Serbia: Teodora Džehverović promises to take part in Eurovision one day!

Teodora Džehverović is a 26-year-old Serbian pop-folk singer with a great career and influence in the Balkan region, being among the most popular and loved singers in the area, counting more than 780 million views on YouTube.

Teodora recently shared a screenshot in which someone had forwarded her the performance of Israel’s Noa Kirel in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest saying “That’s how we all see you”.

The young star posted this story on her official Instagram account commenting One day, I promise!

No description available.

She has also collaborated with Hurricane who represented the country in Eurovision 2021!

Below you can take a loot at some of her most popular songs:

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Serbia: Hurricane split one year after Eurovision!

The producers of  Hurricane announced that the members of the group will not make music together. They claim that there was no disagreement during the collapse of the group and that the members made such a decision because they were tired due to the heavy load of the industry. Although Hurricane fell apart, they stated that the band’s name would be would be preserved and that the band would re-enter the music world with different members.

The statement for the split of the group came from their production company:

After a five-year successful collaboration, which peaked this year, we are obliged to inform the public and the media about the novelties in our production team and further activities! Hurricane Group Members – Sanja Vucic, Ivana Nikolic, and Ksenija Knežević’s contracts expire in September this year, so we have jointly decided not to renew the contract, as it did not fit our team’s new business plans.


Thanks to the fans, the audience, and the great interest, a farewell tour is being prepared that will continue until November, in which the media and the public will be informed over time. It was an immense honor to work with Sanja, Ivan, and Ksenija who have proven to be stars and professionals over the past five years thanks to their hard work, dedication, and talent!


As a production company, we would like to state that Hurricane has never let us down. For this reason, we reiterate once again that the decision to terminate the cooperation was taken by mutual agreement. In other words, our friendly relations, which are very rare in this profession, remain intact and there is no room for doubt in this regard. In these five years of wonderfully successful collaboration, Sanja, Ksenija and Ivana have had to neglect their families and private lives, even during their vacations — just as other musicians work as the industry brings — so we all need a break and rest. Of course, each of them will take greater steps to achieve careers that will fit their plans and expectations, we wish them greater success than the successes achieved during our collaboration.


As a result of all this, we have decided that Hurricane will go on tour with a few new songs that will polish and complement their efforts and success in this formation. On the other hand, we would like to state that half of our quota is already full and we will do our best to meet the expectations of everyone who wants to participate in this farewell tour.


After all, we should sometimes end certain collaboration when everything planned is realized, and as we have realized it, we have agreed that it is a smart and wise decision for everyone to put an end to working together for now. In the next few months, we will enjoy and have fun through songs and music, which has been our channel of communication with our supporters for the past five years. In addition, we would like to inform you that the members of the group Sanja, Ivana, and Ksenija will not be guesting or giving interviews on any media channels until September, except for the promotion of new songs. Also, please note that a new lineup of Hurricane group members is being formed.

Hurricane participated in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Loco Loco  , finishing 15th with 102 points.

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Finland: Interview with Cyan Kicks | The right time for Eurovision and “Hurricane”! (Video)

Following their selection for this year’s national final in Finland, Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2022, Cyan Kicks talk exclusively to EurovisionFun, Apostolos Bogiannos and Apostolis Matamis.

Cyan Kicks are among the seven finalists in Finland‘s national final for Eurovision 2022, and will try to represent their country with the song “Hurricane”.

We had been thinking about participating in UMK for four years but we never felt confident about it. This year we felt stronger since we have already released several songs. We have long wanted to write a song that would push us far as a band and as individuals and that’s how Hurricane came about. It happened completely naturally. We are very proud of it.

Regarding the stage presentation of the song in the national final, they state that:

We can’t say much. All we can say is that something very special and magical is going to happen that you are definitely not expecting. Something you don’t expect to see from a rock band. It will be a surprise!

Even though they like all the songs from UMK 2022, they like more the ones by Bess and Isaac Sene.

Their favourite Finnish entry is that of Lordi (2006), while from the competition in general they single out Loreen (Sweden 2012) and ABBA (Sweden 1974).

Just before the end of the interview, Cyan Kicks shared with us an acapella part of their participation.

Watch the full exclusive interview of Cyan Kicks in the video below:

Listen to “Hurricane”, Cyan Kicks‘ participation in Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2022!

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Serbia: It is official, Hurricane are back for Eurovision 2021!

Through, Serbian public broadcaster announced that Hurricane, the popular women’s band that would represent the country in this year’s canceled contest, will have another chance to impress Europe and Australia, as it will once again be the representatives of Serbia in Eurovision!

The news comes as no surprise, as of November 24th, both the band’s manager and local media have reported that Hurricane has been re-selected as Serbia’s representative in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

The song to be performed in Rotterdam will be selected through a special television night by the audience at a later time. Hurricane are the 21st artists of Eurovision 2020, who will participate in Eurovision 2021.

Let’s remember Hasta La Vista the song with which they would represent Serbia in this year’s competition:

Serbia: Hurricane confirmed for Eurovision 2021!

The manager of Hurricane, as well as the editor-in-chief of the Serbian public television entertainment program Olivera Kovačević, confirmed what the domestic media had been reporting since the summer. The popular women’s band will represent Serbia at Eurovision 2021, having one more chance to be on the stage of the contest, after the cancellation of this year’s Eurovision.

It was not specified how the song with which Hurricane will compete in Eurovision 2021, although Olivera Kovačević left open the possibility of a national final for it.

Hurricane will represent Serbia next year if Eurovision takes place as announced. The song with which they will participate will be selected separately. They will not compete with this year’s song, but we will specifically choose the song with which they will be presented in the Eurovision 2021 song contest.

