • Marta Piekarska (TVP, Chairperson – Portugal )
  • Alexandra Redde (France TV – France)
  • David Tserunyan (AMPTV – Armenia)
  • Anja Zegwaard (AVROTROS – The Netherlands)
  • Martin Österdahl (EBU)

After Lissandros‘ triumph in Yereval last year with the song “Oh Maman!” the 21st Junior Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to take place on November 26 in Nice, France.

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Source : EBU 

France: Loreen comments on La Zarra’s controversial gesture!

It’s already a month since the Final of this year’s contest took place, but artists, still have a lot to say.

Something that people are still talking about, is the controversial gesture of the French representative, La Zarra; namely the hand gesture she did facing the audience during the live show, after receiving 50 points from the televote.

What is more, France Télévisions seems to be dissatisfied with the final result and France’s place on the scoreboard, but also La Zarra’a exclusion from various festivals and concerts.

According to French press, La Zarra was not able to reclaim the public’s trust. She had many of her concerts canceled in the previous weeks due to lack of audience, while on the same time, many radio stations have stopped playing the French entry.

Eurovision 2023 winner, Loreen, was also asked about La Zarra’s gesture, with the first, supporting the French representative:

In an interview at “Le Parisien”, she said:

“La Zarra is very proud and hard working. I feel like she’s a girl who fought to get this far. I think her gesture is connected to a frustration: we work so hard for Eurovision and we don’t always achieve what we expected. It’s win or lose. You can never really prepare for it. She may have had a feeling of great disappointment at that moment.”
We remind you that La Zarra has stated the following about her gesture:
“You have to understand that although I represent France, I also have a culture and it is a bit genealogical. It’s not a negative gesture, it’s a frustration gesture that we use between friends.”
La Zarra represented France in Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool, with her song “Évidemment” and ended up in 16th place of the Grand Final:

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France: “France does not deserve this!” | The comments of Marie Myriam, the last French winner!

The last winner of France, Marie Myriam, who won the contest back in 1977, commented on Le Parisien La Zarra’s gesture and believes that she is a bad loser.

La Zarra’s gesture towards the camera during the announcement of the televoting in the final of Eurovision 2023 had a negative impact on social media and upset Marie Myriam, the last winner of France back in 1977.

“That gesture by La Zarra at the end of the night because she didn’t win is really shocking”

However, La Zarra clarified that this was not a middle finger, but a “gesture of frustration”.

Furthermore Marie Myriam added:

“I’m extremely disappointed”

“Watch the video, it’s a middle finger! And it was seen by almost 200 million viewers. What a shame! I am extremely disappointed because this is simply not possible.”

“She made this gesture sitting in an armchair with French flags behind her. France does not deserve this! She justifies herself by saying that this gesture expresses a frustration in the Moroccan culture, but it will start a racist war rhetoric that we really don’t need.”

According to Marie Myriam, La Zarra is eventually a bad loser.

“Perhaps they should explain to her that it was not guaranteed that she would come first. This is the principle of the competition. If you don’t want to lose, you don’t participate!”

“Expressing her displeasure, her disappointment, with this vulgar gesture, she put gray on her image, the very same woman who was sunny with that red, that black, her beautiful hat”

France ended up in the 16th place of the Grand Final receiving from the televoting and the national juries 104 points.

Source: BFMTV

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Eurovision 2023: The first Dress Rehearsal of the Grand Final!

Just a few minuts ago, the first dress rehearsal of the Grand Final, which is going to take place tomorrow night, took place. Eurovisionfun, was present in the M&S Bank Arena and is here to offer you a small glimpse of the rehearsals of the performances of tomorrow’s Grand Final.

🇫🇷 France – La Zarra – “Évidement”

🇨🇾Cyprus– Andrew Lambrou – “Break A Broken Heart”

🇪🇸Spain– Blanca Paloma – “EaEa” 

🇸🇪Sweden– Loreen – “Tattoo”

🇮🇱 Israel – Noa Kirel – “Unicorn”

What’s next today, is the Jury Rehearsal and as a matter of fact, it will be the first time in this year’s contest, that the jury vote will count, as in the semi-finals, it was the public alone that decided the result.

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Eurovision 2023: Watch video of the BIG 5 and Ukraine’s rehearsals!

The preparations on Liverpool for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest are on fire and it’s now a wrap for the seventh and last day of the technical rehearsals. After their first technical rehearsals, the representatives of the BIG 5 and Ukraine took the stage of the M&S Bank Arena for their second rehearsals.

The second rehearsals gave the opportunity to the delegations to fix any mistakes spotted on the first rehearsals and help the artists feel more safe and familiar with the Eurovision big stage.

Because accredited journalists are not allowed to watch both the first and second rehearsals this year, we have very little information about what this year’s artists have prepared for the Eurovision stage. EBU has just uploaded through the official Eurovision channel in YouTube a recap of today’s rehearsals. More specifically, we will have the chance to watch exclusive TV footage of today’s rehearsals.

The countries that had their second rehearsals today were the following:

  1. Germany
  2. France
  3. Italy
  4. Spain
  5. Ukraine
  6. United Kingdom

You can watch the recap of today’s rehearsals below:

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INFE Poll 2023: The results from France!

For the seventh consecutive year, the second fan network of the Eurovision Song Contest, the INFE Network, in collaboration with the website EscToday, is conducting the INFE Poll.

Network members in the 21 local fan clubs have already voted for their favorite songs from Eurovision 2023 and via ESCToday, they are announcing their scores.

Here are the results of INFE France:

  • Switzerland – 1 point
  • Moldova – 2 points
  • Israel – 3 points
  • Czechia – 4 points
  • Spain – 5 points
  • Ireland – 6 points
  • Italy – 7 points
  • Sweden – 8 points
  • Norway – 10 points
  • Finland – 12 points

After adding the votes from France, our updated scoreboard reads as follows:

  1. Sweden – 186 points
  2. Finland – 155 points
  3. Norway – 144 points
  4. Italy – 91 points
  5. Austria – 81 points
  6. France – 80 points
  7. Spain – 68 points
  8. Czechia – 65 points
  9. Israel – 63 points
  10. Moldova – 36 points
  11. United Kingdom – 28 points
  12. Armenia – 25 points
  13. Slovenia – 17 points
  14. Croatia – 12 points
  15. Georgia – 12 points
  16. Ireland – 12 points
  17. Germany – 10 points
  18. Cyprus – 9 points
  19. Switzerland – 9 points
  20. Greece – 8 points
  21. Serbia – 8 points
  22. Albania – 7 points
  23. Ukraine – 6 points
  24. Iceland – 5 points
  25. Denmark – 4 points
  26. Romania – 4 points
  27. Latvia – 3 points
  28. Australia – 2 points
  29. Estonia – 2 points
  30. Netherlands – 2 points
  31. Portugal – 2 points
  32. Belgium – 1 points
  33. Malta – 1 points
  34. Poland – 1 points
  35. San Marino – 1 points
  36. Azerbaijan – 0 points
  37. Lithuania – 0 points

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