Cyprus: Details on the process of selecting the artist for Eurovision 2021!

On the Omega TV station and on the show Ela Na Deis, Alexandros Taramountas, gave more information about the process that RIK will follow in order to select its artist for Eurovision 2021.

Stikoudi, Papadopoulou or someone else?

The report of the show confirmed what was said this morning at Open TV, but shedding much more detail. Initially, what everyone agrees on is that Katerina Stikoudi and Irini Papadopoulou are among the favorite names, but they are not the only ones.

Sources from RIK confirmed to Alexandros Taramountas that so far RIK has not spoken to any artist, nor obviously to Stikoudi and Papadopoulou. What the reports of the two shows also agree on is that the song that will represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2021 will be a dance track and most possible sung by a female singer.

RIK will suggest songs on the record labels

However, the most important information that was added to the already existing puzzle is that RIK, in the negotiations that it will carry out with the record companies, will suggest songs that it already has in its possession, looking for the artist that will fit better, a method that used in 2018-2019. All of the above, of course, based on what was heard on the show Ela Na Deis and the sources cited by RIK.

Autumn is always a time of developments in RIK for the Eurovision contest and very soon we will surely know more!

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Cyprus: Katerina Stikoudi and Irini Papadopoulou are the favorites for Eurovision 2021!

Giannis Poulopoulos through the morning show in Open TV, revealed that the two names that are currently favorites to represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2021, are Katerina Stikoudi and Irini Papadopoulou.

According to what Giannis Poulopoulos mentioned in today’s show of Open, Eftychite, RIK among the list of artists who publicly expressed their interest in representing Cyprus in Eurovision 2021 favorites are Katerina Stikoudi and Irini Papadopoulou.

Both are very interested and are preparing their proposals for the board of RIK, which will have the final choice. We remind you that Katerina Stikoudi was voted in the first place by our readers, as the best choice for the Cypriot representation in Rotterdam, while Irini Papadopoulou tried to represent Greece in this year’s contest, which was finally canceled, with a song by Doron Medalie, who was also the composer of Netta’s Toy.

Again based on what was heard on Eftychite, RIK wants to be represented with a dance ethnic pop song, something that both singers can support.

Who would you prefer for Cyprus in Eurovision 2021, Katerina Stikoudi or Irini Papadopoulou?