Greece: Is ERT considering the public voting in song selection for Eurovision 2023?

A publication that shakes up the current situation and, should it has a basis, overturns the developments regarding the selection of the Greek participation in Eurovision 2023. According to the Typologies, ERT is considering a proposal for public voting in the selection process of the song that will represent Greece in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest Eurovision!

In the Paron paper and more specifically in Typologies column, which is the most valid television column of the printed and electronic press, is mentioned that:

“There is a proposal and it is being seriously considered this year by the management of ERT to change the way of selecting the Greek participation in the Eurovision contest of Spring 2023 in the United Kingdom. The proposal is for the television audience to choose which of the songs that entered the final selection round will be the one that will represent the country at Eurovision. According to information, while this idea is considered “commercial” for television viewing, it stumbles in the financial part as additional funds will be required for the production.”

The above mentioned are strongly related to what Maria Kozakou stated after the end of this year’s competition in her television interview on ANT1 and on Grigoris Arnautoglou’s show, The Tonight Show

Maria Kozakou had stated that, after having put Eurovision things in a row, after having made suggestions like Stefania and Amanda in recent years, and since the public has been trained in some way, maybe we could also take into account the public voting in the selection.

“Little by little it [public voting] has to enter the process … the five or the ten best songs should be evaluated by people.”

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Greece: More than 5.100 votes in our fan poll | The final results!

Our website’s big fan poll for Greece’s representative in Eurovision 2023 came to an end. More than 5.100 votes from different IPs and 54 countries took part, with the final result being determined in the last seconds. In first place is Klavdia, with only 16 votes more than Vasilis Kourtis. Many votes below, is Evangelia in third place.

Klavdia in first place with a slight difference

The public seems to be divided, having voted for both Klavdia and Vasilis Kourtis, by a percentage of around 30%, as the artist they want to see on Eurovision’s stage waving the Greek flag. Evangelia follows, then it’s Melissa Mantzoukis and Jimmy Sion that rounded up the Top 5.

Vasilis Kourtis in first place of votes from Greece

The same, but with Vasilis Kourtis first and Klavdia second, happened in the votes that came only from the Greek public. Both of them had a little more than 30%. In third place is Evangelia, fourth is Jimmy Sion and in fifth place is Melissa Mantzoukis.

We remind you that artists that somehow it was clear that they submitted song to ERT for Greece’s representation in Eurovision 2023, took part in our poll 

You can see more of their proposals in out article HERE.

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Greece: Vasilis Kourtis submitted his proposal to ERT! | EXCLUSIVE

One of the most anticipated candidates for claiming the Greek representation in Eurovision 2023, was submitted moments ago in ERT. We refer to the candidacy of the 28 year old tenor Vasilis Kourtis.

The submission of the proposal of Vasilis Kourtis for Eurovision 2023 was something that we have already inclined you towards early on. Vasilis was one of our proposals in the summer and now he takes part in ERT’s internal selection process for the artist that is going to represent us in Liverpool the coming May in the 67th Edition of Eurovision Song Contest.


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A post shared by Vasilis Kourtis (@vasiliskourtis)

What does Vasilis Kourtis’s proposal include?

Vasilis Kourtis’s proposal contains one song. It is an epic, festive ballad that compliments his range and vocal abilities, that of course is one of the strong points of his candidacy.

The lyrics of the song are signed by Sharon Vaughn (Ireland 2012, Russia 2019, Greece 2021, Estonia 2021, Moldova 2021) and describe the silence that comes in a relationship after a breakup. The song is quite dark and creates a lot of feelings and pictures in your head.

It is a very carefully crafted proposal, with a song that fits perfectly, artistically, musically and aesthetically to Vasilis Kourtis and is one of the candidacies that are definitely going to concern us.

If Vasilis Kourtis gets selected as our representative, expert Fokas Evangelinos is going to take over the direction, Ilias Kokotos the general admission of the attempt and Dimitris Kontopoulos the musical revision.


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Who is Vasilis Kourtis?

Vasilis Kourtis chased his dream from a very young age far from his homeland Larisa, he is just at his 28 and has studies and collaborations to boast with the greatest of the genre, building with talent, hard work and planning a bright future.

