Ilias Kozas: “Last year I was in talks about a Eurovision return – This year I sent three songs to ERT”

Ilias Kozas confirmed what was written during last year’s Eurovision Song Contest about RIK’s proposal in his person for the representation of Cyprus in Eurovision 2021. The experienced singer referred, also, to all three songs he submitted to ERT in view of the internal selection for Eurovision 2022.

The 37-year-old singer was in contact with RIK last year, discussing his return to the competition as a solo artist and without his band, the Koza Mostra. Kozas together with his band and Agathon in 2013 brought Greece for the last time in the top 10 of the final ranking, with the song of Alcohol Is Free, until last May and the 10th place of Stefania.

In an interview on Katerina Karavatou’s show on Mega, he spoke about RIK’s approach, his desire to try out a solo career and his effort this year:

In general, with all the quarantine and everything we experience, I cleared my mind and began to expand on other sounds. I decided to do something solo. On this solo that has nothing to do with KOZA MOSTRA, I said why not?

A proposal was made to me last year but I was hesitant. I did not feel like going again and in the middle of covid. For those who have experienced it, Eurovision is a party. It is a pity to go and have quarantines, masks, vaccines.

I submitted three songs that were ready in advance, I did not write them for Eurovision, and they were not written exclusively for Eurovision.

We remind you that Ilias Kozas is one of the candidates to represent Greece at Eurovision 2022 next May in Turin.

It comes out as a surprise the fact that Ilias Kozas has submitted three songs, all of them with English lyrics and not with Greek. His proposed entries are of rock style, a genre he has served in his recent work both as solo artist and together with Koza Mostra band.

Greece: Ilias Kozas submitted his proposals to ERT!

An other artist, who is feverishly working his own proposal, is Ilias Kozas. This time as a solo artist, he will try to get on the Eurovision stage for a second time after 2013 in Malmö Sweden, where he ended up in 6th place alongside with Koza Mostra and Agathonas Iakovidis.

It comes out as a surprise the fact that Ilias Kozas has submitted three songs, all of them with English lyrics and not with Greek. His proposed entries are of rock style, a genre he has served in his recent work both as solo artist and together with Koza Mostra band.

With an already good “previous service” at the contest, having been the last Greek entry that has finished in top 10 before Stefania brought the nation back to it this year, do you thing that ERT will give him the green light to represent the Greek colours once more in Turin in 2022?

Below you can watch his maiden participation in 2013 with Alcohol is Free!! 

Greece: No proposal has been officially submitted to ERT yet!

It is known that in Greece we are last minute people and this is absolutely true in the case of Eurovision! According to our exclusive and secure information, no proposal has been officially submitted to ERT, for the claim of the Greek representation in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest. This practically means that all interested parties have only one week at their disposal to submit their proposal.

We may already know the potential Greek representatives for the upcoming contest that will be held next May in Italy, we may already have their statements, but so far none of them has submitted his/her song, but also their complete proposal, at the ERT’s headquarters.

Of course, several of them have contacted ERT, asking for clarifications on the process, how to submit their proposal, etc.

The recording studios have literally caught fire, as all the candidates put the finishing touches on the songs they will submit, all hoping that they will impress the jury, which will later be invited to choose the one who will defend the Greek colors at Eurovision 2022.

The ERT team that deals with the project, with of course the prominent director of Corporate Communications Dora Chiraki, is completely satisfied with the level of the artists, but also with the increased interest from the media, production companies, record companies, etc.

What also remains to be decided is the exact way of choosing the artist and the song. As we have written in our previous articles, a jury headed by the composer and member of the Board of ERT, Dimitris Papadimitriou, will be responsible for the selection. What is being considered is for this committee to be more extensive than the corresponding committees of previous years.

The developments as you realize in the coming days will be enough and we will be here to inform you about everything regarding the selection of the Greek entry in Eurovision 2022.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun!

Greece: First details of the candidate songs for Eurovision 2022!

ERT started the procedures for the selection of its participation in Eurovision 2022 very early and already various “valid” information are mushrooming left and right for the candidacies that have leaked to the media. Most of them, of course, are far from reality, so we will try to enlighten you so that you have a first idea of the proposals of the artists who will claim the Greek representation in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest! Read more

Greece: is Ilias Kozas preparing for a possible return in Eurovision 2022?

The last few days have been a bless for Greek eurofans since ERT has been already preparing the Greek entry for this year’s edition. Since the channel’s announcement that the 1st of October will be the deadline for all artists to submit their proposal, numerous names have been on the table.

Eurovisionfun has some exclusive news to share: Ilias Kozas, the lead singer of Koza Mostra, is thinking about sending a song to ERT for this year’s concert. In a quick talk with the singer he mentioned that although there is no possibility for the group to do a comeback this year, there is still a chance for him to send an entry as a solo artist.

Koza Mostra made a great success back in 2013 and achieved the sixth place, which was the last time Greece made it in the top ten before Stefania  achieving it also this year. Although the group is still in active, Ilias has exposed his desire to publish some solo tracks also.

With this statement, the number of artists who have expressed their interest for this year contest is four, among with Kalomoira, Amanda and Good Job Nicky.

Could he bring a top ten result for Greece again this year? Let us know your opinion!