Eurovision 2023: The latest developments for the Ukrainian elements in the contest!

The Ukrainian Creative Director for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, German Nenov, made a statement on social media and informed us about the progress on creating the presentations that will complement the evenings beyond the competition part in Liverpool.

Specifically he noted that:

Last night, we finalized the musical form of one of the performances that will be implemented as part of Ukraine’s integration into the Eurovision song contest.

I listened to this form about ten times, and I got goosebumps and filled with pride for Ukraine and our Ukrainian culture. There is very little time left before the Eurovision, and every day the image of Ukraine, which I have been building in my head since the very beginning, becomes brighter and brighter.

Every day, I feel more and more responsible for the fact that, at this turning point in history, I am entrusted with the honor of being the creative director for Ukraine at such an important event for the world of music. And at the same time, every day I am more and more confident that everything we plan will come true. After all, we invited the best artists and the best specialists to bring to life all the touches of this image.
Everything will be Ukraine.



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Since early February, the Ukrainian artist has stated that there will be countless Ukrainian artists performing on the three nights in May, with the competition featuring the largest number of Ukrainians to date.

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