France: Return to national final to select future representatives?

After two consecutive years of internal selectionsAlexandra Redde-Amiel, France’s head of delegation, states in an interview that a national selection process is likely to be used to select the country’s future Eurovision entries.

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France: The first televised live performance of “Mon Amour” by Slimane!

During the New Year’s Eve special program, conducted by the French public television, Slimane gave the first televised live performance of his song “Mon Amour”.

The French representative in Eurovision Song Contest 2024, performed his song during “La soirée du 31 de Paris” just below the Arc de Triomphe.

Slimane Nebchi is 34 years old and is of algerian origin. He won The Voice of France in 2016 and ever since his career has exploded. His four studio albums have all reached the first place in the french charts and he has also charted in other countries’ charts. He was a coach in the Voice of Belgium. He has also participated in musicals and some films as an actor, while he is also a philanthropist.

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Junior Eurovision 2023: The Grand Final takes place tonigh in Nice!

The big day for all Junior Eurovision fans has arrived. This afternoon, the Grand Final of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which celebrates its 21st edition will take place!

Live from Nice, France at 16:00 pm CET16 countries will battle it out for the coveted first place and victory in Junior Eurovision 2023.

From Palais Nikaïa right in the center of the French city, presenters Olivier Minne and Laury Thilleman will welcome us to the 21st edition of the children’s music festival.

Running Order

France, represented by Zoé Clauzure, will perform 12th in Sunday’s grand final. The show will be opened by Sandra Valero from the Spain, while Sep & Jasmijn from the Netherlands will perform her song last.

  1. 🇪🇸 Spain: Sandra Valero“LOVIU”
  2. 🇲🇹 Malta: Yulan “Stronger”
  3. 🇺🇦 Ukraine: Anastasia Dymyd“Kvitka”
  4. 🇮🇪 Ireland: Jessica McKean“Aisling”
  5. 🇬🇧 United Kingdom: Stand Uniqu3 “Back to Life”
  6. 🇲🇰 North Macedonia: Tamara Grujeska“Kaži Mi, Kaži Mi Koj”
  7. 🇪🇪 Estonia: Arhanna “Hoiame Kokku”
  8. 🇦🇲 Armenia: Yan Girls  “Do It My Way”
  9. 🇵🇱 Poland: Maja Krzyzewska“I Just Need A Friend”
  10. 🇬🇪 Georgia: Anastasia & Ranina“Over The Sky”
  11. 🇵🇹 Portugal: Julia Machado“Where I Belong”
  12. 🇫🇷 France: Zoé Clauzure “Cœur”
  13. 🇦🇱 Albania: Viola Gjyzeli“Bota Ime”
  14. 🇮🇹 Italy: Melissa & Ranya “Un Mondo Giusto”
  15. 🇩🇪 Germany: Fia“Ohne Worte”
  16. 🇳🇱 Netherlands: Sep & Jasmijn “Holding On To You”


Online voting will determine 100% of the public vote as voting by phone or SMS is not possible. As it was until now in Eurovision, the public decides by 50% on the results, with the remaining 50% coming from the votes of each country’s juries. The JESC 2023 Jury will include three music industry professionals and two children aged 10 to 15 years.

The vote for Junior Eurovision 2023 is divided into two phases:

 -Phase 1: voting begins at 8 pm today (CET time) in Friday. This round of voting will remain open throughout Saturday, closing at 15:59 on Sunday, shortly before the show begins.
Phase 2 :takes place during the live broadcast. The window will open after the appearance of the last country, Ukraine. The second phase will last about 15 minutes.

You can watch the Grand final of Junior Eurovision 2023 through the official YouTube channel of the competition:

Which country do you think will succeed France and win the 20th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest?

Junior Eurovision: Ticket sale starts today!

Exactly one month from now, the 21st Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Nice, France. After Lissandro’s win with “Oh Maman!” in Yerevan, France Télévisions is hosting the contest in Palais Nikaïa.

Excluding Ireland, 15 out of 16 competing songs are already out and the public televisions decided to commence the ticket selling for the contest.

The tickets for the Grand Final, started selling today at 12:00 CET, directly from the website of Palais Nikaïa, and they cost 15€ seated and 20€ standing (including taxes)

The official website of the contest, strongly suggests that you only buy tickets from the authorised seller.

The 21st Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Nice, France, on the 26th of November, following Lissandro’s win last year in Yerevan.

What do you think of the Armenian entry for Junior Eurovision 2023? Write us in the comments below!


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France: More than four million viewers watched the presentation of La Zarra’s song!

More than four million viewers wathced the premier of La Zarra’s song for Eurovision 2023, called “Évidemment”, that took place through the TV show 20h30 Le Dimanche, of the French public television.

In total, 4.3 million French viewers tuned in to watch the presentation of the song that will represnt the country in Eurovision 2023. The highest amount of viewers for the show, was 4.5 million. In accordance to that number, 20.2% of the viewers in France watched the show.

