Austria: “The sound and the pharyngitis were to blame for Pia Maria’s poor performance” says Lumix!

After the appearance of Lumix and Pia Maria at the promo party that took place on Thursday night in Israel and their very poor performance, the representative of Austria in Eurovision 2022 received a lot of negative criticism. Their manager spoke to the Austrian media, saying that the pharyngitis of Pia Maria is responsible for their appearance, but also the lack of organization of the organizers.

Günther Unger, the artists’ representative, said about their appearance in Tel Aviv and the negative comments that followed:

Unfortunately, there was no technician on site. Pia Maria did not even listen to herself. This was quite unprofessional by the organizers. She also suffered from pharyngitis.

The appearance of Lumix and Pia Maria had a direct impact on the odds of the Austrian participation in the betting table. Halo dropped from 21st to 35th, and is no longer even among the entries considered for qualification.

Halo was at the top of the singles in Austria immediately after its release, while it was high in all the polls of the friends of the contest.

Below you can see their controversial appearance in Tel Aviv:

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