Greece: Die Together on stage will be like a dream | Soon the first rehearsal of Amanda!

The first rehearsal of the Greek participation takes place in a very few hours and we hope that it will be completed without problems and unexpectedly.

Fokas Evangelinos has designed for this year’s Greek entry, his most artistic stage appearance ever in his history in the contest.

What we will actually see will be a dream of Amanda, through her own eyes. The main person of course throughout the 3 minutes as we have informed you will be Amanda, in whose face we will see many close-ups and alternations.

Renaissance props, led that will travel you and take your breath away, play with shadows and lights, but also led for which shooting was required in Athens, are just some of what Fokas Evangelinos has prepared for the stage appearance of Die Together.

But do not forget that everything we will see will be a dream… and the dream ends in three minutes.

At 14.20 cet the first rehearsal of the Greek entry, with the optimism being diffused that Amanda will impress.

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INFE Poll 2022: Here are the votes of INFE Poland!

For the sixth consecutive year, the second fan network of the Eurovision Song Contest, INFE Network, in collaboration with the website EscToday, performs INFE Poll.

The members of the network in the 22 local fan clubs have already voted for their favorite songs from Eurovision 2022 and through ESCToday, they announce their votings.

Today, it is INFE Poland‘s turn to present their votes!

  • 1 point goes to Belgium
  • 2 points go to United Kingdom
  • 3 points go to Croatia
  • 4 points go to Portugal
  • 5 points go to Estonia
  • 6 points go to Australia
  • 7 points go to Spain
  • 8 points go to Albania
  • 10 points go to The Netherlands and…
  • 12 points go to Greece


First 12 points for Amanda and Die Together, with Greece thus rising to 8th place, while Spain now reaches Italy within distance for the 1st place

The results right now:

  1. Italy – 109
  2. Spain – 107
  3. The Netherlands – 77
  4. Sweden – 85
  5. Ukraine – 57
  6. United Kingdom – 56
  7. Albania – 56
  8. Greece – 47
  9. Cyprus – 47
  10. Poland – 44
  11. Austria – 42
  12. Norway – 31
  13. Serbia – 26
  14. Estonia – 24
  15. Finland – 24
  16. France – 20
  17. Portugal – 18
  18. Azerbaijan – 18
  19. Montenegro – 13
  20. Australia – 12
  21. Germany – 09
  22. Malta – 07
  23. Moldova – 07
  24. Czech Republic – 07
  25. San Marino – 07
  26. Belgium – 06
  27. Romania – 06
  28. Croatia – 04
  29. Slovenia – 04
  30. Israel – 03
  31. Ireland – 02
  32. Latvia – 01

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EXCLUSIVE: The Greek delegation is ready for Turin | All the latest information!

The Greek delegation for Eurovision 2022 is all set. All pending issues have been resolved and now the team is ready to present what they have been preparing for months on the stage of Pala Olimpico.

Fokas Evagelinos and Celia Kritharioti full of surprises

According to our exclusive information, the rehearsals with Fokas Evagelinos have been completed. The experienced director has prepared for this year’s competition something completely different from his previous works, something he is really proud of. Fokas Evagelinos has built the three-minute stage version of Die Together second by second. Amanda, as we were informed, cooperated very well and responded perfectly to the role that Fokas Evagelinos created for her.

The leds that we will see in the Greek performance, were completed the previous days by a foreign company and impressed the Greek artistic team, since they 100% “match” with the song, but also with the idea of the stage presentation.

What Fokas Evagelinos has prepared this year for the stage of the competition, does not aim to impress the viewer at any point during the three minutes of the performance, but to keep everyone’s eyes fixed on the whole duration of the performance of Die Together. To make sure the viewer is left with a feeling of being impressed by the whole thing and not by an estanée.

What we can also reveal you is that what Amanda will be called upon to accomplish, especially in the first part of the song, is something that is not easy at all. But Fokas Evagelinos, having proven that he can bring out the strong side of any artist (experienced or inexperienced), has built with Amanda a special performance that will move and impress the viewers. Amanda herself will play a central role in the presentation, but so will also the leds, camera-work and various surprises on stage.

The outfit chosen by Fokas Evagelinos together with Celia Khritharioti, is a shade of white, but with a fabric that makes it special and is used for the first time in the competition. It is Amanda’s style, of course, but it is also perfectly suited for Eurovision and the idea of the Greek stage presentation.