This is the first time since 2020 that France, chose both its representative and song internally for the contest. La Zarra’s participation in the contest, was already confirmed back in January.

The long-awaited, “Évidemment”, with which La Zarra will represent France in Eurovision 2023 was released just yesterday. For rhose who didn’t het the chance to listen to it on its premier, you can watch it below:

What do you think of La Zarra as the next representative of France in Eurovision 2023? Leave your thoughts on the comments below.

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France: “Évidemment” by La Zarra is out now! | Listen to it here!

On January 12, through a special press conference, the French national broadcaster France Télévisions announced its representative for Eurovision 2023.

The 25-year-old singer, La Zarra, will raise the French flag in the United Kingdom, claiming the coveted victory for the French.

As we have already informed you in a previous article, the song that La Zarra will have to perform in Liverpool, at Eurovision Song Contest 2023, was expected to be released today, Sunday February 19. The song “Évidemment” is already out and you can listen to it below:

Who is La Zarra;

Fatima Zahra Hafdi, better known as La Zarra, was born in Montreal, Canada.  She got notoriety for her collaboration with rapper Niro in 2016 with the song “Printemps blanc”.  She debut as a solo singer in 2021 with the song “Tu t’en iras” (You’ll go away) in 2021. La Zarra received a nomination at the 2021 NRJ Awards in the category “Francophone Revelation”. She has also topped playlist in various streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify.

Did you like the French entry song “Évidemment” that will be performed by La Zarra at the Eurovision song contest this year, held in Liverpool? Leave your comment below!

France: La Zarra will raise the French flag in Liverpool!

Through a special press conference, the French national broadcaster France Télévisions has announced the French representative at Eurovision 2023.

After two years of Eurovision France: C’est vous qui décidez, the French broadcaster has decided to take another way for 2023 by choosing internally the artist that will represent France in Liverpool.

The 25-year-old Canadian-Moroccan singer, La Zarra, will raise the French flag high in the United Kingdom, claiming victory for the French.

La Zarra has been one of the names strongly rumored for the representation of the country since last year. By returning to social media, she has once again emerged as a possible representative of France at Eurovision 2023.

Through a story, it was revealed that La Zarra participated in the casting of Eurovision France in 2021, because the stage of the Apollo Theater with the colors of the national selection could be seen from behind.

Her music is a mix of french pop and urban sounds and she became widely known in 2016 through an artistic collaboration with Niro. During the NRJ Music Awards 2021, she was nominated for the French-speaking revelation award of the year.

In spring 2021, La Zarra unveils “Tu t’en iras” accompanied by a clip which was a rapid success on YouTube (nearly one million views in just 15 days after being uploaded). In the specialized press, many underline the arrival of La Zarra on the scene of musical revelations. Many also highlight the Canadian’s ability to mix genres and hypnotize her audience with her timbre of voice and her sense of interpretation.

What do you think of La Zarra as the next representative of France in Eurovision 2023? Leave your thoughts on the comments below.

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France: The country’s plans on Eurovision 2023 will be announced today!

France’s public broadcaster, France Télévisions, has already announced that after their win in Junior Eurovision 2022, they are now planning on winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2023!

As of now, the French public television has not made any announcement on how they are going to select their representative or song, while in comparisonn with other years, in this period of time last year, the submission deadline had already been completed and in the end of 2020, we knew all twelve contestants of Eurovision France: C’est vous qui décidez 2021.

However, a few minutes ago, there was an announcement that later today, and to be exact on 15:00 CET, France Télévisions will reveal the plans for Eurovision 2023!


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It is not known yet, if France will make an internal selection or a national final, as they have not made any specific announcement for song submission or any information on the selection process.

Last year, France organized the national final C’est vous qui décidez and the winners were Alvan & Ahez with their song “Fulenn”, ending up in 24th place in the Grand Final:

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France: The first rumors for Eurovision 2023!

The French national broadcaster, France Télévisions, so far hasn’t made an informative statement about the country’s participation in Eurovision 2023. What format will France use to select the entry it will send to Liverpool? Through a national final or by internal selection? This has not yet been revealed, however we can say a few names of artists that are heavily rumoured in the rumours circulating. Let’s go and see who they are.

La Zarra

The Canadian singer’s name was heavily mentioned last year as well. Through her return to social media, she has once again come back into the limelight as a possible representative of France at Eurovision 2023. Through a story, it was revealed that La Zarra was included in the casting of Eurovision France 2021 because the Apollo Theater stage in the national selection’s colours could be seen from behind. In her music she mixes French song and urban sounds. Maybe it’s time for her to visit Liverpool for Eurovision 2023?



She rose to fame in 2019 via The Voice Kids when she was just 17 years old, and three years later she won The Voice. About two months ago, she released her first single, “Premier Amour,” which has already reached two million views on YouTube. In the lyric video’s comments, Nour announced that there will be “little surprises in the coming weeks”. Do these include a possible participation in the French national selection? Especially since the previous selections have shown an extra preference for people who participated in TF1 shows. It is worth noting that TF1’s kids version is the main source of selecting the country’s representatives for Junior Eurovision.