His artistic plans include discography prescence and international career centered by his other passion, theater.

Vasilis Kourtis started his studies in classical singing at age 12 with the world renowned Greek soprano Katerina Oikonomou while he was attending piano lessons. In 2013 he attended classical singing masterclass at Milano, Italy with the Russian instructor Tamara Novichenko (Anna Netrebko) and later in that year – aged 19 – traveled to London in order to continue his musical studies.

More specifically, he attended acting lessons at “Giles Foreman Center for Acting”, vocal lessons with Mark Meylan and dancing lessons at “Pineapple Studios” with Maria Yacoob.

@vasiliskourtis ‘Scream’ cover #fyp #coversong #singing ♬ original sound – vasiliskourtis

A year later he continued his studies in musical theater at “Arts Educational Schools London“. He has collaborated with renowned Greek composers, songwriters and performers. He has collaborated with Orchestra Camerata “Armonia Atenea” at “The Beatles Tribute Project” and also with ERT’s Contemporary Music Orchestra.

The productions he has made are “West Side Story” at Megaron-The Athens Concert Hall (2016), “Erotokritos” at the Greek National Opera (2017) and the original musical “Moby Dick” at Pallas Theatre in which he starred as Starbuck (2020).

He has also completed two summer tours (2020-2021) in Greece and Cyprus with the world renowned tenor Marios Fragkoulis, their last destination being Odeon of Herodes Atticus for the play “Cielo Y Mar”. He has recently released his two first original songs. His ambition is to play at West End and at Broadway and this is the reason that led him back at the United Kingdom to prepeare and attend to castings in order to make his dream come true.

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Kalomoira: “I have prepared 3 songs. Time will tell if I submit them to ERT” !

It remains unknown whether Kalomira will participate in the ERT process for the selection of the artist, who will represent Greece at Eurovision 2023. In an interview for a website called “Abouteurovision”, she says that she has prepared three songs, but time will tell if she submits any of them to ERT (Greece’s public broadcaster).

Kalomira, who represented Greece at Eurovision back in 2008, taking third place with “My Secret Combination“, is one of the artists that every year there are rumors that will return to the contest. Her name is almost always among the prospective artists. The latest example was last year when her participation in the ERT process was likely to happen, but at the last minute she decided not to submit her participation

The well-known performer who lives with her family in the USA, spent her summer in Greece, planning her musical return.

As she revealed to “Abouteurovision” she has prepared three songs, in which  contributors and acclaimed contributors from abroad participate. When was asked if she will submit any of these songs to ERT, in order to represent Greece in Eurovision 2023, Kalomira kept her cards close, saying that only time will tell.



Δείτε αυτή τη δημοσίευση στο Instagram.


Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Adem Kavaz (@adem_kavaz_esc)

We would like to remind you that the deadline for submitting entries to ERT for Eurovision 2023 is October 9th.

You can read the full interview on Monday, October 3, at the

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Greece: More than 40 songs have been submitted to ERT so far for Eurovision 2023!

The songs that are so far submitted to ERT for Eurovision 2023 have already surpassed the total number of songs submitted in last year’s selection process, and thus, there are lots of smiles in the public broadcaster in advance for the next Greek participant, the selection of whom is expected to be a hard one.

Last year, 43 songs were submitted to ERT, to claim the Greek representation in the contest, a number already surpassed this year, even if there are already two weeks until the deadline of the selection process, which is in October 9.

As we have said right from the beginning, the interest is really high this year and that is something even we in Eurovisionfun receive everyday, since we get messages from artists telling us that they have, or are planning to submit their songs soon.

The submission period ends within 15 days, and thinking that most artists will submit their songs in the last days, the total number of songs is expected to be much higher than last year. This is something that makes ERT’s team happy, because it really proves that their choices are more than welcomed by more and more artists each year, but also by the recording companies, as they are not afraid to “use” their roster in this music battle.

We remind you that in 2018, in ERT’s selection process, 18 songs were submitted, last year this number was increased to 43 and now there are already more than 40 songs and 15 days still left until the deadline of the submission process.

