Greece: Will we see Good Job Nicky at Eurovision 2023?

It was for many the favorite to represent Greece in this year’s Eurovision song contest. Good Job Nicky, although he failed to get the coveted ticket to Turin with the song Heaven Is Sin, and while earlier in his statements he was negative in a new attempt to be on the Eurovision stage, he seems to be thinking about it…

Shortly after ERT announced that Amanda Georgiadi would represent Greece at Eurovision 2022, Good Job Nicky in an interview with Eleni Menegaki had stated that he would probably not be interested in a new participation.

However, in a conversation he had with Eurovisionfun and after our encouragement to try in the future, Good Job Nicky, although laconic, now seems to leave several chances in another attempt:

Eurovisionfun: We hope you try it again because you deserve the Eurovision opportunity too!

Good Job Nicky: I guess we’ll see…

Eurovisionfun: We want it!

Good Job Nicky: I appreciate it unimaginably, really!

Good Job Nicky expressed his warmest comments for our representative Amanda Georgiadi, saying that the opportunity now belongs to her, while he also supports her!

I’m rooting for Amanda! Above all, it is important for our country to do well. Let’s tear up!

Amanda responded to Good Job Nicky’s statements with a tweet, while she told us that he is an amazing artist:

Listen to Heaven Is Sin, which was the proposal of Good Job Nicky and Cobalt Music for Eurovision 2022:

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Greece: Listen to “Heaven is Sin”, Good Job Nicky’s proposal for Eurovision 2022!

The song that Good Job Nicky selected to send to ERT for Eurovision 2022 is called “Heaven is Sin” and it has been published by his record label Colbalt Music.

Nikolas Varthakouris- or as known Good Job Nicky– was among the top five contestants in the run to get the ticket to represent Greece in Turin.

Watch the official music video of “Heaven is Sin“:

Through Eurovisionfun you first read, on May 29, just a few days after the final of the previous contest, that Good Job Nicky is interested in raising the Greek colors at Eurovision 2022. During the summer we fully confirmed that the young artist is preparing a song, in order to submit it to ERT. On September 24, you first read here some first information about his song, that it is a mid-tempo, cinematic piece, that fits perfectly in the special voice of Nikolas.

The young artist’s proposal had Fokas Evangelinos as a stage director and Elias Kokotos as project manager- same with Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord, the Greek representer of Eurovision this year.

What do you think of “Heaven is Sin”? Would that song be a good choice for Greece this year?