Eurovision 2022: Malta’s First Rehearsal!

Next up on stage we will be seeing Emma Muscat on her first rehearsal as the representative of Malta in this year’s competition with I Am What I Am

Everything about Emma Muscat:

Despite her young age, the 22-year-old Maltese pop singer, pianist and model has already carved out an impressive career for herself as a recording artist; capitalising on the success of her 2018 participation in the grand final of the popular Italian talent show, Amici di Maria De Filippi.

Muscat managed to win the Maltese National Final with another song,“Out Of Sight”, which received a somewhat lukewarm response from fans, and therefore Malta looked for a new song for Emma.

The Rehearsal

Malta is bringing up the stage our first grand piano of the day!

Emma’s staging features a huge plinth, a shiny grand piano, a sparkly disco ball dress and some really powerful vocals. She also uses the B Stage for the first time today, accompanied by four backing dancers.

This is a really great performance, and we can also confirm that Emma sings ‘I am what I am’ seventeen times in three minutes. You can’t really argue with this kind of commitment to self-actualisation.



@eurovision Giving us all the sparkles ✨🎹🇲🇹 @EmmaMuscat used her piano skills and, of course, her vocal skills during the first rehearsal at #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #EurovisionTikTok ♬ original sound – Eurovision

The second rehearsal of Malta will take place on Thursday 5/5 when we will be able to have a better view of what Emma Muscat will be presenting on stage.

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Malta: Emma Muscat speaks exclusively at EurovisionFun! (Video)

After her victory in this year’s national final of Malta, MESC 2022, Emma Muscat, representative of the country in Eurovision 2022, speaks exclusively to EurovisionFun and Apostolos Bogiannos.

How did it decide to claim its country’s representation at Eurovision for the first time?

I wanted it since last year. I thought it was a new invitation for me and I wanted to take that responsibility.

Although she won the national final with the song Out Of Sight, she chose to compete with a new song, choosing for Turin, I Am What I Am. How did he make that decision?

I made this decision as after the national final, the public was the one who expressed this desire. We thought about it a lot in order to make this choice. Out Of Sight is a song that means a lot to me but I wanted a song that best fits the competition and has a strong message.

What is the message of I Am What I Am?

The song wants you to identify with it and help you. It talks about how we should love ourselves. It is an anthem to believe in ourselves and how special we all are. It is an experiential song, as I, myself, as a child, have found myself on the sidelines, from those around me.

As for her stage presence in Turin, she revealed that it will be a surprise for us and that it will be a dynamic show, without revealing more details.

In conclusion, she reveals her favorite song from this year’s Eurovision, which is the participation of Italy. As for her favorite songs in the entire history of the contest, these are Destiny Je me Casse and Loreen Euphoria.

Finally, before giving us a short interpretation of I Am What I Am but also sending a message that Greek fans want to hear, she mentioned her desire to compete in the Sanremo festival.

Watch the full exclusive interview of Emma Muscat in the video below:

Listen to “I Am What I Am”, the participation of Emma Muscat who will compete in the sixth place of the Second Semifinal, on May 12.

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Malta: The change of song was requested right after MESC 2022!

A few weeks ago, 22-year-old Emma Muscat and the song “Out of Sight” won MESC 2022, the Maltese competition for the nomination of this year’s representative of the island.

However, although Emma received the highest ratings from both viewers and the jury, Maltese TV chose to change the winning song.

Following the selection, “Out Of Sight” received a somewhat lukewarm response from fans, and as a result Malta looked for a new song for Emma, ​​who is one of Malta’s biggest pop stars.

Maltese television has chosen to seek help from Denmark, according to the Danish site

Anders Fredslund Hansen, who runs the music company “The Arrangement”, said:

The day after MESC, I received a text message from their Eurovision manager asking for my help. They had found a winner, but were looking for a new song that could surpass “Out of Sight”.

Anders also participated in 2013, when Denmark with Emmelie de Forest won the competition. At the request of Maltese television, Anders Fredslund sent to the organizers a few songs.

Anders’s statements even confirm another exclusive Eurovisionfun’ news about the change of the Maltese participation and when it was decided.

Eventually, two were selected and recorded as a demo. The choice was the known “I Am What I Am”, which is written by two Danish musicians Stine Kinck and Julie Aagaard.

Stine Kinck has previously participated in the Danish Grand Prix as a soloist, while Julie Aagaard, who also publishes music under the name Kill J, this year had both songs in the finals of Denmark and Sweden.

For Anders,

The song is incredibly catchy and then it has an uplifting message, something that traditionally goes well at Eurovision.

“I Am What I Am” was even submitted to this year’s Melodifestivalen, but was not selected.

We remind you that Malta will participate in the 2nd Semifinal. Listen to “I Am What I Am”

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Malta: Listen to “I am what I am”, Emma Muscat’s song for Eurovision 2022!

The song that will represent Malta in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Turin was published a few hours ago.

Emma Muscat will perform the song “I am what I am” which was written by Dino Medanhodzic, Julie Aagaard, Stine Kinck as well as Emma Muscat.

Listen to “I am what I am” below:

Who is Emma Muscat?

Emma Louise Marie Muscat (born 27 November 1999) is a Maltese singer and model working in Italy. Born in Malta to a wealthy family, Emma approached music from a young age. After her compulsory education, she decided to enroll at the University of Performing Arts. As a teenager she showed her skills in singing, dancing and in the use of musical instruments. She specialised, in particular, with the piano, and also began to compose both the music and the lyrics of her songs.

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