The artists that have somehow confirmed that they have or are going to submit their songs to ERT for Eurovision 2023 are:

  • Antonia Kaouri
  • Melissa Mantzoukis
  • Leon of Athens
  • Operatical
  • Klavdia
  • Evangelia
  • Vasilis Kourtis
  • Aretha
  • Artemis Matafia
  • Joanne
  • Cynthia Verazie

New names will be added to the list as the deadline is coming closer and closer in October 9. We think you understand that Eurovisionfun follows the process very closely and informs you of every new thing that we learn.

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Greece: Areti Kosmidou is on the list of possible representatives for Eurovision 2023!

After returning to Greece, Areti Kosmidou was invited in the Greek morning TV show Breakfast@Star.

Now known as Aretha, Areti was introduced to us back in 2014 through The Voice, ending up second. When she was only sixteen years old, she was the girl that made a great impression in the famous talent show in Mihalis Kouinelis’ team.

Since then, she has been in America to study and worked on her music style and making music.

 The performer and now young mother of a little girl, said in the TV show that one of the main reasons of her return in Greece was to submit her proposal to ERT, aiming for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in the United Kingdom.
As she stated, representing Greece in the contest is one of her dreams, whether it happens in 2023 or one of the next years.

Speaking of 2023, she said that her song is ready, in its final version and the only thing left is submitting it to the Greek broadcaster.

It is an electro pop song and seems more like a maistream song rather than the indie pop style that she was used to when she started singing

Aretha is now the latest addition in the list of artists that are going to claim the Greek representation in Eurovision 2023. She is for sure moved by Greece’s latest entry, as Aretha and Amanda are singing in a similar musical style.

These are some of Areti’s songs you can listen to:

You can watch her interview in the Greek TV show HERE.

What do you think about a possible representation by Areti Kosmidou?

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Greece: One month left for song submissions | More than 10 songs submitted already!

There is one month left, for those interested in representing Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

There are more artists interested in submitting songs, in comparison to other years, with more than 10 songs already submitted to ERT, the Greek public broadcaster, while at the same point of time during last year’s selection, no song had been submitted!

The interest for the Greek representation is increased!

The Greek public broadcaster expects at least double the amount of song that were submitted last year. The 43 songs for Eurovision 2022, are expected to look like a small number.

The above statement was made clear from early on, back in August 26 when ERT gave out the outline for song submission, for those interested in representing Greece in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, and since then they get phone calls every day for extra information.

Last year, all artists waited until the last week of the submission deadline to send in their songs, but now more than 10 songs are submitted and there is still one month left. Thinking that as the deadline comes closer the number of submitted songs is increased, ERT’s Eurovision  team is positive that the songs that will be submitted until October 9, when the submission period is over, will be double the amount of last year’s songs.

But of course, the biggest names wait until the last days of the submission period to send their songs, wanting to use all possible time to have a more competitive proposal.

National Final rumors have once again started.

There are tons of fake news in the Greek media about Eurovision, regarding artist proposals from ERT but also, as it has become usual the last years, rumors about the songs taking part in a national final.

We don’t have any information on this as of now, but as common sense says, and also based on our experience on how ERT sees the contest, we are going to say what is written on previous articles.

Due to the political changes that will take place in Greece in the coming months due to elections, but mainly because when a selection process is successful it won’t change, the song and artist selection will once again be internal.

We are waiting one more month, as the next 30 days more and more artists will submit their songs to win the representation of Greece in the contest, with everything new being written in our page!

Last year Greece picked Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord internally to represent them with the song “Die Together” and continued for yet another year the top 10 streak, ending up 8th with 215 points.

So stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Greek participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, in the United Kingdom!

Evangelia: “I’m sending in a song for Eurovision 2023”!

As we have already revealed, the Greek artists’ interest in participating in Eurovision 2023 is particularly strong! And while the first rumours have already begun to spread, we already have the first official confirmation from none other than Evangelia, a promising young artist who came into vogue the last couple of years!

Evangelia, whose music fuses Greek folk sounds, with (mostly American) pop elements, has already pulled of hits, such as “Páme Páme”, “Fotiá”, and “Ónira”. Also, the new video clip for her song, “Paradise”, was recently released.

