Sweden: Calls on Jönköping to bid to host Eurovision 2024!

Local groups and authorities are calling on Jönköping to bid to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

Jönköping could be in the running to host Eurovision 2024 if local groups can convince the city to submit a bid. The call for the southern Swedish city to bid for the Eurovision 2024 Song Contest is being promoted by Småland Tourism, which believes the contest could provide an incredible boost to the city and the wider region.

Jönköping has 150,000 inhabitants and is the most populated city in Småland. Jönköping has strong ties to Eurovision, as it is the birthplace of Agnetha Fältskog, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 as a member of ABBA.

The venue that Jönköping will claim is the Husqvarna Garden, a purpose-built arena that opened in 2000. The arena however does not meet the capacity requirements for the competition, having a capacity of 7,000 people, it is the tenth largest indoor arena in Sweden.

Sweden with Loreen won the first place in this year’s competition with the song “Tattoo” bringing the competition back to Sweden after 2016.

Do you think Jönköping could take over the hosting of the competition?


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Switzerland: Offers to host Eurovision 2023!

Among all the talk about the venue of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, the Swiss newspaper Blick reports that given the current situation in Ukraine, it doesn’t seem possible that a safe contest will be held in the country.

The Swiss Head of Delegation, Yves Schifferle, was asked some questions about the situation and then made an assessment:

“Of course we are worried about how the Swiss delegation will travel to a country where the situation will be uncertain in a year from now. I am sure that EBU will check and evaluate whether Eurovision can take place in Ukraine and if so, under the appropriate conditions.” then informs us that we can wait for the final decision regarding the hosting in Ukraine, in the summer. Yves Schifferle then hints that he does not rule out the possibility of Eurovision taking place in Switzerland

“If the EBU asked for it, the SRG SSR would have checked whether Switzerland is the right place for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. However, no such proposal has been made.”

So we could not assume that Eurovision 2023 will be held in any of the Central European countries. Although Switzerland would certainly be in such thoughts last year, as a victory for Gjon’s Tears was more than possible. However, at present there is no indication that the EBU will grant the hosting to another country if it cannot actually be held in Ukraine

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