Hurricane would participate in Eurovision 2020 with the song Hasta La Vista:

Hurricane are the 21st representatives of this year’s contest that are officially confirmed for Eurovision 2021!

Source: Ogae Serbia

Serbia: Hurricane with experienced vocal team in Rotterdam

Following their victory at Beovizija 2020, the Hurricane, from Serbia, became representatives of their country.

After their victory, they said that they would change everything on their Eurovision stage appearance and that they would be alone on stage.

Today, Serbian public television has revealed the names of three singers who will support Hurricane vocally, interpreting “Hasta la Vista”.

These are:

-Olga Popović: In 2012 she participated in the vocals of Željko Joksimović, while last year she also supported the Serbian representative, Nevena Ivanović.
-Mladen Lukić: In 2018,he represented Serbia as part of Sanja Ilić & Balkanika, while he was also on the Nevena Ivanović vocals.
-Leontina Vukomanović: She is a songwriter and vocal teacher. She was part of the Serbia-Montenegro team in 2005 as well as the Serbia team in 2015. Lastly, she has created Serbia’s Junior Eurovision entries in 2015 and 2016.

Source/Photo: RTS/Eurovision.Tv

Serbia: The detailed results of Beovizija 2020

The grand finale of the Beovizija 2020, the 10th edition of this institution to choose the national entry for Eurovision song contest, was completed yesterday.

The Hurricane was given the anchor, with their song “Hasta La Vista” lifting the Serbian flag at this year’s Rotterdam contest.

Today, the nation’s largest public broadcaster, RTS, has released the detailed results of this year’s event.

The detailed results of the first semifinal:

1 EJO “Trag” 1569 6 3 9 6
2 Milica Mišić “Kiša” 1325 4 5 9 7
3 Ivan Kurtić & Mistik Cello “Sabajle” 1147 2 1 3 10
4 Thea Devy “Sudnji dan” 1541 5 8 13 5
5 Karizma “Ona me zna” 963 0 0 0 12
6 Andrija Jo “Oči meduze” 5611 12 4 16 3
7 Sanja Bogosavljević “Ne puštam” 940 0 7 7 8
8 Marko Marković “Kolači” 3066 10 10 20 1
9 Srđan Lazić “Duša i telo” 1217 3 2 5 9
10 Neda Ukraden “Bomba” 1848 7 6 13 4
11 Bilja & Amvon duo “Raj” 999 1 0 1 11
12 Igor Simić “Ples za rastanak” 2939 8 12 20 2


The details results of the second semifinal:

1 LIFT “Samo mi kaži” 3116 10 6 16 2
2 Bane Mojićević “Cvet sa Prokletija” 2359 7 3 10 6
3 Balkubano “Svadba velika” 949 1 0 1 11
4 Bojana Mašković “Kao muzika” 1932 4 2 6 8
5 Naiva “Baš, baš” 2255 6 8 14 4
6 Rocher Etno Band “Samo ti umeš to” 1154 3 0 3 10
7 Lazar Živanović “Puklo je nebo” 787 0 1 1 12
8 Ivana Jordan “Vila” 866 0 7 7 7
9 Nenad Ćeranić “Veruj u sebe” 1017 2 4 6 9
10 Hurricane “Hasta la vista” 7230 12 12 24 1
11 Ana Milenković “Tajna” 2545 8 5 13 5
12 Milan Bujaković & Olivera Popović “Niti” 2246 5 10 15 3

The detailed results of the final:

1 Milan Bujaković & Olivera Popović “Niti” 2544 1 5 6 9
2 Hurricane “Hasta la vista” 19781 12 12 24 1
3 Neda Ukraden “Bomba” 2965 2 7 9 7
4 Andrija Jo “Oči meduze” 13582 10 1 11 4
5 Igor Simić “Ples za rastanak” 3923 4 10 14 3
6 Thea Devy “Sudnji dan” 2153 0 4 4 10
7 EJO “Trag” 2070 0 0 0 12
8 LIFT “Samo mi kaži” 3454 3 0 3 11
9 Ana Milenković “Tajna” 5710 8 3 11 5
10 Naiva “Baš, baš” 4825 7 8 15 2
11 Marko Marković “Kolači” 4506 5 6 11 6
12 Bane Mojićević “Cvet sa Prokletija” 4650 6 2 8 8


Serbia: With Hurricane and “Hasta La Vista” in Rotterdam

The grand final of Beovizija 2020, the 10th edition of this institution to choose the country’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, was completed shortly before.

The show started at 21:00CET time and took place at RTS Studio 8 in Belgrade. Dragana Kosjerina, Jovan Radomir, Kristina Radenković and Stefan Popovi were presenters of the evening.

At tonight’s final we saw the 12 finalists compete for a Rotterdam ticket:

-Milan Bujaković feat Olivera Popović – “Niti”
-Hurricane – “Hasta la Vista”
-Neda Ukraine – “Bomb”
-Andrija Jo – “The Mediator”
-Igor Simic – “Ples za rastanak”
-Thea Devy – “Sudnji dan”
-EJO – “Trag”
-LIFT– “Samo mi kaži”
-Ana Milenković – “Tajna”
-Naiva – “Baš baš”
-Marko Marković – “Kolači”
-Bane Mojićević – “Cvet sa Prokletija”

The result

The result was judged by a 50/50 vote by the television audience and the five-member jury. Hurricane won the finale with  “Hasta La Vista” song.

Serbia will appear in the first half of the second semifinal on May 14th.