The singer, who grew up in New Jersey, USA, and is originally from Crete, said in an Instagram live on her personal account, talking to Adem Kavaz (a Turkish Cypriot Eurovision fan) that she “wants to represent Greece or Cyprus in ESC” and “she will submit a song for Eurovision 2023”.


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A post shared by Adem Kavaz (@all_about_eurovision_sc)

The Instagram video is not available, but it will be published soon on Adem Kavaz’s blog and youtube channel .

It is not the first time that Evangelia will seek to take part in ESC, since last year she reportedly submitted three songs, (one of which was “Ónira”), to represent Greece, which, however, did not go through the second stage of evaluation by the selection committee. Evangelia also sought to represent Cyprus in the 2022 ESC.

Would you like to see Evangelia at Eurovision 2023? Stay tuned for any updates!

Cyprus: It’s final | Cyprus’ representative for Eurovision 2023 will not be selected through “All Together Now”!

As we previously reported as the most plausible scenario, has now become almost certain; All Together Now will not be used as the method of selection for the artist that will represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2023.

The trailer of the talent show that will be broadcast through Alpha TV (Greek free-to-air channel) and will be presented by Nikos Koklonis, is already on air, without a single reference to Eurovision or the possibility of the winner representing Cyprus in the upcoming competition.

Further to this, according to our exclusive information, “All Together Now” is scheduled to be aired in the second half of the year, since another show (“J2US”), will be broadcast instead in the first half. The preparation required for All Together Now is quite extensive and the production team could not make it in time to have the artist selected for Eurovision. Have in mind that additional time is anyway required for choosing an appropriate song.

However, the plans of Nikos Kokloni’s production company (“Barking Well Media”) for a talent show through which the winner will also get the ticket for the Eurovision Song Contest are not altogether abandoned. So, and if “All Together Now” gets the green light for a second season, we might see it return in the fall of 2023, for the selection of the Cyprus’ representative for Eurovision 2024.

Based on the above and without anything being a foregone conclusion, the most likely scenario is that CYBC will choose both the song and the artist by direct assignment, as in the previous years.

Stay tuned for updates on the matter!

The plans of Greece and Cyprus for Eurovision 2023!

Even though the Grand Final of Eurovision 2022 was less than a month ago, the Greek and the Cypriot public broadcasters, ERT and RIK, are already thinking ahead for their next representatives, while some decisions have already been made. Let’s see in detail what we know so far.

Cyprus: All Together for…Eurovision!

A few days ago, we wrote about the rumors that the planned for the fall of 2022 show All Together Now of Greek broadcaster Alpha TV, will be used to find the representative of Cyprus for Eurovision 2023. Today, the biggest newspaper of Cyprus, Fileleftheros, published an article on this as well as OGAE Greece, which usually has inside information from the Cypriot public broadcaster. These articles can be seen as a confirmation that Cyprus will choose its representative through All Together Now, produced by BarkingWell Media and in cooperation with Panik Records. It seems that Nikos Koklonis will be the host of the show which is set to premiere in mid-October and be aired every Saturday night on both Alpha TV and RIK, while among the panel of 100 there will be singers, vocal coaches and eurofans. The song will be chosen at a later stage.

Greece: ERT aims for another top10 result

During September there will be official announcements from ERT on the selection process for 2023. After placing 8th in the Grand final and 6th from the juries, which is the best ranking for a Greek entry by the juries since 1992, ERT aims to be for the third time in a row in the top 10, something that is proven to be difficult the recent years since only Greece, Ukraine and Italy have managed to be in the top10 two consecutive times.

ERT will most probably follow the same procedure as the last two years, launching an open invitation for artists to submit a proposal for Eurovision 2023, (including the song, a record label, production team etc.) while a jury of music professionals will decide who will represent Greece next year.

Decisions on the details for the selection process for Eurovision 2023 will be taken after the announcement of the new CEO of ERT, which is not expected before the end of the summer.

Stay tuned on and on our social media platforms, where we post our proposals for the next representative of Greece. Maybe among them, the successor of Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord has already -or will- be mentioned!


Who do you think should represent Greece and Cyprus next year? Tell us in the comments!