Italy: The artists’ initial reactions upon their participation announcement at Sanremo 2024!

Amadeus revealed the lineup for the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival just a few hours ago. Many previous winners, successful artists of the Italian music scene as well as Italian superstars make up the lineup, who will compete for the Golden Lion from February 6 to 10 at Sanremo’s Teatro Ariston.

The artists were extremely anxious until Amadeus’ announcement of the competing acts. The chosen artists had no idea whether they’d be on the Amadeus shortlist, as shown on their social media posts, with some of their reactions being literally epic!


Bigmama, despite being only 24 years old, was able to accomplish one of her greatest dreams, to participate at the Sanremo Festival. She is a symbol for many plus-sized women, but she is also an activist for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community in Italy, which adores her.

Bigmama is unable to control her joy and excitement when she hears her name from Amadeus and falls down sobbing in the video posted on Twitter.

Renga and Nek

The classic Italian pop-music enthusiasts just found their favorites on Renga and Nek. It will not be their first time on the stage of Sanremo. Renga took first place at Sanremo in 2005, while Nek finished in second place in 2015. Nek has also given us the now-iconic “Laura non c’e” during his 1997 debut at the festival, which, although it did not win, went on to become a worldwide hit.

When Amadeus announced their participation, they were in the kitchen getting ready for lunch as their faces lit up.

Mr. Rain

Mr Rain’s participation in this year’s Sanremo festival gave him the necessary boost in his career, in addition to a third place finish. Mr Rain returns to the Festival in 2024 following a successful season with sold out shows all over Italy. Mr Rain’s intentions are revealed in the laconic video he uploaded.

Alessandra Amoroso

Sanremo’s biggest surprise was definitely Alessandra Amoroso. Not only Amadeus, but also his predecessors, have been begging her to perform at the Sanremo Festival for many years. Everyone’s pleas were heard this time, and Alessandra will participate at this huge musical celebration.

Along with a photo showing her back, a small text accompanied her post on X following the announcement of her participation, mentioning:

With an eye on everything that will happen from now on. As if it were the first time on stage. On that stage for the first time.

Il Volo

Following their extremely successful world tour, Il Volo will return once again to Sanremo aiming to win. The Amadeus’ announcement found them in flight, but that did not stop them from watching the artists’ announcement live.


Negramaro is one of Italy’s most well-known pop bands and they are also the big favorites to win, according to the early betting. The group appears to be taking their participation in Sanremo 2024 very seriously, as evidenced by a special video for their participation.


Having already won the festival twice in just four years, Mahmood will claim the the victory once again, while he’s a favorite of the press. With a quite humorous post, Mahmood reacted to his participation at the Sanremo 2024.

The winner of the 2023 edition of the Sanremo Festival was Marco Mengoni with his song “Due Vite“. Mengoni accepted the RAI invitation and represented his home country at the Eurovision stage for the second time, finishing 4th overall. His single “Due Vite” went to become a major success in Italy and was recently awarded as a five-times platinum record.

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Italy: Il Volo and Annalisa to perform a duet in Sanremo 2024?

Sanremo 2024 is just a few months away, and judging from what has been revealed recently, it will likely be the most spectacular edition in its recent history. According to recent speculation, which if confirmed will in fact cause a musical sensation, the Festival’s previous winners and third-place winners in the Eurovision Song Contest, Il Volo, will perform a duet with the fan favorite, Annalisa.

Annalisa and Il Volo aiming for victory at the Teatro Ariston?

Annalisa is a part of Warner Music, while Il Volo are a part of Sony. They are both being managed by the same management agency, Friends & Partners. Is it a possible scenario that the Ferdinando Salzano-led agency is encouraging them to enter the festival together in order to increase their chances of winning?

The composers of their song, namely Edwyn Roberts and Stefano Marletta, are also mentioned in various articles published on the Iternet. Edwyn Roberts and Stefano Marletta are both renowned writers and are accredited of several successful singles.

Still, this won’t be the first time Annalisa and Il Volo have collaborated. A few months prior, their cover performance of the famous “A Star Is Born” song, “Shallow”, was praised.