Optimism for the final result from ERT and the Dream Team

The production team and ERT are completely satisfied with the whole preparation. They are confident both for Amanda’s vocal prowess (this was also proven in the live on tape), but also for what Fokas has prepared for the stage of the competition. For the first time since 2009, Greece arrives at the rehearsals being 7th in the odds, which makes all those involved in the participation happy, believing that they will be in the top 10 of the scoreboard for the second consecutive year. The goal of course always remains the best possible outcome – and as they say, “the higher the better”!

Having avoided all the promo parties, the Greek delegation hopes to impress on the stage of the competition and steal the show. It is also known that the Dream Team keeps its cards close to its chest until the end. This is exactly the same tactics they are following this year.

With a different approach from Fokas Evagelinos, but also with Amanda as we have probably never seen before, the Greek delegation is now packing its bags for Turin, and the first rehearsal on Sunday 1 May!

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Greece: Amanda will meet former eurostars, in ERT’s tv series show!

Greek power, one could call the photo taken by Stefania and Amanda, during the shooting for the special show of ERT with eurostars, which will be broadcast very soon. The shooting was completed with Greece’s last representative, Stefania!


In this show, Amanda will meet former eurostars, who will advise her, will share experiences from their own participation, while of course they will wish good luck to the Greek representative this year.

The eurostars we will see are the following:

  • Elena Paparizou (Greece 2001 and 2005)
  • Sakis Rouvas (Greece 2004 and 2009, presenter of Eurovision 2006)
  • Kalomira (Greece 2008)
  • Demy (Greece 2017)
  • Elpida (Greece 1979)
  • Evridiki (Cyprus 1992, 1994 and 2007)
  • Tamta (Cyprus 2019)
  • Stefania (Greece 2021)

The shooting of the shows has been completed and very soon ERT will start broadcasting these shows. Amanda will return to Greece immediately after the Orthodox Easter, to complete her rehearsals with Fokas Evangelinos. The Greek delegation will leave for Turin on Saturday, April 29.

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Greece: The first information about Amanda’s stage presentation in Turin!

The first information about the stage appearance prepared by Fokas Evangelinos, for the entry of Greece in Eurovision 2022, saw the light of day.

Amanda’s appearance in Turin with an artistic look

According to what Amanda Georgiadi said in the interview she gave to OK magazine, the approach they have chosen for the Turin scene is something more artistic.

From the first moment I saw Fokas Evangelinos I loved him! He is such a warm person. All I can say is that what you will see is something very beautiful. We have taken a more artistic approach!

Amanda Georgiadis for Fokas Evangelinos and stage presentation

The above is also confirmed by our information. What Fokas Evangelinos and the Greek artistic team plan very carefully and in every detail, is something very classy and elegant, which will match the atmosphere of the song.

Amanda will return to Greece the next week for the shooting of the live on tape video.

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Greece: Amanda to sing “Die Together” in Turin!

Today, hours before the official launch of the Greek entry, ERT, the Greek National Boradcaster, revealed the title of the song for Eurovision 2022.

Die Together, will be sung by Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord, next May in Turin. It’s about a ballad, written by the singer herself, after a past separation that she had.

In a few hours, through the show Studio 4, the video clip of the Greek participation will be broadcastedd  for the first time, which  was directed by Costas Karydas, in the picturesque island of Symi. Eurovisionfun comes to answer all the crucial questions, concerning the Greek participation

  • As aforemementioned, the video clip will be broadcasted first in Studio 4, today Thursday. The show transmits from 16.00 until 18.00 (Local Time, GMT+2).
  • Immediately after its release in Studio 4, the video clip will be available exclusively on ERTflix.
  • Shortly afterwards and more specifically at 19.00, the song will be available on all music platforms, while the video clip will be available on Amanda’s YouTube channel.
  • We remind you that the song with which Amanda Georgiadi (Tenfjord) will represent us in the competition, is written in collaboration with Bjorn Helge, while Dimitris Kontopoulos had a decisive role in its production . The director of the participation is Fokas Evangelinos and the project manager of is Elias Kokotos. Head of delegation of  is going to be Sofia Dranidou, as in Rotterdam last year, and Dora Chiraki, director of corporate communication of ERT, is responsible for all the crucial decisions, being in charge of the general supervision by the Greek public television.

We remind you that Greece is taking part in the 1st Semi-Final, on May 10!

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Greece: What time and where will we listen to the Greek entry! EXCLUSIVE

Greece’s turn to reveal the respective entry for Eurovision 2022 is around the corner, as on Thursday March 10, according to the trailer released by ERT, we will see the official video clip and we will listen to the Greek entry of Eurovision 2022.


