Serbia: Teodora Džehverović promises to take part in Eurovision one day!

Teodora Džehverović is a 26-year-old Serbian pop-folk singer with a great career and influence in the Balkan region, being among the most popular and loved singers in the area, counting more than 780 million views on YouTube.

Teodora recently shared a screenshot in which someone had forwarded her the performance of Israel’s Noa Kirel in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest saying “That’s how we all see you”.

The young star posted this story on her official Instagram account commenting One day, I promise!

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She has also collaborated with Hurricane who represented the country in Eurovision 2021!

Below you can take a loot at some of her most popular songs:

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Israel: Noa Kirel will have artistic freedom and a $900,000 budget for Eurovision!

Noa Kirel has revealed her plans to represent her country in the next Eurovision Song Contest.  Among other details, Kirel revealed that Israeli broadcaster KAN has granted her full artistic freedom for her performance.  She will also have a $900,000 dollars budget to bring her ideas to stage.

Noa Kirel spoke with Mako about representing Israel next year at Eurovision.  She made some interesting revelations about her plans and the next steps to select her song.  These are some of the most remarkable announcements she  made:

  • KAN has granted Kirel total artistic freedom to participate at Eurovision.
  • The song will have an Israeli flavour and identity
  • She will have a $900,000 dollars budget to work
  • She has talked with Eurovision winner Netta

Artistic Freedom

KAN has granted Noa Kirel full artistic freedom to decide the song.  This is understandable given that Kirel is already an international artist with a growing career.  However, not all artists have enjoyed this level of autonomy.  In her interview, Noa says that it was precisely this level of autonomy a crucial factor to accept representing her country at Eurovision:

From the second I entered the first meeting with them, they told me, ‘You have the artistic freedom, and one of the reasons we chose you is that you bring the songs you bring and the language you bring and the work you bring, and we want you to go with it

Nevertheless, Noa said she understands her song has to comply with the Eurovision rules and that the broadcaster is responsible for everything.  Further, the selection of the song is a team work and the people involved will play an important role in the whole process.

A song with an Israeli flavour

According to Noa Kirel she was offered the opportunity to work with songwriters all over the world.  However, her plans are to work with a local Israeli team for Eurovision.  This means that Israeli writers and composers will be in charge of creating the song.

Moreover, during the interview, Noa says the Israeli 2023 song will have a flavour of the country.  This could be present in the lyrics of the song but it could also be a part of the musical production which would bring “all kinds of ethnic, Mediterranean and even Israeli directions”.

Eurovision 2023 budget

The total production budget for Eurovision 2023 will be around 900,000 dollars.  This impressive amount would allow the artists to bring her ideas onstage in the United Kingdom.  In any case, the national broadcaster KAN will not carry the full burden of supporting these costs.  Two-thirds of the budget are covered by Noa Kirel’s team with the remaining part being in charge by the public broadcaster.

According to Noa Kirel’s agent Roberto Ben Shoshan, the amount could increase should Noa require a bigger budget.  In this case, he has already expressed his willingness to support Noa financially in her Eurovision journey.

Noa has stated that she is not planning to make any profit from her Eurovision experience.  On the opposite, the main goal of her participation is to give Israel one of their best results in Eurovision:

As far as I’m concerned, it’s worth it. It’s no secret that the financial side is less interesting to me, maybe because I’m very young and these are still things I’m less concerned with, but when it comes to Eurovision I’m coming to give my million percent, and if it means losing money and adding from myself, I will do it. I will do what is best for my country and for me

Noa meets Netta

Noa Kirel talked with Israeli winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, Netta Barzilai.  According to Noa, the call took place before she confirmed her Eurovision participation.  Noa Kirel asked Netta what she thought about this opportunity.  Netta’s advice to Noa was to accept this offer.  The Eurovision winner encouraged Noa to take this opportunity.  In fact, Netta’s participation and victory has allowed her to continue performing all over the world.

Nevertheless, Netta and Noa music careers were not on the same stage when they were offered to represent Israel.  In the case of Netta, she was still a relatively unknown artist that was starting her career.  On the other hand, Noa released her debut single Medabrim (Talking) in 2015.  Many other successful singles have followed through.  Noa Kirel won the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Israeli Artist several times since 2017.  She also performed at the Miss Universe beauty contest in 2021 held in Israel.

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