The possible candidates for Sanremo 2024

All Music Italia magazine recently published a list of the most likely candidates for Sanremo 2024. This list consists of:

  • Alessandra Amoroso (Epic/Sony Music Italy)
  • Il Volo (Sony Music)
  • Geolier (Warner)
  • Annalisa (Warner Music)
  • Bresh (Epic/Sony Music)
  • Irama (Warner Music)
  • Pinguini Tattici Nucleari (Columbia/Sony Music)
  • The Kolors (Warner Music)
  • Angelina Mango (LaTarma Records)
  • Alfa (Artist First)
  • Dargen D’Amico (Island Records/Universal)
  • Tedua (Epic/Sony Music)
  • Achille Lauro (Warner Music)
  • Ghali (Warner Music)
  • Rose Villain (Warner Music)
  • Diodato (Carosello Records)
  • Mahmood (Island Records/Universal Music)
  • Sangiovanni (Sugar Music)
  • Mr. Rain (Warner Music)
  • Gianmaría (Epic/Sony Music)
  • Jalisse (Starpoint)
  • Patty Pravo
  • Rhove (EMI/Universal Music)
  • Gigi D’Alessio (GDG/Sony Music Italy)
  • Ernia (Island Records/Universal Music)
  • Rocco Hunt (Epic/Sony Music)
  • Francesco Gabbani (BMG)
  • Ditonellapiaga (BMG)
  • LA Representative di Lista (Numero Uno/Sony Music)
  • Tropico (Numero uno/Sony Music)
  • Matteo Paolillo (ADA Music Italy/Warner Music)
  • SALMO (Columbia/Sony Music)

The 74th edition of Festival di Sanremo will take place from February 6 to February 10 in Teatro Ariston in the small in Ligurian city of Sanremo. The winner will have the option to represent Italy in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest, should he or she desire so. If the winner declines, RAI reserves the right, following its own criteria, to select an alternative artist from the other competitors. Three groups of people will vote in order choose the winner:

  • the general public
  • a committee from radio stations
  • and a jury of accredited journalists who attend the festival

Last year’s winner of Sanremo and hence, Italy’s representative in Eurovision 2023, was Marco Mengoni with his song “Due Vite”, finishing in fourth place.

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Italy: The full results of Sanremo 2019

The 69th Festival of Sanremo came to an end last night, as Mahmood reached the first place. The 27-year-old singer will represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

It’s a victory that few people saw coming. Mahmood was never among the top favorites to win. The announcement of the final result was combined with booing from the audience of Teatro Ariston.

The full results of Sanremo 2019

RAI published earlier today the full results of Sanremo for all the shows.

During the first, second and third show the voting was 40% televoting, 30% demoscopic jury and 30% press jury. During the final night televoting has a power of 50%, while the press jury has a power of 30% and the expert jury a power of 20%.

Ultimo came first, Il Volo came second and Mahmood was third in the final ranking.

Ultimo won the televoting, Il Volo were second, Loredana Berte came third, Arisa fourth and Simone Cristicchi came 5th. Mahmood reached only the 7th place.

The press jury gave maximum points to Loredana Berte, while Mahmood came second and Daniele Silvestri came third. Ultimo finished 6th and Il Volo 13th.

The expert jury gave maximum points to Mahmood, while Daniele Silvestri finished second and Arisa third. Ultimo was 6th in their ranking and Il Volo 21st!

After the last voting among the three top scorers, Ultimo won the televoting, Il Volo came second and Mahmood third. The expert jury and the press jury gave the victory to Mahmood ranking him first.

Here you can see the full results in more detail.

Ultimo’s reaction during the press conference

Ultimo criticized the journalists during the press conference. When Mahmood entered the hall he didn’t clap and stated that he never took part in the festival just to win, since his victory is the love of the audience. He then congratulated the winner (not calling him by his name) and said that he feels bitter with himself.

Il Volo congratulated both the winner and the runner-up.

Do you like the winning song? Would you have prefered Ultimo or Il Volo’s song instead?