Through the TV program ‘Studio 4’, the video clip of the Greek participation will be broadcast for the first time, which of course was directed by Costas Karydas in the beautiful Symi. But when will it be available on other platforms? Eurovisionfun comes to answer this question, which concerns all Greeks and foreign eurofans.

So, the video clip will be broadcast first in Studio 4, tomorrow Thursday March 10. The TV program is scheduled from 15.00 until 17.00 (CET)
Immediately after its broadcast in Studio 4, the video clip will be available exclusively on ERTflix.
Shortly afterwards and more specifically at 18.00 (CET), the song will be available on all music platforms, while the video clip will be available on Amanda’s YouTube channel.

Greece comes to Eurovision 2022 with demands and hopes, since despite the leak of an unfinished demo, remains stable in the top five of the bets for the victory in the music competition that will take place the upcoming May in Turin.

We remind you that the song with which Amanda Georgiadi (Tenfjord) will represent Greece in the competition was written by herself together with Bjorn Helge, while main role in the production had Dimitris Kontopoulos. The staging director of the Greek entry is Fokas Evangelinos and the project manager is Elias Kokotos. The head of the mission of the Greek delegation is Sofia Dranidou, with Dora Chiraki, director of corporate communication of ERT, to be the one who makes all the decisions, having the general supervision of the Greek public television.

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Greece: ERT releases trailer for the announcement of the Greek entry!

ERT, the Greek Broadcasting Corporation, confirmed a little while ago everything that we knew already, that the video clip of the song with which Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord will represent Greece at Eurovision 2022, will be published on Thursday, March 10, from the TV program ”Studio 4” at 3 pm (CET)!

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Greece: On March 10, through the main news bulletin of ERT, the revelation of Amanda’s song!

The decision has been made and ERT finalized the date of the announcement of the Greek participation in Eurovision 2022. According to our information, the video clip of the song, with which Amanda will compete in Turin, will be published through the main news bulletin of ERT1 , on Thursday, March 10, at 9 p.m. Of course, if the news does not allow it, the announcement will take place from one of the ERT shows (eg Studio 4).

Everything is ready and ERT’s initial intention was for the videoclip to be released next Thursday, March 3. Unfortunately, the dramatic developments in Ukraine, with the Russian troops at the gates of Kiev, pushed them to postpone the publication of the Greek entry for a week.

With Greece in fourth place in bets, despite the leak of just an unfinished demo, optimism is pervasive on the ERT’s headquarters that the country will manage in Eurovision 2022 to take an even better position than last year. So, wanting to give as much attention as possible to Amanda’s song, ERT decided to postpone the release of the video clip for next Thursday, March 10. Of course, there is no guarantee that the situation in Ukraine will be better next week, but nevertheless the Greek public television wants to exhaust every possible margin.

The countdown is now officially starting!

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Greece: ERT announces today the artist for Eurovision 2022!

The time has come! ERT with a relevant trailer that is already on the air, informs us that today will announce the artist who will represent Greece in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest! 

Through Studio 4, as we had informed you in a series of our previous articles, the long-awaited revelation of the name of the artist who will raise the Greek flag in May in Turin will take place. Live from the Netherlands, Stefania, will announce the singer who will be the next greek representer.

The choice was made as you already know in two phases. In the first phase, the competent jury of ERT chose between 25 artists and about 40 songs, the five best with an equal number of performers. These were (alphabetically):

  • Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord
  • Good Job Nicky
  • Joanna Drigo
  • Lou is
  • Elias Kozas


Δείτε αυτή τη δημοσίευση στο Instagram.


Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Eurovision ERT (@eurovisionert)

Then the above five artists after having private meetings at the ERT’s headquarters, with the jury and the management of ERT, presenting more details of their proposal (stage appearance, promotion of the song, plans for the video clip etc) came to its final decision, which we will learn about this afternoon.

The committee consists of the following:

  • Dimitris Papadimitriou, composer – President
  • Maria Kozakou, Director of the Second Program of the NRA, commentator of the Eurovision Song Contest
  • Fotis Apergis, director of ERT radio
  • Peter Adam, music producer
  • Giannis Petridis, music producer
  • Konstantinos Bourounis, head of ERT’s youth program

Earlier than ever and with more hopes and expectations even from this year, ERT begins its journey for Eurovision 2022.


See you at 15.00 cet, in Studio 4 to find out the answer!

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