HaKokhav Haba judges disagree on what kind of song should represent Israel in Eurovision 2024!

On the occasion of the performance of a contestant in the fourth episode of HaKokhav Haba, the talent show through which the artist who will represent Israel at Eurovision 2024 will be selected, there was an interesting debate-disagreement between the judges about the style and genre of the song that the country should send to Malmö.

The song she chose and the performance of 17-year-old Noya Shram were the reasons that divided the judges. Noya performed We’re Good by Dua Lipa. Keren Peles told her that although she has a wonderful voice, she thinks that the special moments that Israel is going through at the moment, are not compatible with a song like the one that Noya chose.

Let’s focus on the reality. Noya, I apologize for bumping into this time period but let’s not ignore it. Eurovision is not a normal party this year, it is not a celebration. We have to bring (to the competition) something internal, from the stomach and the heart. I felt that what you have to offer, which is amazing, does not fit the spirit of the times. In what we want to bring to Eurovision and in the voice we want.

On the other hand, an other member of the jury, Assaf Amdorsky, defended Noya and her choice, taking a different approach to the song with which he would like to see the next Israeli representative in the contest.

I was very disappointed to find that some of the judges are already aiming to send a song “in the spirit of the times” for Israel, and from the beginning they intend to send a ballad, which will be a peace hymn, in the style of songs that Israel sent for peace 25 years ago. The theme of the song that Israel will send to Eurovision this year needs to be well thought out – and I’m not really sure that the song “in the spirit of the times” is the right choice. A quality pop song is also a good choice for me! It’s also important to remember that the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in half a year, so we don’t know what the spirit of the times will be in Israel in half a year – hopefully the war will be over by then.

Check out Noya Shram’s  that was a bone of contention for the judges at the talent show:

For the record, Noya qualified to the next round, with 70% positive votes of the judges and the audience.

This disagreement of the judges about the style of the song that Israel’s entry in Eurovision 2024 should have, is something that is of great concern among the eurofans. The news about the ongoing war in Gaza and Israel’s decision to participate in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest are points of friction for many friends of the contest, with the EBU however not involving the political developments and normally confirming Israel’s presence in Malmö.

In what style of song do you think Israel will participate in Eurovision 2024? Tell us in the comments below!

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Source: Euromix