A cryptic message posted on Twitter started the rumor. The frontwoman of the band that takes her name and the featured singer of the great hits “Je veux te voir” and “À cause des garçons” which is a cover of the band of the same name, Yelle, said that there will be new music projects in late January, at the same time saying “I don’t know if I should say it here”. Since then, Yelle have denied the rumour started by eurofans and insisted that they do not want to participate in a music competition. However, is this really true or are they just following strategies like those of Ulrikke and Elsie Bay’s managers in an attempt to muddy the waters? In any case, the electro-dance-pop group has just announced the release of their new song for January 24th, before embarking on a mini-tour of the United States in late February/early March.


Anne Sila

Anne Sila is one of the most coveted names on the Eurofans’ list. She has two appearances on The Voice and a win on the All Stars version. After shocking viewers and her coach Florent Pagny, wouldn’t Anne Sila be able to conquer Liverpool and subsequently the hearts of viewers? Will she remain as an unfulfilled dream of the competition’s fans or is it time for her to be the French delegation’s strongest asset?


Tom Leeb

He is the last representative of France to be selected by internal selection for the much-maligned Eurovision 2020, which was ultimately cancelled. His song, “The Best in Me” which became “Mon Alliée”, however was not particularly well received. In 2021 he did not renew his Eurovision participation with the official explanation of “a busy schedule” and “a mutual agreement”. Tom Leeb announced that 2023 will be a musical year. We wonder, will he try to convince otherwise those who claim that “his chance is over” because of the bad reviews his entry received three years ago?



A Silmane entry is a dream of many, as he is one of the stars in the country right now. Aside from this, Silmane has a win on The Voice and a successful duet with Vitaa under his belt. In an interview with Pure Charts, he has stated that he is interested in taking part in Eurovision since it is a competition he likes. However, he has said that he disagrees with the voting system believing that the selection of the winner is sometimes not meritocratic. Is this perception enough to put him off a possible representation of France at Eurovision 2023?


Star Academy

After ten years, the legendary TF1 show is back, causing a frenzy among viewers of all ages. In just six weeks of airing, it revealed 12 talents to millions of viewers. Among them, Anisha, the winner. She won a record label contract and sparked the interest of many artists… But she’s not the only one! Rumour has it that France Télévisions is considering selecting one or more of the Star Academy participants for Eurovision 2023. Will it act as RTVE once did with Operacion Triunfo? Creating such a bridge between TF1 and the public broadcaster, especially in such a recent programme, is not obvious on paper.



The rumors about Yseult are not the loudest, but they continue to circulate on social media. She was part of the Eurovision France 2022 jury and her clash with Nicoletta sparked controversy. She was rumoured to have participated in the casting of the 2021 national selection without ultimately being selected, a report that has not been confirmed. Will Yseult agree to wear the colours of France for Eurovision 2023? She was recently named godmother of the next Francophonie summit in 2024, but the artist was forced to stop her tour due to health issues.

Who do you think will travel to Liverpool and Eurovision 2023 on behalf of France? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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France: Aiming for the victory in Eurovision 2023 – Announcements to be made soon!

With Junior Eurovision 2022 complete and France being the big winner, all eyes of France Télévisions are now on Eurovision 2023.

Although last July it was announced that the country will organize a national final for the selection of its participation, there have been no further announcements about the submission of entries, nor information about the selection process.

This time last year, the deadline for submitting entries had already closed, while at the end of 2020, we knew all twelve artists of Eurovision France: C’est vous qui décidez 2021.

Appearing on Radio Sud on Christmas Eve, France’s head of delegation for the competition, Alexandra Redde-Amiel, was asked about the country’s plans for the upcoming competition and also about whether the channel would opt for a renewed national final or an internal selection. Her answer was the following:

We focused so much on Eurovision Junior, while I was also involved with Eurovision for adults. I have a lot of great surprises that I will announce to you, not immediately but soon. We want to win Eurovision, so there are several issues. I’m going to take a few days off and I think that’s when my final decision will be made.

Alexandra Redde-Amiel declined to say more, simply repeating her desire to continue to “be proud” and boost the Eurovision brand in France. Above all, the head of the delegation confirms it loud and clear: France wants to win Eurovision. This is of course the reason for the country’s second Junior Eurovision victory, as well as Barbara Pravi’s second place in 2021.

As for 2022, France Télévisions, in addition to failing in viewership numbers (1.47 million viewers and 8.8% viewership), the channel had received mixed reviews regarding the quality of its selection (despite the 3,000 song submissions). Alvan & Ahez’s penultimate place in Turin’s Grand Final (France’s worst result since Eurovision 2005), however, hasn’t got the country’s hopes down for a future win.

With rumors swirling either of a renewed national final, or an internal selection with a well-known artist, France Télévisions is expected to make an announcement early in the new year.

In 2022, Alvan & Ahez represented France with the song “Fulenn”. They finished 24th in the Grand Final with 17 points.

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